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6 Fun And Exciting Places To Meet Men

Let’s get more creative than bars. Though they might be what you regularly do, we need to expand our list of best places to meet men if we really want to create a lifestyle that’s full of potential suitors.

1. Gym (classes)

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t actually meet any men at the gym”.

Well first of all, if you’re used to only working out solo with your Ipod shoved in your ears, it’s no wonder the gym hasn’t worked for you so far.

So my top tips are to do two things:

a. Book yourself into classes – You don’t have to do them every time you workout, but classes are a great way to get chatty with people. The more interaction they involve the better

b. Don’t choose girly classes – There are some classes that will only attract females. Classes like “Legs, bums and tums” are unlikely to be packed out with masculine characters.

Alternatively, if you get a bit creative and try out a kickboxing classes. Something like that is perfect for interacting with men and breaking the ice right away. If your more of an outdoor type, try a running club.

2. Wine Tasting / Whiskey Tasting

Tasting events are amazing for making effortless conversation and one of the best places to meet guys. With the wine you obviously have plenty to talk about and you spend the whole evening with the other guests so you have plenty of time to “work the room” and meet plenty of people.

Also, it’s a more interesting evening than going to the same bars and drinking with the same colleagues. So grab a friend and have fun getting chatty!

3. Parks – (dog walking)

People in parks are usually at their most relaxed and have their defences lowered, so it’s a great place to strike up conversation.

Those in the know swear that dog walking is one of the best places to meet men in the park. If you don’t have a pet, go with someone who does, or offer to give them a break and walk their pet for them!

4. Sports / Leisure clubs

A friend of mine who recently joined a Tennis club swears by it as the ultimate way to attract more men in your life.

“The big secret” she says, “is that Tennis clubs aren’t really about Tennis”. The great thing about sports clubs is that once you’re a member, you’re part of their family and can happily go to any of their holiday social events and dinners; especially good if athletic men are your type and great for expanding your social circle.

5. Comedy / Improv. Nights

In one sense, comedy is a passive event so it’s not somewhere that conversation can happen all the time.

However, there are always guaranteed to be great male to female ratios at comedy nights, and if you bring a friend it’s easy enough to make some conversation at the bar during the breaks.

6. Art exhibits / openings

Ideally, you want to go to an art-based event that’s accompanied by drinks and festivities, so usually an opening or an exhibit by a particular artist will be good for this.

Not only do you have a plethora of men available to meet, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to make conversation with anyone under the guide of talking about “the work”.

You need to know more than just the best places to meet men…

Other than knowing the best places to meet men, you don’t want to just show up and wait for them to come to you! You need to know the secrets of the male mind, how to attract them and make them want you. This is what you will learn in the newsletter.

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