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Body Language Tips

3 Body Language Tips That Will Make You More Appealing To Men

When a man spots you from across the room the thing that stops him from approaching could be the signals you’re giving off without even knowing.

Men are very visual beings and the way you are positioning and moving your body can make you more appealing to the opposite sex.

So here are three simple tips to ensure that guy makes his way across the room to talk to you!

1. Be more expressive with your gestures

Limited gestures such as holding your arms close to your body and only moving a minimal amount can suggest that you are over self-conscious whereas more open arm gestures and slightly flamboyant actions will give of a more easy going and fun vibe.

For example, try allowing yourself to throw your head back when you laugh; it will show you’re a passionate person who isn’t afraid to let go a little.

Or when you’re telling a story, get really into it by animating your face more and smiling when you recall certain parts of it. We have eighty muscles in our face alone but so few of us use them!

2. Let your body language reflect your thoughts

The way you’re thinking is directly reflected in your body language. For example, when you are worrying about how you look or what to say while in a conversation your body will present more nervous actions such as fiddling with your drink or touching your hair too much.

If you’re in a conversation with a guy your very attracted to try thinking about what it would be like to kiss and touch him and your body language will automatically reflect sensuality that will drive him wild.

Simple gestures like running your fingertips over your shoulders or round your face as you talk will give off appealing signals whether your across the room from the guy you are attracted to or right in front of him.

3. Open your body language up

Any body language that involves crossing your arms in front of yourself, turning your body away from someone or focusing your attention fiddling with an object in reach is going to make him think you’re either uptight or self conscious.

Women who appear closed off often have their arms folded and an ice cold stare that says: “Come near me and I’ll kill you”. This is the quickest way to scare a guy off of approaching you.

Other instances might be appearing to aggressive, such as putting your hand on both hips in a kind of stand-off pose. This look makes a guy feel like your judging him.

Check yourself regularly: Every now and then assess your own body language, because you may be tight and closed off naturally without even realising it.

A few quick adjustments can be the deciding factor in getting more guy’s to start conversations.

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