Brainal Bloopers! + Why We Shot This…

(If you’re yet to see last week’s video ‘Brainal‘, be sure to check it out before watching the below).

We are always trying to entertain and education while putting out our message in a unique way. That’s how people really learn.

People don’t learn when you do the same thing over and over again; they learn when you’re creative and can in catching them a little off guard.

People learn best when they’re thinking – not when in a passive state.

You have to entertain first and educate second, as unless people are entertained, they’re not being educated.

Hopefully the video made you think a little bit, laugh a little, and somewhere in there we were able to actually get across a message that meant something. A lot of work went into it, so we hope you enjoyed it!

Question of the day: What was the name of your favourite teacher in school? What made him/her your favourite? Was it because they entertained first?

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56 Replies to “Brainal Bloopers! + Why We Shot This…”

  • Wow people who weren’t entertained by the original video… what is wrong with them? Like didnt they get that it was MEANT TO BE FUNNY? Loved the bloopers!
    So Matt here’s my question if you read this: Do you have any advice to people like me who attempt to be perfect at anything in their life? I know you preach my favorite quote “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” but how do I actually practice that? I can’t help that I get frustrated when I don’t get a thing 100% right..

    Thank you for your videos every week they always make my sunday! And I read the book 2 times now.. really enjoyed it and I have a lot of fun doing – as i call it – “the muffin talk” at starbucks ;)

    X Kathrin

    1. I predict those people are going to have an extremely hard time making a relationship work… You can’t nit-pick and tell people they’re wrong all the time and it seems those whose felt so strongly about it they just “had to” voice their criticism are used to doing exactly that. My advice to them would be to read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and learn a thing or two about Humans Relations before they even try to get in a relationship.

  • This has been so fun! It really did sink in and so this last week I tried it and payed close attention and it works. Thank you and keep having fun! It spills all over us and feels so good!!

  • haha matthew i watched it.

    and i must say your a expert in Brainal ;)

    Thnx for posting always the best things ;D

    lovely greetz thirza

  • You have to TELL Jameson you like post-brainal sandwhiches: how else is he supposed to know? ;) Effective communication is important here.

  • You were playing around and being silly…Nothing fake about that. I actually felt it was more real than your old videos used to be.

  • You kind of make me think of the character in Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It is a good read, have you read it?

    Now to your question: One of my favourite teachers in school was Anita, she was my favourite because with her there was no pressure, she made things so easy and graspable so you really got positive energy about the things you learned. I don’t remember if she entertained first, but she was very cool and kind. By the end of the class she always got the message out. Nostalgia :P

    Have a l♥vely Sunday!

    Ps. You have to listen to this couple! I’ve got two videos in this link Cupid did a GREAT job with them, tell me if you agree! :D

  • Ha ha you have a wickedly dirty sense of humour!
    My favourite teacher Mr Dainty at primary school. I was leader of his orchestra, we went to fetes and played, did school plays, country dancing, all the things I loved doing. He was inspirational, very gently encouraging, made us be the best we could be, made us feel important as individuals. Never experienced anyone like it since. Wonderful.
    He was a very special person as you are.
    Kathryn x

  • People are so critical! I love each and every single video you have put out so far. I think you are hilarious, charming, smart, the list goes on. I always learn something ground-breaking from you. I never thought a man in his 20’s could be so relatable yet so smart and understanding of relationships and wants/needs. Thank you Matt!

  • I totally think that you should mix some serious staff with more informal videos. In that way will always come here without knowing what to expect and it would be a little sorprise each time.

    By the way, poor Jamesson. Why don´t you make him a postbrainal sandwich?

  • Oh, and about the question of the day, my favorite profesor was the one of Art History. Or maybe Postmodernism. Or even the one about Inteligence (secret services). All of them had sooooo muchhhhhh brainal in them and they knew like everything of each field.

  • Haha, so funny. You definitely edited the final version well :) Love your clips, they are always funny and that’s why I watch. The actors were great. Spotted the old man jogging on the beach and you in your pants ;)

  • Anal anal anal! Now we know what youre into!! ;D

    haha but seriously! Best video in a long time. And thank you for the bloopers! I dont get these, excuse me, butthurt people, who cant laugh and have a good time. It 2was very creative and inspiring aswell as informative! You did good. hahahaha …anal.

  • Videos like this make me more excited about the retreat next month. I hope to be having lots of brainal. Anal; BAHAHAHA

  • the problem i have is that i always seem to attract only married men ! sooooooooooooooooooo burned out why is this happening ! can you tell me that thank you kathy

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