3 Big Love Lessons from American Hustle

You asked for it, and I delivered…

It’s time for another episode of “Sexy Potatoes!”

This week we’re talking about “American Hustle.”

Now I realize that a movie about con men and the mafia doesn’t sound romantic, but there are actually 3 big love lessons in this film that I’m really excited to share with you.

Pay special attention to lesson #3 – it’s an important one about how much you should invest of yourself in a relationship…

I know you’re going to get a lot out of this week’s video, including a good laugh (yes, that’s me doing my best attempt at an American gangster accent).

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34 Replies to “3 Big Love Lessons from American Hustle”

  • Very true, insightful as ever Matt. We love movies as much as you and this series is great. But it does conjure up a funny picture of you reaching for your notepad. I have to write this down! I always have a notepad, of varying lovely designs, and carry it round to note down thoughts, designs, inspirations. I can’t even sleep sometimes with all the thoughts going round my head. No wonder you need your after-retreat breaks or you would go stir crazy.

  • Feeling like a con artist for not giving you my number again!….you should stop doing this while you are so far away….you shoud also meet up with me next time you are in London!….hit me up you sexy potato!!! xx

  • Not bad with the accent! I probably won’t watch the movie, so thanks for distilling the important points for us.

  • Matt, I’ve got a question for You.
    Should I show people that I like them and how much should I invest in them?
    I’m kind of person that if I like sb this person knows it. Because of it feels good with me but when we don’t see eath other I don’t hear from them and if I don’t ask them aut we won’t see eath other. So isn’t it like people know that I like them so that they don’t have to invest in me? (mean all relationships)
    I hope hearing from you soon

  • Thanks, Matt. My man of six months (which your techniques helped me get) is only giving 60%. Then I started giving 60%. And I asked myself, what is this really?

    What is it really? Time for me to let him go.

  • Hi Matt,
    LOVED your accent. This was the perfect video, and I so agree with the “baring your soul” part…
    Can I just ask – is there any way for a guy to regain interest? Is there a video on this that I’ve missed?
    I’m thinking in the very early stages. He asks you out, you flake, he leaves you alone.
    The flaking was actually just nerves, but he can’t know that.

    Thanks in advance. :)

  • Fantastic video Matthew! Beautiful and relatable analysis- plus, you made excellent, applicable points! With just the right touch of humor lol. I’m making notes from this one for sure! Btw keep honing your acting skills and maybe one day Rotten Tomatoes will do a review on you ;)

  • Hi, Matthew,


    I agree, it’s your best SP yet. It’s fun and playful but has tight, extremely valuable “love spuds”.

    It’s no wonder you’re doing so well.

    I can’t wait till the next release! :0

  • With #1, they’d have to actually try to be themselves first. There are so many guys that if there is even a hint of possible criticism, they run and hide without even finding out whether there actually was any or not. Then there are the others that take anything but absolutely positive feedback as criticism.

    #2 kind of solves that. They talk themselves out of it and reject themselves before they can possibly be rejected. They self criticize. Now, me, I’ve talked myself into relationships.

    With #3, yeah, I totally agree.

  • I really liked the quotes you shared from the movie..especially the first one..thanks for it…and u looked good in grey…

  • Great video, Matt! As I saw that American Hustle was part of the subject, I thought, *he’s going to use that brilliant quote of the Amy Adams character!* I loved that line, too! But what’s rather cool about all this is that when I saw the movie in the theater for the first time, I thought of you and your book. It made me think of all your advice about investing. I love it when things come full circle! Just what I needed to see today. Nice Jersey accent on the outtake, by the way. Cracked me up! ;)

  • Hey Matthew

    Whilst I’m married (so have essentially “Got the Guy”) I find your blogs so valuable in helping me find ways I can continue to be the best me that my husband deserves… that i’m not to con myself into accepting things as they are and that I should expect 100% of him, and him from me in return. He became my everything and that I should never forget this.

    Today’s was such a valuable blog…. thank u. Lessons learnt. x x x

  • Matt,
    You are incredibly cute and sexy!
    Just want to cuddle your genuinity….pretty hard those days:)
    Well done you Sir

  • Absolutely fantastic vid/blog.
    So very very true. Thanks for the reminder!
    Fabulous American accent darling….Just fabulous!
    Sexy Potatoes FTW!

  • Great talk Matt. Especially on number 3. I was recently dating a guy who talked about ” giving 100%” when he was only 25% invested in the relationship. At first I gave it go because he “met all the checkboxes” if you know what I mean. And he wanted exclusivity right off the bat. 4 weeks later I’m really unhappy and have tried talking to him about what my expectations were. I realized I should have made him earn exclusivity not just say yes to his request, and I’m worth more than 25%, I bid him so long farewell. Better single than in a pretend relationship!

  • LOL!
    Cracking up as I write this!! Very nice gangster accent, and some very nice points as well. Liked the quote about how we con ourselves each day, and how human brains are basically one big scam artist. For you, or against you… Also liked the flower of life mirror Matt!
    Keep them Sexy Potatoes coming

  • Hey matt……
    i loved the potatoes..and u must work to make it a bit more sexier hehheheh;) anyways its a 8 on 10…and Thank you for the great line…”your nothing unless ur everything for me”…sounds very simple n straight n Powerful too !

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