When You Feel Alone After Heartbreak (3 Secrets To Moving On)…

It’s nearly 2019. Maybe you’re missing someone right now as the holidays roll around.

But now is not the time to mourn. Now is the time to truly begin your healing and put yourself back together before next year begins.

Here’s what you need to know to finally move on…

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40 Replies to “When You Feel Alone After Heartbreak (3 Secrets To Moving On)…”

  • Omg Mathew this is great !!! Thank you so much :)) your vids really help me a lot you totally change my point of view at relationships. Hope you are doing great :))) merry Christmas ❤️❤️❤️

  • Your message could never t have come at a better time. Yes was brutally dumped in July and I am still processing the heartbreak when my ex contacted me to see how I was doing tons but. The first time in 5 months. I have been debating how to respond to his text. Your message tonight will help me respond in a dignified manner and I am so grateful for the clarity you have given me. Merry Christmas!! You’ll never know what this has meant to me!!

  • all very true words Matthew. The constant questions you are ask yourself drive you down even more. Thank you for reminding us we are only human but stronger than we know. Happy Holidays to you.

  • my comment is if my ex contacts me and it ends up that he wants me back. No 1 how do i know his wanting me back for the right reasons. what would be the correct answer if i asked him why does he want to reunite. and even though i may want him back its going to be hard to trust again.

  • Thank you Matt for all your incredible help all over the year since I have found you! You are doing a great job! Much love for you and the best for the next year!

  • I want to marry you Mr Hussey wow ,you rock, I’m understanding more and more ,you truly resonate, I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled across your site,merry Christmas ××

  • Hi Matt, you’ve given me hope when I needed it and you are brilliant at what you do. Thank you. Over a year ago my boyfriend broke my heart I chase him relentlessly, I don’t want to go into all the details, but after a year of being apart we finally went on a few dates and ended up sleeping together. After, the first time he said I don’t want a relationship and I don’t want to sleep with you, however we continued to have a few dates and slept together two times after that and he then said I don’t want to see you anymore I’m getting to emotionally close to you and I can’t forget what happed in the past. He said we could be friends and talk and when we said good bye he didn’t even hug me he seemed angry and he said I’ll check in on you. It’s been a month and he has not reached out I decided I will not reach out anymore. I’m terribly hurt we broke up before two years ago it was the week before Christmas, I hate the holidays now. It’s not fair to my kids I’m always sad I need to stop being selfish and be there for them. I’m trying I really am. Matt it’s so difficult I’m 48 I’ve had two men my whole life my ex husband for 18 years I’ve been divorced six years and Ted, the ex boyfriend whom I love very much. Any advice would be appreciated. I wish you and your loved ones all the best for the holidays❤️

  • This is one of the best gifts you could give us. A gift of hope and new beginnings. A shift in thought process can drastically change our life. Really appreciate you for such thought provoking videos.

    Stay blessed.

  • You are an amazing help to me Matthew I have just been totally controlled by a man who was everything to me NSA situation where he had control but I forgive him because he cane into my life when I needed him he made me feel amazing after a difficult marriage break up and I will remember him forever but he was young and is still finding himself I knew we were not ever forever I try to have gratitude but I miss seeing him a lot sooo much I know I need to move in and have found some wonderful options but none as intoxicating and intense as with him

  • wait I’m confused. in the beginning he says it’s probably not your fault, but at the end he goes on to say “even if you f*cked the whole year up it’s a good thing,” indicating that it could have been our fault after all.

  • This video really helps! Thank you!
    I screwed up a big time this year, in relationship and in my career.
    Dec/24 is my birthday, I have been crying for no reasons these few days, probably because the one I broke up with will not be there with me on my birthday. I have always felt blessed to be born during festive season , but not this year. It sucks.

  • Thank you for this wisdom, Matthew. I’ve been doing this work–forgive and reframe since the summer when a relationship ended in a hurtful way. And what I have learned and transformed in myself will indeed be an amazing gift to the next man I am with.

  • A beautiful message, clearly stated, with your warm conviction behind it that brings so much weight to your words, Matt! I’m forwarding this to a friend who has just gone through a bad breakup. You have helped me so much, and continue to help me. I hope she chooses to benefit from your wisdom as well. Merry Christmas, Matthew, and thank you for all you do in the world to help us grow and create more fulfilling relationships!

  • Sometimes when you put your hopes in someone like your happiness is in the person that is when they break up with you you feel rejected, self dependency is very important so that after break up you will not feel too rejected,be the creater of your own happiness so that in case anything happens and let God take the lead in your life

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