Which Of These 3 Women Are You? (You’ll Be Surprised…)

This is probably one of my most important videos of the entire year.

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52 Replies to “Which Of These 3 Women Are You? (You’ll Be Surprised…)”

  • Hi Matthew. Your video made me sad but in a good way sort of! as I don’t feel alone. Maybe lots of women do juggle with different hats on! I thought it was only me.
    I used to be potential, I was potential. Now I have scars, which I’m dealing with and I became all of those 3 women rolled into one. I feel stuck and I think it’s because of narcissistic abuse in a very long relationship. This may not be an area you know much about but I bet lots of your fans do and would love to hear your advice on how to break free. It is a place of limbo. You know what to do but you can’t quite get to the other side.
    Love N x

  • This is really a good video!I just finished “Get the guy” book and I can see new stuff that can cause the love life problems. Thank you Matthew for all your help, because since I’ve began seeing your videos and after reading the book my life changed in a good way! Keep up the good work! :)

  • Strong video Matt! Maybe you can ad a fourth woman. The woman who is aware she is a mix of al three of the women, but instead of breaking out of them, she sees herself as a flawed person and analyses herself day in day out untill she ends up burnout (me). Or wait, maybe that is comfort+perfection too.. ;-) very curious about the training!

    P.S. Love the details on your collar blazer

  • Very interesting video. I actually thought it was a different woman in each ‘type’. How you feel reflects in your appearance. Before the end of the video, I decided I was all three – but more a combination of 2 & 3. Admitting it is a start, I guess. Looking forward to seeing the video. :)

  • Oh. My. God. You have just knocked me back in my seat. I am an amazing woman but haven’t been able to keep a steady companion for the last 2 years after my last long term relationship. This video brought it all into focus. AND, it made me understand that the long-term relationships I had in the past, ultimately failed because they were with the kind of men who were able to break through these behaviors in me. Namely charismatic, demanding and likely narcissistic. At least now, I know that I’m not willing to settle for that kind of man any longer. But I’m still stuck in the old behavioral rut which keeps me attracting that same kind of character. This video brought it all home. Wow. But now what? I know what not to do….

    1. Just wait Ann. I’ll be revealing all about the At-Home Retreat program with my amazing new bonuses over the next couple days. Can’t wait for you to take the journey with us!

  • Hi! Thanks for the miracle of having you in this life as a coach, as a human friend, as a courage heart, and as a true example of what Im looking to become and to find as a partner in life.
    Its amazing the amount of love, preparation, simplicity and joy you inject in each of your speeches and videos
    thanks again for making me smile and also for activate a whole process of self awareness
    hope to meet you one day,

  • Interesting video and I would say I’m a bit of all three, however in recent years less of the nice as I don’t put myself into situations where there is a potential for dating. I’m too old for dating dramas so find comfort a lot more appealing at my age! It’s sad in a way, but there has to be a point when one can gracefully admit defeat and get on with living their own life. :o)

    1. The good news Evelyn is that it starts with you. Figure out how to love yourself- treat yourself with the respect you deserve- everything else follows. As Matt says “The battle is won while you’re still single.” The Retreat Program is the ultimate partner in winning that battle, in building a happy, fulfilling life. :)

  • Great video here. I would say that sometimes we are all one and at other times we are (as you reveal) all three more often than we’d like to admit. The idea of having confidence when dating, especially if you are nervous about getting back in the scene or have been hurt and don’t want to go through that again is something I think we can all benefit from! (by the way — the link to GetCoreConfidence wants to come up as a http://www., at least in Chrome browser).

  • Matt you are an inspiration & simply awesome at what you do. I love the Core Confidence video. It’s so easy to allow your confidence to be chipped away, bit by bit, by life and some of the people in it but much harder to build it back up again.
    Thank you so much x

  • I have purchased your product(s) & thank you so much for gifting the insight of ‘a man’s brain’. My relationship is fruitful – but Im confident to move on when needed: Armed with the Tools that Matt provides!

    Your products work!

    Thank you Matt!

  • hi matthew, i was following you on facebook for more than 5 years (it means since my first relationship!) but unfortunately i wasn’t listening to what are you saying all your videos and blogs i was reading watching them but i nvr get them! most time when i was reading or watching them i was making fun of what are you saying and most of my responses was like (oh come on for god sake!),But before few months from now i watched and i read and i was regret that i didnt really understand what you are trying to say, and i was thinking if only i just really listened to what you are trying to say i might be save my relationship or one of the other relationships that i had later! i know i can’t change the past but at least i can change the present time and these few months that i watched and read your videos and blogs really changed me. thank you and thanks for all your team for what you do!

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