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What A Pointless Waste Of Energy…

I was going to make a normal blog video for you today.

Sitting in my apartment, I had notes prepared, but on the way back from a quick coffee with Jameson, we came across something that really pissed me off. I made him pull out his camera to shoot a video there and there on the spot.

The video we had prepared will have to wait till next week.

You might think this is a random video, but I felt I had to say it.

Sometimes you just have to rant.

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77 Replies to “What A Pointless Waste Of Energy…”

  • Its one in the morning, and I was just about to go to bed when I got this email.I laughed so hard when the background music came on, I woke up my sister in the next room. I think its time for me to sleep:|

  • Mmmm point taken…but seriously you two…? Did you guys get bored ? mmm you guys should go and have some extra expresso…Happy Sunday!

  • Matthew,

    I just watched this video and laughed until tears were in my eyes! I completely agree with you about what a waste of time and energy this is but sadly this is just a very large display of it. People waste time and energy on some of the most ridiculous things on a daily basis. For instance, I see people on Facebook posting drama, following celebrities they won’t ever meet, and self absorption is a huge issue. Then I ask myself… What am I doing with my time on this planet? Am I any better, I mean really? The Graffiti artist may if been wasting his time, he really was but it did bring our attention to a much larger problem now didn’t it? If we as human beings spent a fraction of the time we waste; if we could somehow harness it into a constructive nature I’m convinced that we could not only heal the planet but also ourselves. I love watching your videos because they uplift me and show me that there is actually hope for the human race. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jaclyn,
      Thank you for your post. I agree. It is easy to judge others’ waste of time and energy. Much harder to look in the mirror and ask myself the question, what am I doing with my time on this planet? Where is my time and energy being shared or drained away? Love the line from a Mary Oliver poem: What will you do with this one wild and precious life? Thanks for the decision to create a spontaneous video blog this week, MH!

  • Hilarious! The music is a nice added touch. Perhaps the lesson is ‘ladies, we do not want graffiti artists as boyfriends. If it ends badly, they will come and do this outside of our homes!’ LOL! And seriously, seeing a bunch of graffiti does bug me a lot.

  • I think the main takeaway for me is the complete lack of respect some people have for the hard workers that built, maintain and repaint that building. It’s very sad that some people don’t recognize how much effort goes into maintaining brand imaging and especially the “little guys” behind the scenes bustin’ it out of personal pride in a job well done…

    I guess it’s a been there done that scenario for me. If they put as much effort into building a business as opposed to destroying their property they’d probably be unstoppable…

  • Haha! This just ended my day on a great note. So funny and made me respect you even more than I already did!

  • I love how I’m sitting watching this while I’m waiting for a wreck to be cleared after I watched the longest movie in history oh wait I’m moving

  • I laughed so hard!
    “Hello Kitty” lol
    Lol the music and slow mode.
    Maybe me and ghost are the same person ;-) Have a sunny sunday!

    Ps: Art is diverse nowadays but that truly is a try ;-)

  • Good one!

    I just hate the tags. I have to admit that some graffities are pieces of art, but not those..

    You were not as lucky as I was when we busted 4 teenagers tagging a wall of our property (stone wall).
    We called the police, just to let them know that their actions have consequences (of course we told the police that we don’t want to press charges, we just wanted to make them realise, that it is not “funny” or “cool” and it is not their property and what you said about “hello kitty in your own house”). At the end, two of the kids of the group and one of his parents clean the wall. As it was stone it took a hard work to clean it(not paint wall used). I have to say, good for them because they realised what his kid was doing. They did not agree with his behaviour and they teach him the right thing to do, and the consequences of his actions.

    What I want to say here is that parenthood or family basis to teach what is good or bad, is very important.

    Have a great day!

  • As an artist (I paint on canvas, not walls though), I have a huge appreciation for graffiti art when done properly. Not this though, this is just mindless vandalism by someone who has nothing better to do with their time….sigh

    Funny vid though Matt. Certainly brightened up my already bright Sunday morning….the suspense music make me chortle.

    Looking like a cutie-pie as usual Mr Hussey.

    Happy Sunday one and all :) x

  • funniest,ever,Ghost. I know it’s you…don’t even try to deny it Matthew. You’re caught..britches down…gotcha!
    Such an outlaw …what is it with you boi’s anyway – that inner-outlaw thing..charming nonetheless…

  • Brilliant! This has made my day. This reminded me of something similar I did when me and some friends made a video of ‘searching for the ghost of Pauline Fowler’ whilst on a girly weekend in Torremolinos … On a serious note though the point you made about energy and redirecting it is so true. This person could potentially achieve better things, but definitely not in an artistic capacity ;-).
    Thanks for making my day x

  • Hey Matt, as I woke up today I was in a shit mood, but this video made me really laugh. Thanks for that! Keep on doing your stuff, whatever it may be, coaching people or semi-anonymously spraypainting ugly walls! XD You’re on the right track, Baby!

  • Hilarious. Having said that, this ain’t no Graffitti artist. This is a tagger straight up and in Singapore they get caned for it ;)

  • I wish you’d have more of an open understanding (anthropological, sociopolitical, historical, artistic???) of teenagers, pop culture, tag culture, poverty, graffiti art, etc. Your point of view is so…. ordinary. I wish people with a lot of influence (like you) would try to open other’s eyes to new perspectives instead of reinforcing everyone’s common prejudices.

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