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Which Of These 3 Women Are You? (You’ll Be Surprised…)

This is probably one of my most important videos of the entire year.

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52 Replies to “Which Of These 3 Women Are You? (You’ll Be Surprised…)”

  • Oh my Gosh, I’m crying my eyes out with this video. How is it that you always know exactly what to say, Matt? I relate so much to all three, and just this morning I thought I just wasn’t ready, but now I’m all over the place with my thoughts. Core confidence. It’s not the first time you talk about it, and it’s certainly not the first time I realise how much that needs to be my focus. Thanks, sweetheart, for never failing to bring me insight and perspective on my life. I will be forever grateful.

    Love always, Janet

  • Matt, this video resonates so much. I have followed your advice and a couple of your programs for years and continued to improve whilst still making old, and some Very Bad, mistakes, realising that every time I got hurt it was because there was a “rule”, some advice, I hadn’t followed. But at every hard attempt it just gets better. I know now that I will be okay, whether alone or with somebody, I can take more risks but with the lucidity that I’m doing it for myself and not to please others or have their love. I may still make some mistakes but I am a different person, I know it is possible. THANK YOU.

  • PS “for myself” is not the right way to explain it, I meant more “following and expressing healthy and balanced feelings”. I’m sure you get it!

  • After 39 years and a lot of disappointment, there comes a guy out of nowhere, hundreds of kilometres away, who reveals to you the truth about you, without even knowing you. (Wtf?)!!!!!!

  • WOW! That took me back a step & caused me to reflect on my current situation. I identify with all 3. Luckily, I have learned so much from you, how to break out from the cycle, & set standards, but in truth it is still a familiar practice to fall into. Great message Matt. You keep me in the now & what I want for myself. I concur with the girl that is grateful for being alive in the same time as you. Your advice is very appreciated & shared. xoxo

  • Evening guys,

    Slight deja vu moment, as friends and I were discussing this last week and I don’t think it matters if you’re a woman or guy. We’re all of those people, at any stages of our life.

    We were describing it as our “inner mojo” as opposed to “core confidence” but once you have that unshakeable belief in yourself, you can achieve anything. Comments, behaviours and people bounce off you; there’s a change in your demeanour and body language once it clicks. And as we’ve all heard before, you can’t own someone else’s actions!

    Thank you guys for an awe-inspiring video, the honesty and for making a lot of people happy today x

  • Nice video. However, this has nothing to do with gender or type. You are describing human nature. We all feel all three moments in our lives. It’s an ebb and flow that belongs to life. Men feel like imposters, young men feel they do the “nice” thing. Every single person in our society clings to their smart phone. None of this is news.

  • At a point in my life I lived under the umbrella of all three until I hit rock bottom the bottom of rock bottom and in the journey of developing a deep and unshakable self love I stumbled upon self or core confidence which I daily dedicate to improving
    Thank you for this message so many woman needed to hear this and so many of us neeeded to be reminded of how far we have come
    Will definitely check out the training as a means to enhance my core confidence because self growth and personal development is limitless- (miracle Magnet 111) #upcomingalchemistcoach
    Love your work Matthew, you inspire me daily and add a variety of lense to which I see my self worth . Love to the team and shout out to Jameson and Steve . Keep shining and blessings …let’s allow wisdom to go viral !!!

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  • Thank you so much for this video. I was definitely the “nice” girl for a long time. After I watched this video, I realized that what I was looking for from this guy was not love or respect but approval. I was so desperate to be liked, that I would still go and see this guy even though I knew that he was interested in me seriously. Now that I’ve realized this, I can go forward with core confidence. Keep doing what you do!

  • thank you very much for this am those three women i mean all after watching this i need coreconfident.com mazing video you have changed my life today

  • Yes, all of your words were so relatable. I have always been with low self esteem because of which I have let people hurt me or take me for granted. I know I don’t need to do that, but I had to, to survive.
    With the hope that someday someone will open that door and tell me that No, you don’t belong here. You deserve a better life, a better self.
    So, thank you for the video. I was scared to accept the truth, but now I am learning.

  • Hi Matthew. Thank you for making sense of this self-destructing cycle that several women go through. I used to think it was only my impatience that caused me to settle for who or what is available. I now understand that lack of confidence caused my perfection to soften into niceness and to later transform into being a comfortable, easy choice for another person. Confidence from within turns out to be the key. :)

  • HI MAtthew I have been with my sons father for 18 years, he never wanted to marry, I wasn’t good enough foe one reason or another. We have broken up so many times I lost count, in the end I leave feeling defeated and at fault. I have no idea what love feels like. I have been verbally put down for years and now feel like the ugliest worthless human on the planet. Recently he just quit calling, Oh by the way he never wanted to live together full time, my son and I would pack up and visit (30 miles away) on weekends. He quit calling and when asked he said, I am not at a financial level he wants, I am angry and mean? I am hurt, I am broken yet Matthew I am waiting for his call or text asking me to come back? The hard part is knowing everything is wrong yet it is easier to go back to my comfort zone.

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