#AskMatthewHussey “Why Do Men Lie?”

In this week’s video we mix things up a bit…

I’ve taken video questions from viewers, and answer everything from:

-3 key things I’d go back and tell my teenage self
-My favourite performers, and
-My top 3 “idols”

I also get into a question on why men lie, and what can be done to avoid it…

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50 Replies to “#AskMatthewHussey “Why Do Men Lie?””

  • Why men lie? This so resonated with me. I’ve not heard this explained in this manner but it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, it is what broke up my last relationship, and it fit perfectly for my situation. Thank you Matthew.

  • First time viewer of any Matthew Hussey video. I was referred by my sister who is active in his community. Loved ther video in its entirety!

  • Hi Matthew I love your videos,you,and you have helped me understand how men think more and how they act. You have helped me see who are just boys that will not ever stop playing and what to look for in a man who will be a keeper.
    Thank You.

  • Great way to put the three elements together on why men lie. So accurate and as always articulate. I like this format but also live your videos as well Thank you Matthew!!

  • Ken Dodd can hold a room for well over eight hours, and some! “The great thing about my shows– you always go home in the day light”

  • Hi Matt,
    I love your quote about every bit of productivity! I am hanging that above my desk! It was also really interesting to find out your heros. I often feel like that is a hard question to answer. Do you find that you are usually working against public opinion?

    I enjoyed the videos! I actually thought this video was short. I was disappointed that there were not more questions. All the best!

    Love the weekly videos!


  • I like the new format, it gives someone a chance to ask a question of you that they wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to ask.

    I enjoyed the three questions. I wish I could’ve told my younger self to embrace boldness, to take chances and ignore the fear!

    Lastly, I Love Jamie Cullum! I’ve never seen him live but his music (mostly the “Twentysomething” cd) has helped me through many hard times and helped me enjoy the great times.

  • Love this new format! I think it’s actually great to have longer videos, we can get more into depth on subjects and examples! And like the videos type sharing, it brings the community more together! Keep it up Mat. All my love

  • I’d rather have shorter videos to watch as it’s easier to fit into my schedule. I did like the “why men lie” question and answer.

    Matt, you definitely need to help the guys. They are not measuring up!

  • This is such a great video, Matthew. Perfect length as well.

    “I admire anyone who can stand up for what they believe in a way that defies public opinion and doesn’t give too much respect to public opinion.”

    Great line. My thoughts exactly. Middle-ground is not my forte.

    I agree absolutely, what you say should be in sync with what you do. Most people lie to themselves first before anyone else. I don’t know how it is in England, but here in the USA people say “love ya” a lot. Everybody is using it so generously without meaning it. It is probably the biggest lie ever in the history of lies.

    I was the same with neatness. I used to spend so much time organizing, by the time I organized everything I didn’t want to study anymore. lol. Sigmund Freud suggested people who have chaotic private lives spend a lot of time being neat at home. There might be some truth in it. I am more relaxed now.

    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom. xx

  • That’s an interesting format, Matt, really. It even slightly changes the way you talk. I liked it.
    Thank you for looking for new ways of communication between you and us:)

  • This is good! I like the questions and answers, and I like your answers. But this makes me want to send you some questions :)

  • Could you please start captioning your videos? YouTube’s automatic CC system sucks and your accent makes it difficult for it to be accurate. I’m hard of hearing and can only catch bits and pieces of what you say.

    Thanks, love your material and energy, keep it up!

  • Dear Matthew and team;),
    I loved it and it could have been a bit longer;)
    I’m looking forward to seeing more videos like that.
    Thank you for everything you do. It’s so helpful.

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