Messing About On The Today Show

(Be warned: This is not a content piece. This is as many words in as I could get on The Today Show with the incredible Kathie Lee and Hoda!)


–Should you try online dating? (try it but don’t rely on it)

–What should you do if a guy stays in touch with his ex? (communicate your standard and what you feel comfortable with)

–My guy is a terrible dresser. How can I get him to change his look without offending him? (give him a specific compliment and tell him something turns you on)

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60 Replies to “Messing About On The Today Show”

  • Hi Matthew, i think you should never try online dating because you can`t see the person behind the computer and it´s also dangerous if you not knowing this person in real life. But
    it´s for every person differnt. I dont have exeperience with it because i´m 15 years old but. I think it´s easier to met a person that you know in real life. and it´´s also much safer i think it´s only my upinon.

    Lovely Greetz Thirza From the Netherlands.

      1. Hi Thirza!

        I saw your comment and found in the need to comment on it.

        I think you are very wise for a 15 year old :D, and I would highly recommend NEVER try online dating at least until you are older, maybe 25 (?), because you never know which kind of people you are going to find, and as you are this young (I may sound like a grandma, but I’m 26 haha) you could be putting yourself in REAL danger.

        I’ve never tried online dating, but I’ve seen weeeeeird stories. Well, that was it! Take care, and stay safe you wise girl!

    1. Oh she’s awful! Can’t stand how she treats her co host and guests.
      I don’t think it’s funny at all. Matt handled her so well tho.

  • I tried online dating for a while and was extremely disappointed. The last time….the guy showed up in shorts and flip-flops and smelly un-showered, and then made it clear he was looking for a roll in the hay. I don’t understand that mentality. I mean, granted someone goes on a date specifically for sex, he should at least have the decency to dress and smell good.

    1. Welcome back Nofyah! : )

      That is one of the issues with online dating. Someone who seems one way on paper will be something unexpected in person. But I commend you for trying it and following through to actually meet the person : )


  • I think that it is so cute that women just fawn all over Matthew. You know he has to be doing something right. I loved this little clip. Keep up the awesome work you Hussey you! Haha!

  • Aw, Matt, I’m at least halfway in love with you. If it weren’t for Ryan Gosling, I’m sure you and I would be soul mates. I love your videos. You’re just too cute and charming for words. They’re almost as good as a cuddly, kitty video for making me feel all warm and fuzzy. The fact that a guy like you exists gives me hope that maybe somewhere there’s a guy for me. That said, you’re much hotter when you shave. Just saying.

      1. I agree. That color goes good on you! also I LOVED seeing you in this “more casual” outfit and not with the tuxedos. You look young and fresh!


  • I wish I could see a whole hour of you just answering questions!
    I wish you the best of luck Matt, you helped me a lot without even knowing me! :)

  • I haven’t had much negative experiences with online dating, will only say a few turned out to lie about minor things but I have seen worse with regular meet and greet kinda dates. Although I am out going and social, I never attract the types of guys I want simply because I get nervous and even when I do they have no interest were online I attract my types easier and we go on dates but although I have never meet that one guy I am looking for I would say its easier with my work schedule and honestly the places I go do have a lot of guys ( outdoors areas) but mostly in groups or with their girlfriends . My question is this why do men I am not attracted to think I am flirting with them when I am not and men I am actually attracted to don’t get that I am trying to flirt with them. What tip would too give to improve my flirt radar with the right types

    1. Hi Lidiya, thanks for your comment and your question : )

      Attraction is based a lot on confidence and body language. When we get nervous, say around someone we find attractive, we can have a tendency to lose that confidence. This is going to have an effect on the way we flirt and it may even seem to the person that you aren’t flirting with them at all! I recently re-posted one of the first videos I made called “How To Flirt With A Guy – Surefire Tips For Women” ( If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, take a look. They may already be things you do and some you don’t, but it can serve as a little reminder or a pump up before you head out on a date! Just remember, even if you don’t feel confident, if you give the impression that you are through strong body language and conviction in your conversation, that can get you through to a point where you begin to relax and your core confidence really begins to come through. Thanks again!


  • Kathy Lee is RIDICULOUSLY annoying. She kind of ruined this segment. Actually wanted to hear Matt but couldn’t because she was drunk, sloppy, and mistakens her frequent interruptions for charm.

  • Hilarious! I wonder if her husband would be jealous of you too;)
    Matt, I’m getting upset with myself that there have been a few times when I’ve seen a guy i thought was cute but not said anything to him. I don’t want to be hard on myself though and just move forward with the intention to change this behavior and just talk to the next person but I keep getting this annoyed feeling with myself. I actually think this has been cathartic to write this. Anyway, what would you say to these troubles I’m having??
    Thanks Matt!
    Wishing you the best as always! Xx

    1. Hi Lucy,

      I have had the same problem, but when I read MH book I got inspired about how to handle this situation. I found out that the more outrageous your approach to breaking a pattern, the more effective it will be.
      Just try not to over think what will you say and what will happen. If you don`t try then nothing will ever change.
      What I did was I started to just smile and to say hi or when I smiled and I wasn`t quick enough to say something I just turned and when the guy looked back I smiled again and did with my hand Hi sign… or what has been the most effective is when I look the guy in the eye a second more than I usually do and then smile :) … thanks to that I`m going on a date today ;)
      I know that the first step is the hardest but I hope you take it :)

      I wish you all the best!

