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Choose The Guy You Want, Make Him Feel Like A Man

There are amazing guys everywhere – literally a BUFFET to choose from.

Women have been ‘making the move’ for centuries, and this is something we seem to have forgotten. In this video I want to remind you of that.

I’ve really tried to be innovative in the way we’ve done the GetTheGuy book.

I see the book as my first opportunity to get everything I have down in a way that’s accessible to everyone. My live events are where this whole thing started, but until now there have been both financial and geographical constraints holding people back from hearing the message we have.

The events are incredible, and if you come to one, results (and a great time!) are guaranteed. They’re where I’ve been able to refine my material, learn in real-time from a live audience, and bring my principles and techniques to a place where people go away and get ground-breaking results.

In finding that there were concepts I wanted to put into the book that were near-impossible to describe in writing, I decided to embed the book with what we’ve called “video alerts” – links throughout the book that you can go to to get videos that explain certain techniques in more detail, or to get a visual demonstration from me on stage.

(I’ve had to hide the code here, but it’s yours in the book!)
(I’ve had to hide the code here, but it’s all yours in the book!)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has got to be worth a million – especially when talking about subtle nuances such as ‘the look’ (chapter 6), and for people who learn better by seeing something than reading.

The video above is one of 12 such examples I’ve included in the book, and with this post I wanted a give you a further taster of what’s included.

I’ve gone above and beyond with everything I’ve packed into this thing. I’m so proud of the finished product.

I recently heard someone say that the reason people don’t read more is because books are cheap, and they don’t believe that there could be so life-changing material for a mere $15. Having just finished putting this together, I couldn’t agree more. What you’ll be getting here is CRAZY value. I’ve spent the last seven years studying this area, and in taking on what you learn from the book, your love life be so much better off.

Grab your copy now, and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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46 Replies to “Choose The Guy You Want, Make Him Feel Like A Man”

  • Ur amazing you really know what you talkin’ about. Good Job
    plus ur Funny! weird didn’t know that before :/

  • I used to be that girl who would sit around and wait for prince charming to come along. But through your blogs & videos, its become extremely apparent that I’ve needed to change my techniques. And I’m not sure what’s happened but I seem to be meeting great single guys left, right & centre. They are out there, everywhere in fact! So Matt, a massive THANK YOU to you & your team for all the hard work!! :-)

  • Hi Matt!
    I have to say that I admire you so so much. I could easily write a book about you. Do you know that we can buy your book in Sweden as well? We can, I bought two copies for myself, because I know I will read them over and over again. You are a great lecturer! Be sure that I know what I`m talking about, having been a teacher for 30 years myself. And your knowledge of the human mind is awsome. You can easily make women listen to you.
    And then of course, you look great.I wish I were young.
    Very Good Luck to you – I hope you will have a great future.

  • I love the respect and admiration Matt has for women. We’re not the enemy or something to be conquered. He gets that. And I love the dress comment.

  • Have to say that, of all the coaches I’ve heard on the subject of relationships, and in the self-help area in general… you are the most straightforward, intelligent, witty, honest, charismatic, sincere, humorous, uplifting, and inspiring one.

    Keep up the great work :)

  • this is so true, do not wait….take action!! you will meet more guys and sift through more quickly the guys not for you :))

  • Haha..this video of yours is so funny…can’t wait to check out the other videos when I get your book….you already have 323 comments on your amazon book page! =D Good job!~~~

  • You will not believe it, but I really use this small thing with dropping something, usually it is my business card. Then the guy comes with “mam, you dropped it” and I usually reply “I didn’t, I left it for your attention”. :DDDD

    I do it rarely , because in the middle east it is a bit different story. Our guys, especially locals are very proactive, and it becomes disturbing sometimes.

  • Gosh, it’s insane how much better you’ve become. You’ve always been good, but now you’re a pure genius at talking. I’ve been very impressed by the latest videos, I wasn’t going to buy the book but I think I might have to.

  • I don’t know what city Matt thinks we live in, but Toronto is full of selfish jerks who would not pick up a thing for a woman. I think you sometimes over-positivize (new word) reality.

  • I was thinking about this, and realised that I don’t want to wait..but I’m still doing that, waiting and rejecting. I will try to get what I want, to practise..

    Thanks. ;)

  • Hello Matt,
    First i would like to praise you. You are truly amazing and i get the feeling that i found you for a purpose and that you will truly help me. I am extremely excited about going down this path with you to find love and the right guy for me. My question is i am a student and i do not have enough expenses to attend one of your live events. So would you recommend that i buy the book or buy the Man Myth video package for 29.95? Are they pretty much the same thing?

  • I was thinking about this, and realised that I don’t want to wait, but somehow I’m still doing that, waiting and rejecting.I will try to get what I choose, to practise..

    Thanks. ;)

  • matt, if a guy i like offers to txt me a “naughty” pic , but i dont want it and i dont want to hurt his ego or let him embarrass me or himself, how do i decline politely (keeping in mind that i want to continue engaging with him)??

    see you in SF soon, dont get burnt out before you get to us!
    also, i bought three books and told my friends but dont worry to hard about wether or not you win 1 st place on the best sellers list- just know you are helping me and so many other girls feel whole about ourselves and you doing this by being a great guy speaking and from the heart and thats all that matters

    1. Novalee, if you don’t want let a guy embarrass you, then don’t send him such pictures. It is his problem, if his ego gets hurt, but my standard would be that I do not give out such pictures. If you google on relationship forums, you will find so many postings of women saying something like “I had sent my ex boy friend a nude picture of me and now he posted it on….(whatever in the internet), and my colleagues at work can see the photo. I never thought he could go that far.”

      Now you say you still want to see him. First wait and see how he reacts when you tell him that his is not your standard. Maybe you then do not want to see him anymore.

      (P.S. English is not my mother tongue, but my assumption is that naughty here means at least partly nude.)

  • Matt, you are a great teacher. I enjoy listening to you, and I cannot wait to get the book. (I have ordered it.)

    By the way, my grandmother used to tell me about the handkerchief. ;-)
    Your example about the dress hit home with me. Even before you spoke out the example, I realized that when I was looking for a dirndl (traditional dress for women), I did not take the first cheap, low-quality and badly fitting dirndl that I ran across – just to have any kind of dirndl. No, I ran through many stores, I even visited a dirndl designer in her studio, and I tried on so many dirndls until I found one that was up to my standard.

    It is great to see that you have the much deserved success.
    I wish I could watch the “Ready for Love” show.

    Thanks also for the Ustream videos.



  • Your video reminds me of what I did.
    I took interest in the new guy in my class, and I notice he does the same for me, but we never talk. One fine day, i was searching for some information, and he happen to be nearby, I walk up and tell him I need help in searching for some information, and from there on, we start talking ;)
    We are near to start dating now, jz waiting till he manage to get his job offer, and then he will come over to meet my parents for permission to date me.

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