Brainal Bloopers! + Why We Shot This…

(If you’re yet to see last week’s video ‘Brainal‘, be sure to check it out before watching the below).

We are always trying to entertain and education while putting out our message in a unique way. That’s how people really learn.

People don’t learn when you do the same thing over and over again; they learn when you’re creative and can in catching them a little off guard.

People learn best when they’re thinking – not when in a passive state.

You have to entertain first and educate second, as unless people are entertained, they’re not being educated.

Hopefully the video made you think a little bit, laugh a little, and somewhere in there we were able to actually get across a message that meant something. A lot of work went into it, so we hope you enjoyed it!

Question of the day: What was the name of your favourite teacher in school? What made him/her your favourite? Was it because they entertained first?

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56 Replies to “Brainal Bloopers! + Why We Shot This…”

  • I like this cutie guy from my school and what I should do that can tell him that I like him as a friend. Can I take him out to the movie with group? Let me know what u think.

  • Dear Matthew,

    Thank you for shedding some light on the challenges you face in meeting the needs of your audience…not an easy task. I thoroughly enjoyed the video…saw it Monday so it was a great way to start the week! I am a very visual learner so this message came in loud and clear and the humour only solidified things. I am a huge advocate of brainal…this is one lesson I am already aware of, but thank you for the reminder:)

    Cheers! Matthew Hussey, best selling author, best seller…and your amazing and talented team!


    Oh…favourite teacher, sadly no one stands out as exceptional. I did have a supervisor once who inspired me and still does, even though she is no longer living. She dressed very old school, was very professional, but had a wicked sense of humour, down to earth and classy (what a combination!) She inspired many.

  • Hey Matt,
    Iove your material and how you always articulate ideas in a way that is easy to understand. Plus you’re fun to watch, although I don’t agree with you 100% of the time. I think you’re adorable and yes I’ve also noticed you’ve been working out. Keep the good stuff coming. XX

  • Wow!! I am so glad you put a name to this. I made this “brainal” connection to a person I met online while playing games. We went so overboard when talking that we were avoiding sleep and other important things in our lives. Come to find out he was way to young for me and we have to walk our separate ways. This is what I look for in a guy…”that” connection. If he cannot connect with me on this level, I’m not interested. Thank you again!!

  • You’re not a teacher unless the student learns. You don’t learn until the teacher captures you’re attention (and if they’re A-mazing they’ll hold it).
    I’ve been SO fortunate in that area!

    -Mrs.Tedder (Kindergarten) told my mom that I was a mother hen to my classmates.
    -Mrs.Walters (An English Librarian) Who’d always guide me to books that were in the Advanced Level area. (btw I was dazzled by the accent)
    -Ms.Vasquez (5th grade) Taught me the meaning of respect and what it meant to be a part of a team. Values that are always applicable.
    -Mrs.Holland (6th grade) Thank you for giving me my first F on a paper about Adolf Hitler. She was convinced I had plagiarized and yeah I was hurt but my mom sort it out the same day. ;)
    -Mr.Montero (7th grade) Thank you for calling me a rock b/c I don’t do anything. Weird guy.
    -Mr.Montano (7th grade, 8th grade & Vice Principal) Damn was this guy full of empathy and diligence. I was teased relentlessly but hey when your uncle is in “charge” what CAN you do?
    -Mr.Hess (Creative Writing Club Advisor/Class, Yearbook Class) Holy crap this guy is a plethora of knowledge! Wasn’t his favorite student (long story) but its creepy how alike we are. I say this b/c I read his journal that he kept in class.
    -Mr.Morgan (9th grade) Offered me $50 to pull my grade to a C. But I had politely declined – remaining sane enough to function was my priority.
    -Mrs.Moss (11th & 12th grade) I literally would not have been on track if it was not for this remarkable woman. I am indebted to her. Love her so much.
    -Mr.Smith (12th grade) The coolest cat ever. I told him once that I was a cone head & he immediately asked if the doctor had used a plunger to deliver me. Lol.
    -Mr.Leatham (College) Because of him I strive to be scientifically literate!
    I’ve had all kinds of experience & I want that to continue. There is so much to learn. Its beautiful, the world seems a lot more fuller.

    *There are more to list but they are closing the school library & I have to scram!

  • Got a message for you.

    Brainal turned out to be so effective, that I now actually think Im pregnant! (dead serious tho, I think I am and its terrifying.)

    Does this mean I somehow get to blame you? hahaha

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