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Relationship Myths

5 Ridiculous Myths About Men And Commitment

Both men and women are greatly prone to stereotyping each other when it comes to relationships.

So here I want to spell out and dispel some of the classic myths about men and commitment.

1. Men are less interested commitment than women

So often the battle is sold to us as this: Though a man would rather be off sowing his wild oats and sleeping around every other night, women are in constant fight to “trap” a man into commitment against his will.

This is complete NONSENSE!

But what happens often, is that when a woman assumes this is her role it actually makes a man feel this way, in which case it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Trust us, if the right woman comes along, every man becomes the committing type!

2. Men have to be made to submit to a relationship

Some women believe men have to be worn down, and relentlessly pestered until they finally “give in” to commitment.

This is completely the wrong way to approach the subject, and if anything, you want to keep him guessing so that he eventually wants you to bring up the issue of commitment.

Or better yet, if he sees what an amazing time he could be having with you, he’ll want to bring it up himself.

3. Men commit when they have no other options

If you see commitment in this way, then it says everything about the kind of self-esteem you enter a relationship with.

If you want to keep a guy long term, you have to have the confidence (and believe it!) that he couldn’t be half as happy with any other woman than he could be with you.

4. Men never initiate the decision to commit

This is complete nonsense!

A man will only not bother initiating a conversation about commitment if he feels like you’re going to be around forever anyway. If you give all your time and investment into a man who hasn’t made any plans to commit to you yet, it’s no wonder he’s not going to bring it up!

What you’re showing him is that he can get all the perks of a relationship and still remain single!

You ideally want to make the time you spend together short and incredible. This way, he’ll only want to get further into a relationship with you.

5. Men see commitment as “settling”

When it comes to guys and commitment, you always want to make it feel like a positive choice on his part.

If you act like you MUST have a man in your life and need to “sell” a relationship to him, he’ll feel like he’s reluctantly settled.

However if you make it clear through your lifestyle and your actions that you don’t rely on a man for your internal confidence, he’ll want to “buy” into your already attractive.

Remember, people love to “buy”, they hate being sold to!

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