Are You Afraid “The Conversation” Will Scare Him Away?

Ever avoided having a conversation with a guy because you’re afraid of the answer?

Too many women choose to carry on and just go with their feelings. And I get it. It’s fun. It’s romantic. But it can also leave you with a nasty surprise later when you realize you’re both not on the same page.

Let’s take power back, and stop allowing decisions to be made for us…


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19 Replies to “Are You Afraid “The Conversation” Will Scare Him Away?”

  • Hi Matt,

    This is all true. I took your advice and said “NO!” to a man I’ve been casual with for two years. And instead of never seeing him again, he suddenly wanted me with his whole being. The power I felt when he was on his knees, has stayed with me for weeks now and has taken me on a massive journey through all my relationships (father, sister, daughter, son-in-law, all aspects of my work) and acted like a sword of truth, cutting away the crap to find, carve out and reveal a model of honesty, truth, respect and so much energy, I feel like I am soaring.
    Your work is phenominal, if it is applied.
    I owe you a great deal, my life is now so awesome now because I have found the means to assess people clearly and to connect with them on genuine ground, ground that I establish with my boundaries.
    I am fast becoming the best I can be in the world, and everyone I come into contact with benefits.
    Thank you, Matthew Hussey, True Ninja Warrior.

  • I have been seeing a guy for a year that I had a wonderful physical, mental and emotional connection with. At the early stages of dating, we both agreed to be relaxed and casual about the whole dating thing to let our connection grow. As time passed by, I was yearning for commitment and exclusivity and I became so patient and kind with him, not to ruin the connection we’ve had. A month ago, I had a wake up call that this guy will never have the same feelings and love that I have for him so I kindly said to him that I wanted him to be so happy to the point that I let him go completely so he can achieve his happiness with other women. I also told him that I wanted a healthy, stable and loyal relationship where I dont need to keep on guessing where I stand with somebody. He ran far away to the hills and I never got a reply from him. I wish I should have spoken so early in the relationship about my needs. I was so scared to be alone and to ruin the connection I had with him so I ignored all the red flags. But as soon as I spoke up about my needs, I felt that I gained control over my emotional and mental needs. He lost power over me and his true self has been revealed. Dont be afraid to speak up. Dont be afraid to call out bad behaviour. Dont be afraid to stand up for your standards. A man that is truly for you will man up to meet your needs, a man that isn’t, would run away for the hills.

  • Firstly , Tnx Mathew for all your meaningful advices,–yeah I avoids him for like six Months now I don’t wanna have anything to do with him y? He cheated me to my face n was not remorse , base on your advice I stay clear but was thoroughly looking good my postures on social medias can clarify, now his making calls to my mum n sisters to know what Xup with me.matgew I don’t know if still want him , we wedded in my village church,I can remember when this guy made advances to lure my little girl for sex, she told me,I really don’t have any other guy since then no companion,know one to share with tnx

  • Thank you for this advice, I’ve recently met someon on an dating site we’ve met in person and I really like him, I want to continue getting to know him and I want to give it a real shot without distractions of talking to other guys, and I want to see if he’s willing to do the same but was afraid to bring it up for fear that it might be too soon or I’ll get a no. But listen Ming to your advice I’m now gonna have the talk and if it’s a no at least I’ll know and can decide what to do from there rather than wondering or being two months down the road more invested and find out he’s still dating others.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the advice.

  • I like how your “Energie” has recently been changing.
    But, what I love most, is that, ever since I’ve known you, the depth ouf your messages hasn’t.

  • I find myself, today in that exact situation. Well, actually for the last week. To have the honest conversation in a casual manner. All my thoughts and doubts are listed in your advice and I take from this video, the simplicity and boldness to just talk. And not overthink and premeditate a simple yes/no moment. Fist bump, and thank you Matthew.

  • I’m on fire after watching this video! I saw the red flags two and a half years ago, and I ignored them because I was having fun and didn’t want to spoil it by getting too serious. Now here I am two and a half years later, and none of the red flags have changed. He talks the talk but never walks the walk. Time to move on and stop wasting time! Matthew, I’m so grateful for your passion and guidance.

  • I’m so going through this right now, with my so called “boyfriend” Lol you can so write a book on us. Still not sure how I’m going start the conversation without it Turing real sour.

  • I spent 20yrs n 2 kids too long in a relationship I knew I shouldn’t be in. It was easier to stay then start over. Now 5 yrs after finally being out, I’m still single n making different mistakes bc I dont want to be in a bad relationship I choose ones I know have no chance to be. Date casually younger men who I wont fall for n just have fun at that moment. Wish I had you to help 25yrs ago as it’s too late to change my path. My options are skin n I forsee no future again on any relationship just being alone.

  • Yes,1
    He is older than me
    He is richer than I do
    He is very intelligent
    He knows nothing than his business

  • Does this apply to if you are already in a relationship?
    I sense smth is wrong and my bf being distant. I asked him about it he say nothing is wrong. Then he got annoyed cause i kept asking.

    I explained I wouldnt have to keep asking if he is not acting weird. Sometimes its so hard to be honest when you sense smth is wrong but your partner wouldn’t tell you.

    I have always been afraid when my partner is cold is a sign that he is losing interest but don’t know how to tell.

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