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Cheating, Dating, and Getting Rid Of The Wrong Guys…

During my latest media appearances and interviews in New York City, I decided to get my cameraman and all-round creative genius Jameson to shoot some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the juiciest dating tips I talked about.

Hope you enjoy this peek behind the curtain…

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57 Replies to “Cheating, Dating, and Getting Rid Of The Wrong Guys…”

  • Hi matthew! i have deal with situations where i have been rejected throughout my teenage years and part of my twenties. Those experiences have made me very insecure and scared to interact with people. It’s been really hard for me to feel confident and change that mindset of been overlooked. I don’t consider myself unattractive or standoffish, but it´s rare i get approached by guys so that makes me feel even more insecure. And that is the problem, i never take any risk if i like someone because in my mind i’m going to be ignored yet again. Do you have any advice or tips i could use to overcome this. Thank You :)

  • I sometimes feel like all guys around my age (45) are either old bachelors, broken by previous relationships or don’t have space in their lifes for a relationship. After 3-4 date, it’s obvious to them that I’m dating with the purpose of finding love and even if I’m still getting to know them and I haven’t said anything they just come out and say that I want more than they can offer me. So they bow out saying I deserve better and they don’t want to waste my time. Why are they jumping to the conclusion that I’m interested in a relationship with them while I don’t even know if I want to? Is it cause I’m a single mom? So frustrating!

  • i never leave comments anywhere about anything but i simply can’t resist here: matthew, i LOVE your relationship with your dad so, so much. no wonder you turned out to be such a stand-up human being. the fact that he said he tries to be proud not of what you do but of who you are sent chills down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. it’s such a beautiful way to see the people we love. thank you matthew (and your dad!) and jameson for putting together such a sweet video. made my day.

  • Just found out this guy was cheating on me with someone from his past he lived with me but i told him to move you then wanted him to stay but he moved out we were dating 4months prior to this situation though he is making up lies about the girl and his dealings with her making her into the bad guy typical guy lies the girl is his ex but theyve really just been friends for a long time please email me for further detail i need your help

  • My ex bf cheated on me while I was deployed for almost a year. I found out at work Wednesday (3 weeks after officially coming back) through MY phone account. I called the other woman and ironically we had a good talk and confirmed a lot of things. He was planning of getting married to her, while he was also pressuring me to marry him, but thank God I couldn’t do it until our relationship got better since it’s been real rough.
    Matthew, I know he’s a douchebag. With the help of family, friends, and coworkers, I was able to move out the next day and not give him an opportunity to BS me. He always make himself the victim or he makes you feel so sorry for him that I always end up taking him back. Like you said, you can see the red flags in the beginning, but since I ignored it, I felt this was my punishment. Due to my stubbornness, desperation of wanting families, insecurities, and for being weak to get out of the toxic relationship and ride out the pain, I stayed and put myself in this situation.
    Now, I’m more angry and disgusted with myself for having this feeling of pain and wanting to see him. Please help me Matthew. If I have to go through these feelings, how do I expedite of getting rid of it. I’m absolutely ready to move on, but the pain and longing is in the way. PLEASE help

  • I have been married for only two, i just found out that my husband cheated on my, yet i know deep down it wasnt serious. What should i do next, i made it clear that i know and now i feel like hes avoiding me and not even trying to work it out, i feel so bad becasue i am not sure what i should do next, please help

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  • Wow, I loved watching the video of you, your Father, and Jamison in NYC. The behind the scenes footage was wonderful to see and gave a look at the dynamic of your relationships to each other. It definitely became more apparent how you influence each other.

    There is also no doubt now why you are amazing at what you do and the wonderful advice that you provide as a dating coach. It is in the heart of what your father said about you and your brother’s, that he is not proud of what the three of you do, but proud of who you are as people! That is a beautiful statement. It also carries through in all the advice you give. The main themes of being a good person, before you can be in the company of good people, loving yourself before you can love others, and treating people with love and kindness and therefore receive the same back.

    Matthew, thank you for all that you do for women and men in the dating world.

    After two failed marriages and dating many of the wrong men, I have taken your advice and have seen it work for me.

    Counseling on my own has helped me understand myself better too.

    Loving myself and having confidence, while still being the kind caring person that I am, and seeing the red flags and actually getting rid of the wrong men sooner I know is putting me in a better position to eventually find the right man who will see me as worth it, love and treat me right, and that he can’t find better and will want to stay in a healthy relationship with me.

    Thank you again. Keep up the great work that you do everyday!

    Love, Lisa

  • Coach Matthew, I am proud of who you are and for all the effort that you put into sharing your videos to help us make, not only dating but so many areas in our life better. I am addicted to seeing your videos and thirsty for the knowledge that you impart.
    Thank you Coach.

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