Best Breakup Ever

Breakups are hard, painful, and sometimes ugly. This couple managed to let the world know they were through in the cutest way possible.

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11 Replies to “Best Breakup Ever”

  • Seems like a very healthy approach to the break-up. I love that they ask their friends to not choose. Very mature :)

  • I kinda liked it… it’s positive and very mature, etc. but it also got me thinking…
    I never understood (and still don’t) how people can stay together for such a long time if they don’t want the same things in life such as marriage, having kids etc.
    Maybe along the way u’re trying to convince ur partner to change his/her mind and maybe u’re trying to convince urself that u could live without those needs and wants… but i really do think people cannot change, especially on strong topics (like in this video, having kids).
    And that’s why i think people shd discuss such stuff early on in the relationship – not on the first date, obviously, but i’d say in the 0-6 months of dating maybe…?
    Anywayz, ur thoughts Matt?

    1. I agree. Good to talk about marriage, kids, long term goals, and especially core values early on. If people share the same values/character and line of thinking, they can usually fare pretty well in a relationship for the long term.

      1. Exactly my point of view Sara! U better know who u’re dealing with, and preferably sooner than later… Time is precious!

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  • This video upsets me. I understand that certain issues as children are important in a relationship, but all i see here is the man just wanting the woman for her plumbing. I have friends who have been in long term relationships who have had to have hysterectomies, and their their partners have left them because they could no longer have children.

  • This is brilliant! They sure know how to make their point.

    Also, I love anything that chips away at the stereotype that women are mad to have babies and men are freaked out by them. (Often not true in both cases, but the stereotype persists!)

    I have had friends who broke up for similar reasons, and remained friends. Sometimes you can love each other and just not have the same goals. So much healthier to recognize that and take action, even if painful, before you’ve spent years trying to change each other or dying slow deaths because you’re giving up what you long for for the other person.

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