3 Big Love Lessons from American Hustle

You asked for it, and I delivered…

It’s time for another episode of “Sexy Potatoes!”

This week we’re talking about “American Hustle.”

Now I realize that a movie about con men and the mafia doesn’t sound romantic, but there are actually 3 big love lessons in this film that I’m really excited to share with you.

Pay special attention to lesson #3 – it’s an important one about how much you should invest of yourself in a relationship…

I know you’re going to get a lot out of this week’s video, including a good laugh (yes, that’s me doing my best attempt at an American gangster accent).

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34 Replies to “3 Big Love Lessons from American Hustle”

  • I Love Sexy Potatoes! Especially the fact that Matt has to wear glasses to introduce them. Or Christian, as we now must call him.

    Would y’all consider doing an offshoot of Potatoes with a foray into television? I’d love to hear a GTG breakdown of Mad Men (especially now that it’s finished!–fitting?).

    The thing about dancing at home, that’s a great image to convey this idea of being unembarrassed and intimate with someone. My best friends are people I can dance with, drink with, go swimming with, wake up with, laze around with, vent with and cry with, and never feel like I have to hide anything for fear of judgment, because they know everything and still love me. I’ve had moments like that only rarely with a romantic partner, but it’s brilliant to have them at all.

    Now I have this sudden desire to watch American Hustle again, for some reason…

  • Hi Matt,

    LOVE that you picked those quotes out! Those exact quotes jumped out at me too lazy year and they reminded me at how much I was “conning” myself when my husband admitted only giving me 10%!! I almost would have satisfied at 60% but 10?! WTF?

    Come to Los Angeles, please. I watch your YouTube channel and feel you are right on target with your advice. Thank you. You are lovely and HOT!

  • Great video! Absolutely LOVED and agree with everything you shared in here! If you can’t be yourself without being ashamed or embarrassed with your partner then it may be time to reassess your relationship… Relationships are meant to be nurturing and loving and a place where we can grow and evolve and if we can’t be ourselves in them then I don’t see how this can happen… Much love xx

  • Epic video Matthew!
    I watch every week and always get something out of it but this one has moved me to leave a comment. Maybe because I enjoyed the movie myself and could sympathize with the struggles of all the main characters. Yes even (/ especially) Jennifer Lawrence’s character! I have written these quotes down in my notebook as they have helped me to understand some recent/ past situations on an even deeper level. You are helping to keep me on track via this weird medium of online video mentoring. Thank you for the pieces of happiness you bring into my life! :D

  • I have to say I love the quote about being nothing to someone unless you’re everything. It describes really well why I left my best friend. She had a full life without me, I didn’t see what she needed me for, felt very replaced all the time… thank you for the quote and video, this is a painful area of my private life and that video helped put into words what I feel.

  • Love this especially being every thing or nothing . It has helped me a lot and why put my evrything into someone if I am nothing . Knowing I am better than that and if someone should pursue me to get to the core of me. Fine wine isn’t sold in a dive bar so to speak ;) ty ty

  • Matthew, I love this film! Brillant idea!

    “You are nothing to me until you are everything” – last year, watching the film, this line hit me and helped me to understand a situation where I was receiving far less than 100%.

    thank you and next time like you did with 50 shades, dress the part!!! ;)

    thanks for making me laugh!!!!

  • Matt! You crack me up! Love your amazing outlook and extremely helpful advice. Thank you for being you.


  • This is so true and appt.Especially in long distance relationships that started online,met physically a few times,relationship blossomed but still in an ldr and investment is a big thing in LDR.

    Do you have anything for these kinds of relationship?I hope you have something for us in these kind of relationships.

    Always the best for u Matt!!

  • Great Vidéo post! Thank you so much. I’m suggesting Spy and Far From the Madding Crowd next. Great examples of your rare combination idea.

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