5 Surprising Reasons He Won’t Commit to You (Yet)

You meet an amazing guy, you can tell he’s really into you, and yet he gives you the “I just want to have fun” speech.

I believe knowledge is power – and understanding why men behave this way will help make it so much easier to walk away from situations where he’s never going to change his mind. So here it is: the real truth about why he won’t commit…

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19 Replies to “5 Surprising Reasons He Won’t Commit to You (Yet)”

  • The only problems I ever have is the guys I dated never let go and I had to go through a lot to break up with them. And most of them the want a commitment.
    It wasn’t because I’m any better than others. I’m just different. Guys used to say “What works with the rest of the world won’t work with you”.

    And now I have a stalker who obsessed with me badly. I bet he’d done everything to have me monitored 24/7. *_* Even go to my families my friends and believe it or not he even go through my BOSS!!!!!!! For me not to be taken away from him again ^_^

    Any suggestions on that Mr. Jamesons

    Thank for your kindly advise in advance ^_^

  • Great advice….;) Thanks Matthew! Always know your worth! Don’t settle for less. So true! Believe in your product! :) The Retreat was the best thing I ever did for myself! & all these great reminders are awesome too! Cheers! Hugs! :)

  • Thank you, brutal, superb great vídeo coach counseling material ;) I’ll try to keep working on the last controlable 5th tip.

    Hug & kiss,


  • Matthew,

    As always, thank you for your input and guidance!
    It is always a pleasure to learn and hear new information.
    I attended your retreat and hope others who are on the fence see the value you are offering is real and changed how I live my life everyday. I made deep connections within myself and deep connections to ladies that I know will be lifelong friends.

    Thank you for doing what you do. Humanity needs this positive stuff when we are so bombarded by negative right now.

  • Saw an article.It was very insightful.
    “IT’S COMPLICATED” @’elephantjournal’.
    And I thought WOW! Spot on!
    And then I thought,
    I would love to see Matthew’s take on this.
    I know you have done the “commitment thing” but this is deeper. And explains so very much. (Also not just the social media aspect of it).
    Please take a look.
    It’s interesting.

  • Matthew, I am an older woman just getting back to dating and I watch all your videos, but a lot of them are for youger women, I would like for you to explore more on the older generation, we need help just like the youger generation, with men that are set in there ways and how to keep them interested and coming back for more dates, long relationships, anything will help.

  • I feel like I show too much confidence that comes off to guys as me being a narcissist which is a turn off too. My problem isn’t that I don’t know my self worth, but more than these people don’t think that I am as awesome as I think and know that I am.

  • Number five has hit home it’s me. I must project I’m worth nothing, so I’m going to work on Faith some more. Been in a three year casual relationship with a man I love but doesn’t love me..I need to just let him go . Thank you for sharing

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