The Real Secret to Keeping Your Man

You’ve landed a great new boyfriend – he’s smart, funny, kind… and just so happens to be super hot.

So what’s the problem?

Now that you’ve actually got him, you’re worried you’re going to lose him.

What if he realizes you’re not good enough for him?

What if he finds someone prettier than you?

What if he abandons you?

Wait, before you become racked with insecurity and jealousy, watch this week’s video. In it, I reveal the real secret to holding onto any man – even if you secretly think he’s out of your league…

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39 Replies to “The Real Secret to Keeping Your Man”

  • Matt you are seriously an Epically Consistently Satisfying Poet, no one Waters my Soil the way you do. Thank you so much for generously donating your Amazing Talent the way you do, I am so thankful to have You in my Life <3

  • Great video ! I very much agree with all you’re sharing here ! Inner work is definitely the key to healthier and more balanced relationships with the self and others. Much love, Noelie

  • Hi Matthew,

    A big thank you to your awesome video! Insecurities and jealousy are one of the greatest enemies to our mindset which affects our heart like a devil with two horns holding a Spear!!!

    This video reminded me of another of your amazing video where a caller called in to consult on cheating. Feels like the same insecurities she talked about. Thus subconciously she was worried about him “potentially” cheating. that video gave great enlightment!!

    thank you so so much! Thank you for constantly reminding us the basic human values and morals! :) :)

  • I do not know the right time,,,,, more than once I thought we are going deeper, but the guy wants to get physical and I am too shy on the sex and want to wait for a while and they gradually pull away and say maybe we can just be friends, we still do other very sexual things, but i always in difference pace and I end up getting hurt cause with all their effort and time we spent, i start to fall hard… but the opposite happens with another person..
    I feel regret and defeated…

  • Hi Matthew-

    I’m not sure how I discovered you months ago but what good fortune for me! For the first time in years I’ve entered the dating world, have fallen in love, and have been riding the ups and downs of getting the relationship really on track where it has “legs”. Never in a very long time have I felt any jealousy or insecurity but with this guy….yes sir! Your videos give me just the support I need to remind myself how wonderful I am…and as a result I can continue to come from a place of strength. I thank you for your commitment to sharing the wisdom you’ve learned in helping us create the relationships that run deep and satisfying. Can’t wait to9 see you live in NYC on the 19th!! With love and gratitude, Judy

  • Hi Matt
    Great video. I married women my husband play hot and cold with me and lying so much. The real secret to keep your work with married people. what advice you gave me about my situation.

  • Matthew,

    This is really great advice. I like how you talk about the difference between control and influence and how we can release the need for controlling another and focus on influencing them by being great. I love what you’re saying. The person focused on creating this wonderful world is extremely attractive and value laden. It was the way their mind worked, I loved that. They way they went about life, sex appeal, kindness the whole package. How a woman carries herself is so key. Great post. :)

  • Hi Matthew,

    I’m in a difficult situation, where his job is leading him to the other side of the ocean. We’ve had a good relationship which very soon became a long distance relationship (him at the other side of the ocean) before and it ended, when he just lost the love he once felt (which was almost a 2 yrs relationship). After a few months he got back here, we got back in touch and we ended up together again. Now facing this whole thing again. Very excited for him to get the oppertunity to go after his dreams. But where does that leave us? I’m just wondering if you have any word of advise for me/us?
    I love to hear you say, love IS a different thing. And it can be very strong and win. I’m a positive thinker and no matter what the future holds for me, will not just back down and give up on life or love. I’m not someone who is not realistic about the situation either..

    Thanks for your video! Love it! Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekend!

    X Tamara

  • Hi Matthew!

    I was wondering if you were going to create a book called “Keep The Guy” now? You have so many wonderful and creative ideas as to how to “get” , but keeping seems to be the next step up. I know you have a program for “Keep The Guy” however, even with me doing my best at making my life fantastic as I can, the cost of the program and access I am not able to commit to or else I would have to sacrifice basic everyday things, as deep as that might be. I know myself and many other women would love for you to either create a book which is more accessible, or create your program in a more cost effective way. Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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