What To Do When A Guy Tells You He’s “Damaged”

I’m back on The Today Show! In this week’s episode of “The Other View” I take a question on tension with in-laws, and what to do when a guy tells you he’s “damaged”.

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3 Replies to “What To Do When A Guy Tells You He’s “Damaged””

  • I have to say the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title was tell him, I am too we would be great together. That is if you can get past the fact that he’s a sissy and can’t just say I’m not feeling it BECAUSE if a woman came along that knocked him off his rocker he wouldn’t say the same thing but I do think it would be funny to mess with him a little. Who cares if he thinks you’re crazy he needs to grow a pair and not take the easy way out.

  • OMG!!! The next time I hear this from a “man” I’m gonna look right at him and say “You’re just saying that because you find me sexy.” HaHa!!!

    Seriously though I hate when men say this! I don’t think I know one female that has ever spewed those words from their mouth, not to say that one hasn’t said those words.
    Here’s what I think and this is just an opinion of mine, but as men and woman I feel like we think we know how the other one thinks. for example if a woman were to say to a man that she was “damaged” from a former relationship he’d be calling check faster then you could say Jack Robinson, However when a man says this to a women some strange nurturing hormone kicks in and we just want to make everything better, like when a man says he doesn’t want a relationship and a woman thinks that he doesn’t really mean what he’s saying so she continues down the road to disappointmentville then she gets hurt and wonders why…because he really did mean what he was saying he wasn’t playing the hard to get card. So and again this is an opinion When a man says he’s damaged he’s basically saying is ‘I’m not ready for anything serious, but I really hope I’ve triggered that nurturing hormone switch, that way I can take a few turns on the “ride” and when I’m done with you I can revert back to I’m “Damaged”!!!!

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