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Want to Get Him Back? Never Do This…

“I think we need to break up.”

When you feel like you’d do anything to keep this guy in your life, those words can tear your entire world apart.

I know this isn’t easy… believe me… I’ve been there (more than once!).

If you want to recover from this breakup and come back stronger and better than ever, watch this 3-minute video and TAKE CONTROL of your life again.

What’s more, if you follow these exact steps, there’s a chance you may just even be able to save your relationship…

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25 Replies to “Want to Get Him Back? Never Do This…”

  • I love the video that you just pull out. Definitely going to download that right now.Thank you for doing this really appreciate.

  • You are wiser beyond your years….Great advice as usual! You are young…but have an old soul…in a good way, of course! ;) <3 Hugs!

  • Mathew I’m really confused. My partner always brakes it off and blocks me after arguments then I have to chase or if I don’t chase him he will start talking to me again in time.. We had the biggest argument because he seemed like he was really unhappy with me around makes negative little comments and when I defend or react he then says he is joking around and I need to lighten up. He is a nice guy who has his life together I just don’t understand why he closes off he is 30 and I’m his first girlfriend in 8 years he is mega good looking and knows how to talk so he attracts so many girls why he chose to date me he says I’m the love of his life and so on…. But the last fight was the worst it started as I was saying before because I said he seems happier talking being with his friends then with me and I asked in a direct way why am I around well he lost the plot I have never seen him so angry he told me to get all my things and move out he was shoving my stuff in bags telling me he can’t stand another second of me I’m poison that I won the Lottary being with him as I don’t own any property and he owns his own apartment yes there is the silver longing 3 days before this argument we were house hunting as it was his idea that he wanted us to buy a place together.. Then he snapped and just berated me and then blocked my mobile face book everything.. Help I don’t understand.??

    1. Is he, by chance, british, more exactly English? Cuz, man, every single english man I (or my friends) had met is exactly like that. My best advice any way, is run the oposite way. He is the kind of person that has no insight capacity, so he will never change, and you’ll waste (more) time and energy in a relationship that makes you unhappy.

  • My husband walked out on my 3 year old ago on 8/4. Everyone says I should be over it, move on, etc… I make it seem like I have but the truth is, I haven’t. I still suffer in silience. The pain is still there. I don’t think it will ever go away.

    1. Just go on with your life and raise your child to the best of your ability and know that it is not your fault and it is his loss that he walked out on your child because that child will know that he was very selfish when the child gets older and child will value you and your values.

  • I am exactly that person in pain currently. It felt like you spoke to me directly. But I will download and I will watch the guide. I guess anything to distract me. :) Thank you.

  • Appreciate you weaving a message of hope into this short video of what not to do.
    Also, doubly appreciate you featuring a person of color!

  • I’m going to try this out to either repatch things or move on from a breakup with a best friend. So curious about the content in here! Thank Matthew! <3

  • Matt I really need your help Matt, I love this guy in my life, he’s going to leave my country for good tomorrow night, and we just broke up last night, he said he never want to see me again and talk to me ,why we end up is because he said before I officially become he’s gf I saying he’s the only person I love but I still dating other guys or slept with one of the guy, we were just friends, and he say to me he couldn’t take it anymore and he don’t want to see me ever again,he’s going to leaving tomorrow, but he doesn’t even want to see me in airport, I really want to see him just last time, but he doesn’t want to see me anymore, I really don’t know how to do, can you please help me? I know I shouldn’t contact him after broke up, but I really don’t know what to do , he’s leaving I can’t even see him last time.
    Should I go to the airport? Or should I ask him if I can see him last time?matt I’m really need your help please I really do can you reply me asap? He is leaving the country tomorrow should I go ? Matt I really need help….

  • I recently split with a guy i had been dating for 3 months. He said he isn’t ready for a relationship which is difficult because he changed his mind so quick. I really want him back but i know i must give him space. Not sure how to move on and tired of everyone having an opinion on the matter, when i know he is worth fighting for!!

  • Hi Matthew,

    My boyfriend just recently broke up with me after struggling with depression for almost two months. During those two months I have tried reaching out to him, giving him comfort, and the space that he needed but he wasn’t really responding or willing to receive the comfort. Solitude was all he asked for, but one night, he called and asked for a breakup saying that he doesn’t know how long his depression was going to be and didn’t want me waiting. Right now he is seeking help but I am left confused, shocked, and hurt over the fact that our relationship ended because of something neither one of us can control. Will there ever be a chance for us to be together again? How and when should I reach out to him?

    1. I’d be interested in knowing more about these cases where you loose people because of depression. I think I lost what I considered to be one my best friends, we had a 1 year relationship, plus a 7 year friendship. I feel like all of Matthew’s advice makes sense in a “normal” situation, but what if something breaks the couple because it’s cyclic and completely out ones control.
      The only way out I found was to break it off myself to not drown with him. But nevertheless I feel it takes me much longer to recover because of the fact that I had to leave because of something toxic and not because I didn’t love him anymore.

    2. I’ve been with a guy for 5 years but we both living quite a long distance. I found he has been dating someone else living at the same area since Feb17 and he decided to broke up with me by phone mid of March. I’m still shock, confuse and painful. During this time Im just watching your video and follow your guidance. Well I’m in Thailand and just want to thank and let you know you are helping me a lot and hope I can go through this painful and will get over it soon.

  • Hello Matt why do exes take there time coming back? And why do exes come back after close to two years and then again from the same ex 17 years ago if u brokeup with him and he wasn’t expecting it like blindsiding him do u think that he came back looking for you because he still care or is it that he wanted closure on why the breakup to place in the first place. Because to be honest I guess I left a lot of unresolved issues. What kind of guy would still come back and look for a week before he was getting married. And then again during his second marriage which he was married for 3 or 4 years I was told he was going to be in my town for training for his job and told his mom that we was going to look for me? What is this? He was still married to his second wife. Why would a guy want to look up an exgirlfriend still after 17 years. The first time was almost two years later. What did he want? You would figure that all these years that have gone by that people would move on right? Explain what he had going through his mind as a guy. When he came back to look for the first time I was already moved on. Why do guys think that you’ll still be there pinning over them until they come back. Please that’s not how I work. I m just amazed that 17 years later he still was thinking about me? What what his purpose for trying to look me up after 17 years later? Someone told me well his mother had said when he was in my town for training for his job he had took his mother to the store and mad a comment to saying that maybe I’ll see my girlfriend Josie . Who would say that after many years that had passed? Did he still carry a strong admiration for me because where talking many years ago. I was 17 years old and he was 20 when we met and had a relationship that was in 1985. Explain to me what he was still carrying with him all these years. He passed away in September 2011.

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