    2. Hi Lucy, thank you for your comment : )

      I think it’s great that you have the intention, that’s half the battle. Now you just need the action. Next time you see a guy you find attractive and want to go talk to them, go ask them to do you a favor or help you in some way (ask for the time, direction, where they got something). This is a great an easy way to open up conversation with a guy as it sets off their natural instinct to help a pretty lady! I always go back to this line from one of my favorite films, “every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around”, so go turn it around! : )


      1. Hi Matthew,

        “every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around”

        Yesterday I had a date and all I could think off was that I left a comment on your blog and didn`t say nothing to you …(my first plan was actually to write to you :)). To be honest I want to apologize and to say I`m really sorry. I just felt so similar to Lucy that I had to say to her what I have experience even I know she asked your opinion and not mine.
        Matthew I also feel similar to Faizah because you and your team have changed me the way that I can`t even explain. Today when I`m writing to you I have to admit that I have actually been writing to you every day. But every day I also change my letter, because every day I learn something new from you and because of that my old letter seems to be out of date :).
        Although I don`t find the right words right now I just want to say Thank You! … and also thank you for having so lovely team!
        Like the saying: you will never forget your first love. Then I can say you and your team are to me like “first love”. You have showed me the way and because of that I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart!
        :D:D:D:D:D:D:D…it`s not a good bye ;)… I`m not ready to let you go :), I feel that I have so much more to learn from you. I just wanted to let you know that you have become a part of my everyday life and I love it!

        I wish you all the best!
        With love,

  • my comment is that i have seen this over and over again on those on line dating sites, some maybe great and others are terrible, i have had guys come and say to me i am horny, i am bored, i just say i am not that type of woman, other men have been nothing but players they want you but they want the cake and eat it as well!!!!

  • my comment is that i liked the show, I like listening to what Matthew Hussey has to say. Now the comment i have is about online dating sites I have chatted with a few that come on there and the first things out of their mouths are I am Horny, or Iam Bored lol and then their are others that are players, they lead you on, they are the ones that want the cake and eat to, I say to all men that say things like that to me when I am on those to get lost. I am not that type of woman thank you i say to them. and clecik them off the screen.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Online dating can be tricky, like I said, it’s like going to the best and the worst bar at the same time! So you have to develop almost a thick skin because you’re going to come across the people who aren’t in it for the same reasons you are. I’m glad to hear you can just brush them off and move forward. Thanks for your comment!


  • Matt is an engaging man whose wise words are seemingly very well-intended. Thankfully, his character and talent has a forum!
    There’s just a little addition I’d like to insert, when two charming and charismatic women are attempting to co-create a forum where the audience is both entertained and enhanced, why is it that people write in such unnecessary, ungenerous, disingenuous and gratuitously acrimonious comments? For the love of human-kind, please refrain from spoiling the positive atmosphere these talented people work so diligently to compose!
    Instead, leave them be, and let us enjoy their good work…

  • Very constructive advice given here, and I’m grinning ear to ear just listening to them. But the last bit made me laugh out loud, “I feel like I’m on someone else’s date,”. XD

  • I tried online chat gosssssh… never do it again a guy ask me to open cam just curiosity to see he’s face, but then I never think that he will show he’s ugly dick disgusting.. :)) sorry to mention bad word a lesson to learn.

    thanks matty ur too cute.. take care.

  • A question for you Matt:

    I texted my friend..A guy a few days ago. And the thing is he didn’t reply, but I found out that he texted my best friend asking when my birthday was.. Coz I wrote to him about that and other things. Why didn’t he just ask me that instead of asking my best friend?

    He did it like right away too.. I found that really weird actually, We are friends , but have a history of not really knowing were we stand as friends, what kind of feelings are there, I was in love with him, he knew that. But he got scared and backed off. Now that I live my own life and travel, do all the things I love for myself and are independent, following my heart it’s like he has some kind of new interest in my life and respect. Now that i don’t chase him.? Love that clip btw..funny ! :D

    BTW today is my birthday and I still haven’t heard from him? weird.. Why ask if he dont write happy birthday even..Kinda hurts a bit :/

    XO/ Michelle

    1. Michelle, just remember you are a smart, happy confident woman with LOTS of options!

      This guy will pan out if he chooses to grow the ballz to come around. EVEn if he doesn’t, it’s his “loss” and you have much to gain. There’s a SEA of men out there!

      Happy Birthday, Love!!!


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