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The Day Has Come! GetTheGuy Live – Tour Locations Revealed…

New 2015 Tour dates just announced!

Click on the ticket to check dates and grab your place now…

This is a one day event so be sure you don’t miss me.

Here are the locations and dates that we’ve booked so far:

January 10th – London
January 31st – New York
February 28th – Chicago
March 7th – Toronto
March 28th – Los Angeles

I’m going to be coming to all of these locations personally, meeting you, hearing your story, and taking you through my very best new content. I cannot wait!

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76 Replies to “The Day Has Come! GetTheGuy Live – Tour Locations Revealed…”

  • You’re not coming to Florida! =( I hope you come here during the summer. It’s difficult finding guys here what with it being the epicenter for retirement.

    1. Go to the Atlanta event! Depending on how far south you live it could be quite a drive, but I live in NC and I’m going.

  • Yay! I’m super excited that your coming to NY Matthew :D I can’t wait to see you. By the way do you know where the event will be held in New York, like Manhattan?

  • AAAAAAAAAAA. OK OK Trying to breath T.O. Im going to start praying for you to be well rested and ready to GIVE IT BRING IT what ever you got do cause I am so ready I put in my news years res to come all the way down to London. Oh sweat Jesus I need to breath. Something to look forward to haa I hope you stay in Toronto is something you never ever ever forget! I can’t wait. Thank You soooo Much

  • Hello Matt, i am very happy to know that you will be coming to Toronto. I am hoping to attend and I really like the get the book and get the Matt live experience as a special hot bonus!! I just finished the get the guys course and i am looking forward to seeing you on “Ready for Love”.

    hugs, Kat:)

  • Hello Matthew,

    Awesome news! In term of pre-ordering your book. Are Canadians, like myself, able to order two copies via Amazon.ca? Please forgive me for asking, it may sound like a silly question.

    One final question, have you considered Ottawa (national capital) or, Montreal tour dates? I think you have a big Canadian fan base.

    Looking forward to taking your online course aswell.

    Cheers, Dawn

    1. Hey Dawn,

      Not a stupid question at all! Yes you can order the books like anyone else.

      We haven’t got dates planned for other parts of Canada, but you never know in the future!

      Matt x

      1. Montreal would be great!!!! It’s closer to home for me! You have many Canadian fans!

        I hope to be able to see you!

        Have a wonderful tour!

        1. I agree with the other two posters, would love you to come out in Australia in 2014. Melbourne especially!

  • Hi Matthew
    We saw you in LA yesterday and had
    a great time! Thank you!
    You really over delivered!
    It was all from the heart and so true.
    Really looking forward to your book.
    I appreciate all you do for us so much.
    Sandi M

  • Am so glad I made it out yesterday to ur LA event, and I was very unexpectedly surprised at your ability to read people, and your unusual empathy and sincere compassion for a guy as young as yourself… I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. (I was wearing the burgundy fedora – came up to talk to you at the end and started tearing up- which so caught me off guard! ). You have a deep level of intuitive understanding of people and women, and a certain god-given talent that allows you to combine intuition, common sense, and intelligence and of course your natural charm and charisma that draws people to you like a magnet. I was astounded how perceptive you were in reading me, a stranger, and I was so struck by yesterdays experience that I signed up for march 23 and a getting 2 more girlfriends to go with me :)
    Thank you for all that you do, for your candid, blunt, funny meets serious approach to life and relationships and dating. I came in expecting a superficial “tips and tricks” lecture and came away with a life changing shift in my understanding and approach to love, life, and relationships. I LOVE how you emphasize that “statistics cannot trump the individual” and debunk so many fallacies I’ve heard from all directions- not the least of which is “being in a partnership is supposed to be the goal” and this broken societal belief that “if you’re single that means you’ve failed”. That hit home for me. Its about HOW you live your life to the fullest, how you expand your horizons, how you become resilient to all the things life throws at you… Its a process not a destination! If i can afford to make it to the retreat I will but either way ill be at the next seminar :) I thank you.

    1. Jo,

      Wow. You have made my week. Thank you so much for your kind kind words, and taking the time to write them. I loved having you there at the LA event, the pleasure was absolutely mine. I can’t wait to see you again with your friends. We’re going to have such a great time, AGAIN : )

      In the meantime, good luck with everything. Keep taking those baby steps, and being the wonderful woman you are.

      Matthew x

  • Hi Mathew,

    I pre-order your book already. I certainly will pre-order another since I am so exited to be there. Your videos are awsome! very inspiratonal! Keep the fantastic work!

  • Hey Matt,

    I’m sooo excited about your book coming out. I’m definitely going to pre order it. I actually saw the preview of your upcoming show Ready for Love on NBC and I can’t wait to watch the first episode! One question, when are you coming to Miami?? We would love to have you here! The dating scene in Miami is gruesome! :-/



  • Hi Matt,
    I pre-ordered your books through B & N however they only email a confirmation number of the order. To see details of the order i have to sign into their site. Also, the actual receipt is not emailed until the order is ready to be shipped which would take us into April. I want to secure a my ticket for the Toronto Apr 21 date of your tour. Since the actual receipt email is coming much later, can we forward just the confirmation email to your US Tour link?
    I think you may get bombarded with similar questions about this unless i missed something;)

    Thanks again,

    1. Hey Katherine!

      Yes please just forward your email confirmation receipt for now, so that we can put you down on the list. Really excited you’re going to make it!!

      Matthew x

  • Hello Matthew! I think I spoke with you last, i’m so glad I got to meet you! I came to the Feb 16 event which was really amazing! I left feelingmore confident and ready to go out and get the guy. As I walked.around after the event I kept trying to work on my eye contact technique. Which I’m still mastering by the way.lol. And the time/watch story technique is one I will be using more often. Thank you for your advise and encouragement! I love how you said even if it doesnt workout with maybe the first or so person we might meet, its ok because if I knew how to get him, I can now get someone else. That boosted my confidence because I generally would give up because it wasnt easy meeting guys for me but thanks to you it actually is! It was definitelly a day worth spent! The knowledge that you have on this subject and the willingness to help us is a blessing. Thank you and God bless.

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