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What If He’s Asking For An Open Relationship?

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I take a question from Tiffany regarding a guy she’s been dating, who wants an open relationship instead of the ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ title. We discuss the most practical thing she can do in her situation to avoid getting too hurt.

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9 Replies to “What If He’s Asking For An Open Relationship?”

  • saying goodbye was never easy…and yes, the sting is still there to get back and give him the attention he got in the first place but this cue really made me smile :) i was considering this two awesome guy and the person i thought was the second best turn out to be the most amazing who made me feel so safe…now, it’s official-well,i just sent your “i think we can’t be friends anymore” technique on how to say “i want you to be my first official boyfriend;) “since he covered that inch for 2 days & 2 nights…really amazing! guess what he answered? “we were more like married couples than friends” hahaha…such a cool & hot guy and by then…i realized why i was so unfair to this guy who invested his “all” to me♥ time and everything;) thank you coach…the guy just won my heart at dawn;) you helped me clear up my confusion…he made his intention known right from the start, so he had what he was asking for…a half-way house can never be a home so i said goodbye to the other…and any man who knows how to treat an ordinary lady as her queen is deserving to be treated as her King :) good thing, he did not freak out when i told him honestly that i “was” treating him as 2nd in the list of guys i am dating…well, he just said “don’t do what you learned from him on me, i want you as you” that was heaven to me…so it’s time.

  • An amazing advice as always . I just love how well you know these things and share it with everyone. Oh and yea I love you so much Matt. I’m so glad I found you in the internet haha.

  • This really hit home with me as i’m going through something like this with a guy. I’ve fallen in love with him after 4 months of seeing him casually. He sees other people too and has always been honest about this from the beginning. I didn’t think much of it at the beginning as i was just seeing it as a bit of fun, but over the 4 month my feelings developed for him. I just told him how i feel about him and although he says that he has a lot of deep feelings for me too, just not enough to want to go exclusive. So i told him that i need to not see him for a while, because it’s really hurting me. He’s a really good guy and we are still friends but i said to him that i need some distance because i don’t want to just be a friend with benefits. But i feel so bad because we have such a great connection. I miss him already. The messages, the fun banter and of course the great sex. But i know i’m worth more than to be treated like this, so i have to walk away. Whether it’s going to be permanent i have no idea yet. He could get relocated to another country with his job so it could be permanent. All i know right now is that it hurts like hell, but telling him and putting some distance between us is the right thing to do. This video really hit home. Even made me cry. But for all the right reasons, so thank you Matt. xxx

  • I know I’m joining the party a bit late here…

    It sounds like the guy could be into polyamory, and wants a polyamorous relationship but doesn’t know how to ask for it. Polyamory doesn’t automatically mean casual, many people have deep and committed relationships whilst also seeing other people. It’s just a different kettle of fish.

    However if you want monogamy, you’re better off finding someone who wants the same thing. The two relationship styles are not so compatible.

  • I am going through something very similar and this is exactly what I needed to hear! It’s funny because I was just talking about this with a good friend of my and I know what I have to do. Thank you!!!

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