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Develop Your Confidence

Simple Ways You Can Develop Your Confidence At Home

As corny as it sounds it really is true that you are much more lovable when you have learnt to love yourself. And a confident woman will turn heads in a bar. So here are some simple tips to help develop your confidence and build your self esteem at home.

1. Learning to love the bits you like

Women can be very pre-occupied with the size and shape of their body. And scrutinise it far more then men will!

Its time that you stopped staring in the mirror studying the parts of your body that you don’t like (and please remember most of those bits are things men don’t even notice) and start focusing on the things you like.

Take some time to study yourself and acknowledge how lucky you are to possess those parts of your body you do like, and instead of just liking them, love them!

2. Shaking out hang ups

If you having a day where your feeling sluggish, unattractive and not happy in your own skin try using your favourite song to help you feel better. Silly as it may sound dancing around your room pretending your Beyonce can help you can give you the boost to your confidence you need when walking out the door.

The music and endorphins will help improve your mood and dancing is a great form of exercise, leaving you feel better about your body having had a work out without burning calories being your main focus.

Or: Get onto Youtube and find your favourite film soundtrack that lifts your mood (For me it’s the Rocky soundtrack!), or inspirational speeches that make you feel ten feet taller; these are great ways to pump you up to face the day!

3. Organising your way to confidence

Walking out of the door in a fluster because you overslept, had to rush to find a clean pair of tights and forgot your make up bag on the way out will mean you feel less prepared thus less confident to start your day.

Simply organising yourself the night before work or before a night out will mean you have more time to do the things that make you feel good about yourself before you leave the house.

For example try deciding on your outfit the night before so you are guaranteed to get up and put on something you feel good in.

Remember confidence doesn’t have to come from making physical changes to yourself; it’s much more about feeling like you have the power to make things happen and learning love yourself right now, no matter where you are.

You need no excuse to feel good about yourself TODAY!

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