The Dating Game Has Changed. Here’s How YOU WIN

Since I started Get the Guy in 2008, the world of dating has been turned upside down. Back then, people were embarrassed to even admit they went for a drink with someone they met on the internet.

But now… women are told that they live in a “hookup culture.” They hear that everyone is flaky (and they have to accept it). They’re told to settle for the next acceptable guy that comes along.

If you don’t buy any of these myths (and you shouldn’t), watch this video to hear my crucial first step to master your dating life in 2017…

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40 Replies to “The Dating Game Has Changed. Here’s How YOU WIN”

  • Hi Matt,a bit off topic,can you give some practical advice on how to control fear of pepole and their reactions?
    Whenever I have to deal with dominant/powerful people, I literally disappear. How can I give them less focus?

  • I recently had my first ever date from an online site. We got on well until he asked me over pizza (which I had to pay half for) if we were going to be having sex that night or not. I almost choked and replied ‘Not’. His reply was that I may as well realize that any guy meeting me from a dating site is going to expect sex on the first date.

  • You advised on a podcast to a young college girl to enjoy sex. That pissed me off and that’s why I said you were impure or something like that. If I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry. My standards are high for college women.

  • This awesome guy and I have amazing chemistry. He said I’m the whole package and he’s a nice guy, not a player. We text daily and We have had four dates once a week. Last week he said let’s get together again on Monday because once a week is too long and he misses my face. I know he’s only been single for 3 months and not 100% emotionally available yet but he said baby steps and he’ll get there. My issue is that twice after an amazing date he pulls away and doesn’t text me or answer my texts asking how he is. The first time he didn’t text for three days after our date and said he had the flu. This time he got sick after our dinner date from the food. He apologized the next morning and asked for a rain check for the next night we were suppose to hang out that he had set up. I guess I’m wondering why he isn’t texting me?

  • Lately, it seem that way there so many options yet feel more like obstacle narrow down to the one.

  • So me and my boyfriend broke up. Because he cheated a while back and I was still looking at his stuff every once and a while. Though I had stopped completely over 4 months ago. ( I know not good on my part.) We decided to “be friends”. He says that he still loves me and likes me a lot and I’m the most beautiful woman he has met. He still loves hanging out with me. It has been 6 weeks and he showed no sign that he was “trying” like he said he was. Then all the sudden this past Sunday he changed. He gave me a kiss and told me that he wants to give us its full potential and wants to build back “slowly”. We can’t hold hands yet but we can kiss. I’m really confused. Is he just saying this because we are going to be apart for the summer and wants me to wait for him. Or does he actually want to give this a shot again. I don’t know what to thing and do.

  • I don’t think you ever have tackle the issue of older women in relationships with younger men (like 10 years younger). These women are in love and hope that their younger lover is not bothered by that fact. However, they worry about getting older and showing the unavoidable less attractive side of physical aging and how that in itself may prevent having a lasting relationship.Yet an older man can easily have a lasing relationship with a much younger woman.

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