Bow-Tie On Or Off? Caption Contest, Cover Revealed, Homemade Video…

I came back to London a few days ago and did a big signing event (which was a little crazy!). We had over 250 women there, and queues out of the door for signings, pictures, and even a few kisses (see the video below!).

The event was a huge success, and thank you to everyone who was able to make it!

My team and I had a blast, and we put a few bits of footage together for you to get a taster of what went on…

I’m now spending my week in and out of TV, radio and newspaper interviews in and around London. Very shorly I’m going to be flying back to Los Angeles however, because United States – you are next!

Caption Contest

This contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who entered! The winning caption was from Amanda.

The Get The Guy book is going to be available for everyone in the US & Canada very soon. To coincide with the NBC show Ready For Love the date to put in your diary for the release is Tuesday April 9th.

As a teaser, I want to reveal a rough version of the cover…

As you’ll see, it’s a little bit playful, and while I never intended to be on the cover, my publishers had the last word!

In celebration, I want to have a caption contest.

This contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who entered! The winning caption was from Amanda.

I want to hear what you think is going on in this picture, for you to write your caption in the comments below, and the best (decided by my team) is going to get two free tickets to the Get The Guy Live Tour.

On that note, I’m going to be announcing locations beyond Los Angeles for the tour very shortly. These are going to be released in the next few days which will be your chance to sign up and get tickets.

That’s it for today.

Write your caption below, I hope you win, and I’ll see you later this week for more videos!

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259 Replies to “Bow-Tie On Or Off? Caption Contest, Cover Revealed, Homemade Video…”

  • Photo okay! Cute. Wondering if the sub title reads to a woman more to say “the love you DESIRE.” That’s juicier.
    Oh would also be fun but maybe not appropriate to have them un tie your bow tie.
    Good luck!

  • Hi, Matt! I don’t have a caption because I’m not that clever :) But I do have an observation about the cover. You look fantastic as always. However, the cover to me appears as though you are being “fixed” with the hands straightening your tie. (By the way, bow ties are cool.) I personally don’t want to fix my man. I want to enjoy the messy bits too. Love the rest of the cover … just my thoughts!!

  • I’ve got to agree with Jen. It does appear that you are being fixed, and I definitely don’t want to fix my man. I love the fact that he’s a mess.

  • Mi Matt!
    I love the cover!!! And here is why:

    1. color PINK – brilliant eye catcher, especially this “hot” pink!
    2. Your “innocent” face…. hahaha… I have been to one of your presentations and of course I could read you (or I hope that I can…) – but, this lovely face of your on the cover of HOT pink and that innocent grin, that works wonders!!!

    To me your message in the book is very clear: your book will make any guy to do what we want!!! As the other part of the message is in working on the bow tie.
    However, slightly mixing is the fact that there are two different hands… this means coming from two different girls… does it mean that the guy we are hoping is “ours”…. is he in fact between two different women…

    Would love to know more about that last bit please!!!

    And to continue, the actual message (the written part…) is also great!

    Good luck with your book, I will be getting one of course. By the way, will you have an audio version as well.

    All the best and I do hope that this year I will finally meet the man of my dreams!
    With warm regards

  • So much hot pink…Lol! Awesome!
    I feel like there should be a crowd of women behind you, clamouring to get their hands all over you ;) Where’s that cheekier smile? :P

    “Because we all deserve a man that measures up to Matthew Hussey”

  • I like Jen’s approach, yet to me the pink
    lady-fingers look playful.

    It looks as though she’s everso breathtakingly
    gently caressing the bow-tie til it springs off and
    let’s things get just everso slightly ruffled-up. Did
    you know that bow-ties have the capacity to fly?!

    “Please tweak my heart out!”
    A new kind
    of heart surgery?

    Look into my eyes. Fly into my heart!

    You look great. i love the giddy feeling of delight in your
    video. You go, Matt.

  • Caption… “Are you ready to get your guy?”

    Your facial expression, to me, asks “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? It’s going to change your life!

  • Here are my critics, but u know they are sent with love.
    I like your expression, it looks funny and flirty. And I like the bow tie. However (and here it goes) I think it has many information on the cover, between the name of the book, the description, your name, the hansd and the suspenders, its king of too much. And the letter on your chest make you look like you have a big belly!

    On the other hand, I would suggest to highlight your blue eyes, they impress here, but they could impress even more!


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