Top 10 Places To Meet Guys In London

Where are they all hiding? I’m sure this is something you might have found yourself asking. Perhaps the biggest difference that I’ve found between coaching guys and coaching women in their love lives is that men never ask this question.

In fact I don’t think that I can recall ever being asked by a guy where to meet more women, yet the topic of meeting men and the best places to meet men is something that seems eternally fascinating to women, as many are never meeting their ideal man.

On our weekends, a topic that we cover in a lot of detail is the best places to meet guys. When we go through this, rather than just giving you the definitive list of places to go, we encourage you to think of your own by asking this one very important question…

What would your ideal guy be doing on a Sunday morning?

Have a good think to yourself about this. Before answering definitively, consider why he’d be there, what makes him the type of guy that would go to where you’re thinking, and is it a specific enough place.

I think there is a vast difference between the types of guy that women go after. Some value intelligence and wit far more than a guys physical capabilities. Some women long for adventurous, spontaneous guys. Really have a think about this before you set of on a voyage of different places trying to track him down.

Do you see how this kind of question opens so many more pathways in your mind in comparison to just asking the simple question of where to meet a guy? I would argue that you could read all the articles ever written on the topic of the best places to meet guys and still miss out on a metropolis of guys that would be perfect for you because your not outgoing enough with your own, unique passions. That’s not to say that a list of the 10 best places to meet guys isn’t valuable, but like we teach on the weekends, try and use it to spark your own imagine as opposed to treating it like the definitive guide…

1) Tate Modern

If you’re into your art, then the Tate (or any other gallery for that matter) is the perfect place to meet your new men. You’ll have plenty of time to amble around the gallery looking for guys that take your fancy. And when you see one, it’s easy enough to start a conversation… just ask their opinion on a particular piece of artwork!

2) The Apple Store

Living in London, you’ll have a few Apple stores to choose from (Regent’s St, Covent Garden & Brent Cross to name a few). If ever there was going to be a place swarming with men, all happy to give you their help and opinion on something, then it’s the apple store.

3) Harrods

Why not try snapping up a few guys in the January sales? Grab yourself a few bargains while shopping for men. And Harrods seems like the perfect place for doing just that; firstly you’ve got 7 floors to choose from, and secondly the men shopping there aren’t likely to be doing too badly!

4) Wimbledon

Why not get inspired to get active watching Federer and Nadal whilst indulging over some strawberries and cream? Go and see your favourite Tennis stars in action, and walk the grounds between matches. ‘Henman Hill’ (or newly named ‘Murrayfield’) is always packed with people relaxing, watching the tennis, who are all out to have a good time.

5) The British Library

Put on your reading glasses and head down to one of the biggest libraries in the world. With over 14 million books at it’s disposal, the British Library can be a great stomping ground to practice your cheeky smile and seductive eyes as you’ll have to get his attention quietly!

6) Kew Gardens

If you’re after a guy whose more into nature and wildlife then visit Kew Gardens, the worlds most famous gardens. There are a number of cafes and restaurants for you to start chatting to guys after you’ve walked around the gardens.

7) Open Air Theatre

If again you like the idea of being outdoors, (and don’t mind taking a risk on the weather!) why not head over to Regent’s Park to see a show in the summer? The open air theatre houses ‘the West Ends longest bar’ and there is plenty of mingling before and after shows. The theatre also even has a barbecue and a picnic lawn that is available before evening performances.

8) Hyde Park

There is almost an infinite amount of land to explore in the 350 acres of greenery that is Hyde park. Try walking your dog (or cat if you haven’t got one) on any given Sunday morning, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of guys.

9) British Military Fitness

As daunting as their title might sound, the BMF is the largest and longest running provider of outdoor fitness classes in the UK. There are 25 locations in London where training takes place, so it’s as convenient to find as it is full of guys!

10) Silent Dating

Similar to speed dating, but with one big difference – no speaking allowed, silent dating, otherwise know as eye gazing involves looking directly into the eyes of a partner for 2-3 minutes at a time, followed by the usual speed-dating gong. Not only is this a great place to meet guys, it’s another great place to practice the great body language tips that you’ve be working on.

It was Hitch that said, 90% of all human communication is non verbal, and after attending one of these events, I think you certain to know why!

So there you have it, the 10 best places to meet men in london. As a challenge from reading this article I’m going to say that in the next month, you have to go to 3 places you don’t normally visit, and I encourage you to decide on them now or it’s likely you never will. Write them down on a little piece or post it note, and put it somewhere that’s going to haunt you if you don’t follow through (the fridge door and the bathroom mirror are two great examples!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article, and as always, leave me your comments and feedback, as both myself and the team love to read them :)

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41 Replies to “Top 10 Places To Meet Guys In London”

  • Love these! I have to say Wimbledon in the summer is amazing for cute single guys of all ages. I always look forward to this :)

  • Just stumbled upon this – great article! It’s definitely worth stepping out of your comfort zone and visiting new places and meeting new people!

  • Some interesting ideas
    I’m checking out for more on the silent dating and Hyde park
    Although feel a bit wierd approaching someone in a park
    Although it always happens in the movies

  • Thanks so much for this. This is awesome post I ever seen on internet. This is rare to find that’s why difficult to understand. Anyway, you are definitely someone that has something to say that people need to hear. Keep up the good work. Keep on inspiring the people.
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  • This is what I always thought. Though, I met my ex fiance at an after-office party. There are exceptions, not many I shall say. I have not any decent guy ever since… I will try this new places.

  • What about Southbank and Barbican. Perfect for meeting new people. I will definitely go to the British Library. My friend has just met someone there. Worth trying. Who knows?

  • What is your advice for a girl who is moving to a new city for a job, but doesn’t know anyone there. Do you think it looks desperate to go into a bar/pub on her own, (not to find a man, just to have a drink)?

  • I’ve found that a great place to meet men in Londonis a comedy night. Doesn’t have to be a famous or expensive one, in fact the best ones usually cost under a tenner to get in, they’re all over London and everyone has a good time even if the acts are bad – take a friend as guys usually go to comedy nights in pairs or small groups.
    Also, men looking to meet women are missing a trick here: join a choir! There are always more women than men in choirs, the same applies to drama groups and dance classes – women will outnumber the men every time so you’ll have plenty of choice! Do your homework beforehand though to find out the average age of the group you’re joining – don’t assume that choirs and drama groups are full of older ladies by the way, there are many performing arts groups in London that are very cool and have plenty of members in their 20s/30s/40s,
    Also, check out vintage nights and vintage events as you’ll meet a lot of glamorous ladies who are part of that scene!

  • It’s really a cool and useful piece of information. I am glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • I just stumbled upon this article, and it couldn’t come at a better time as I’m moving to London in a month. Will be trying all the suggestions, thanks Matt & all the girls that offered extra places.

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  • This post has some really interesting suggestions. However, I would only argue that Kew Gardens is not really ideal to meet nature lover guys. I am a nature lover woman and, although the Gardens are beautiful, I don’t hang around there all the time because you have to pay every time for entering. That’s not how a wildlife lover rides. A guy who loves outdoors you’ll most probably find him doing activities like hiking and climbing.

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