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Cheating, Dating, and Getting Rid Of The Wrong Guys…

During my latest media appearances and interviews in New York City, I decided to get my cameraman and all-round creative genius Jameson to shoot some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the juiciest dating tips I talked about.

Hope you enjoy this peek behind the curtain…

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57 Replies to “Cheating, Dating, and Getting Rid Of The Wrong Guys…”

  • I enjoy watching your videos and I have put some of your advice into practice. I hope you’ll do some research on dating over 40 because I’ve found the dynamics are different. Men are definitely more “skittish,” for lack of a better word. They seem to be hurt more by cheating wives and broken marriages than women do. This leads to a different mindset for dating and potentially a long term relationship than when they were younger.

  • Tears, Tears, crying!!! I love your Dad!!!!!! I love your whole family. Man you guys are so blessed to be together in this life. And the world is blessed to experience the result of what your family has produced – wisdom, compassion, love, intrinsic value!!! Nice camera/editing work this week Jameson!! Love what you did with the black and white! Matthew, You’ve helped me in so many ways. I’ve got my guy now. We’re keeping each other and I still like watching your blog every week. ” I don’t know how to quit you” ; ) lol!!

  • Great video!! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life and behind the scenes. Wonderfully shot – Jameson!
    I love your videos and look forward to them each week. They always offer something uplifting and inspiring.
    The woman in the video is so right we are all very lucky to be alive in the same time as you. I personally discovered you and your work at a time in my life when I needed it the most! Thank you for all you do!

  • # ?? What did I miss?
    I’m 41 and dating and it’s the worst thing in the world! So tired of dating and saying the same things over and over again. It feels like ground hog day or the the worlds worst job interview over and over again.
    Where are all the emotionally available men over 40 hiding? I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on dating past 40. Until then….I patientally await.

  • Matthew!!!! Was this video designed for us to fall in love with you more!? Wow!! lovely video and so different from what you usually do but equally as informative and fantastic!
    Keep em coming Hussey!!!!! Xx

  • I would love to watch this video, but it seems like the content is not available in Asia area.

    I am hoping to know more about how to get rid of the wrong guy, as I am currently suffering from this issue.

    1. I hear you, Rena! We’re so bummed this video was restricted in some places. We’ve posted the video on Facebook, too, and we might create a version without the TV bits so that everyone everywhere can watch. -Mars

  • Mathew as a 60 years young women. I find your guidance so spot on… I wish I would have heeded the red flags in my first marriage and moved on, instead I spent 30 years trying to make it work. I have two amazing grown children who were my get from th relationship. I would not changed the for anything. Next go around ..,which I hope there will be, I am not tuning out those red flag! Sending you a virtual hug… I am feeling very optimistic for my future guy!
    Love your Dad, btw is he single? :)

  • Omg. My heart melted with what you Dad said about being proud of who you are and not what you do. That is so sweet and such great parenting.

  • Matthew I started a very fearful day and I was very constipated, but listening to this video changed the direction of my day. Now I am very comfortable with myself. Thanks you made my day!

  • Oh please elaborate on the part where u say what breaks you up in year 3 is what u knew in first week! I feel like that’s true.

    1. Hi Be, we’re so sorry! Unfortunately, our video was restricted in some countries because it contains snippets of Matt’s appearances in different TV shows. We’re posting the video on Facebook – can you check to see if you can watch it there? We’re considering creating a version of this video without the TV bits so that everyone can watch. Thanks for letting us know! – Mars

  • Hello. I have a problem; I think Im with the wrong guy for Mex I’m with a guy for 6yrs now and I think there’s something wrong. Work has consumed our lives and the only times he thinks of me is when he’s horny or needs me to do something everything else is like pulling teeth. Cleaning he wants a maid, kids he wants a baby sitter, super market he hated to go, clubbing he hated is vacation he fucks it up by bring work. I don’t feel like we have a relationship. It feels just like friends with benefits and he get most of the benefits while I have to fight him for everything I want. He works and comes home isn’t a drinker etc. but I just don’t think he thinks about me at all. Cuz he doesn’t!

  • Hey matt!
    I am super interested in “how do i get rid of the bad guys”. I have your get the guy book, hope it is in there!
    Btw, you often talk about dating and tinder and Messages to send when we are already in a datey kind of place, but in dk we dont do the dating style,
    The Way it happened when i i Fall in love is when i meet a guy in School or something like that, and there is sometimes when the guy is comming sneeking up on me, so when i get along great with a new friend, how Can i read the signs that he is into me then?
    We haven’t started texting yet, and i have been hurt a few times so i am pretty afraid to Fall in love, there was also a time where i read to much into things, i belive i have a Good intuition i just dont Trust it know, wich i Think is also a issue for women, Can we trust our instinct and how. Thanks for your lovely advice!
    I am working on Them! :)

      1. (And by meaning sneaking up on me i dont mean in Real life, you know, when you just have fun with someone and then suddelnly some physical contact happen and you start quietly too Think more and more about a person)

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