He Doesn’t Value You? The ONLY Way He’ll Ever Change

Why do so many women allow guys to get away with treating them so carelessly??

Is it because she’s scared of losing him? Or she’s worried he’ll get annoyed if she’s too honest about her feelings?

If you’ve ever been one of those women who is always waiting for him to change his behavior, this video will transform your relationships with men forever…

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36 Replies to “He Doesn’t Value You? The ONLY Way He’ll Ever Change”

  • Wow that retreat sounds absolutely amazing Matthew I wish I had the money to do it. It sounds like just what I need, great video and truer words could not be said. much love and thank you for being a stand for women to be their best version of themselves, you are such a wise mature and kind soul. Thank you :)

  • Thank you so very much for the insight you’ve been sharing. I want you to know that you have helped me tremendously through following you over some months. You have such great advise. It seems that you have not just watched, but analyzed numerous relationships, emotions, and reactions. I had previously visited a counselor, but it seemed that I didn’t get any direction on specific actions or ways I came across. Your videos are encouraging. I know for sure that you have helped me see a situation quite a bit clearer many times; not just recognize it, but have the confidence to act. Continue what you’re doing because your advise is such a blessing to so many people.

  • I havebeen watch most of the video that you and or your team sent and I would just like to be a part of it all thank you BarbJLaw

  • Dear friend :)

    I am so glad that I saw this video at the right time.
    I actually left the person and told him I just don’t want to continue being treated casually and I won’t tolerate it anymore

    I was even rethinking if I was taking a wrong step by being so bold :D
    Thanyou so much dear for letting me know through this video that I was actually right and there’s no need to go back and stay unless I feel he values me for what I am

    Just can’t say how relieved i feel now that I got to see this video at the perfect time

    Love you and keep enlighting Others! :)

  • I loved this video…Again….you “hit the nail on the head”…Not only pertaining to one’s love life…but, to any situation….even a work situation…You Rock Matthew! Hugs! Keep the videos coming! I look forward to them every week…;) <3

  • Thank you, Matthew! !
    It is true that having low self worth might take years to overcome. And somehow different partners end up treating you the same way. We need action :)
    Thank you

  • Ah great video! Now the question is: although we can find our value and self worth, show someone new with how we perceive ourselves etc, “is it possible to REGAIN our value and self worth to anyone that has ALREADY viewed us as ‘low value'”??? If so, where would you suggest to begin on showing your new value? I know that watching your videos you’d emphasize making a new life as a women of high value. But how would you recondition their mentality?

    1. Hi Kay, that’s such a great question! I find myself wondering the same thing. Is there ever a going back and re-starting a relationship on the right foot?

      I suppose it’s possible if there are mutual friends between you and the person you’re with. But in my opinion there needs to have been a significant amount of time that has passed where he hasn’t seen you or heard from you in order for his interest to be piqued about what you may have been upto and how you’ve grown. And not just faking our growth but really working at developing ourselves and staying focused on achieving personal goals.

      If he doesn’t notice at first, your mutual friends will and the kind of attention and energy you get will make him want to be around you more.

      I look forward to hearing others’ thoughts on this. Oh and thank you Matt!
      Those who struggle, you’re normal. I’m rooting for your success!

  • This is on point! It was my situation exactly and after going to the retreat this past August, I can now move forward in creating the relationship that I want. Please go, ladies!!!! It was truly life changing for me!

  • This was God-sent. I am in the exact place that Mathew describes. My self-worth is gone, my confidence is gone, my “partner” is seeing another woman, but I still love him with all of my heart and soul. Paralyzed and unable to move forward and let go, I pray that MatthewHusseyRetreat.com will show me the way. I totally packed up my life in Africa, sold my house and came to USA to be with this man. He bought us a beautiful home, where all my possessions are. But I have been locked out since February. Only allowed back for my doctor appointments. He calls me, particularly for sex, and so far has taken care of me,
    but where to what next. I have cried every day for 9 months. Yet, on my own turf I am a strong leader. Fear of abandonment has hit me on the head.I am a young 69 – about to turn 70 – what hope of finding another man now?

  • Hmmm.

    It’s not easy to leave when you have kids. The economics is tough. Finding a job, finding a place to live, having funds to make that move when he controls the bank account.

    I should have left 10 yrs earlier than I did, at least to get his attention, and make him improve. But I had nowhere to go.

    If I addressed the bad behavior with him, it would not have mattered. If I told that I would leave if it did not improve, there was a fear of retribution. He did things such as taking the caller ID box, saying that it was too expensive to pay the charge for it. But he did not call the phone company and tell them. So it was not about the money. I eventually found it and put it back. He took it again when I was not home. What could I do? I took the remote control and told him that when I get the caller id box back he could have the remote control. He said he would buy another one. I said, I will take that too. He would not return the caller id and did without the remote control.
    When his brother and his family came to visit, his brother was looking for the remote control. I told the story of the what happened in front of my husband. The next morning the caller id box was at my place at the dinner table, with leaf mold on it. Why did it have to take an outside person to make him see reason.

    I finally decided to divorce. He was very angry when he got the papers in the mail. HIs view was that our home was HIS not mine. I should just walk out.

  • Hi Matt,
    Candy from Omaha here.
    Thank you for reminding me why I’m going to the retreat!!
    I just returned from holiday at Punta Cana where I, of course, met someone. From London. What is it about you Brits?????? Anyway, I let him know what my standards are and he stayed beside me the whole week. So I’m thinking maybe I can do this thing. Wrong!!! not yet. Maybe after the retreat. My mind is already starting to go to ‘crazy candy land’ I call it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Love you!!

  • Good partners would never regularly treat someone badly like that though. It’s not as much about someone’s self worth — it’s about not being able to believe/comprehend that someone else who sometimes acts so loving could also be so callous and narcissistic because you yourself and probably most of your friends and family are not that way. Thanks though. Advice still applies, even though some partners will never learn or modify no matter how perfectly you apply this advice — they’ll just find someone else easier to exploit.

  • Hello, Matt,
    I just break down in tears because you just described my parent`s marriage. My mother had spent more than 30 years of her life living with person who did not value her as she is. I`ve witnessed how she is being trying so hard to get my
    dad´s attention and begging for love but he did not seem to care because of his indifference and sometimes rejection. And the worst thing is that we used to think that it was because of his personality … for years!!!
    Thanks God, now she opened her eyes and decided that she does not want to keep living like that anymore and she already asked him to leave.
    I am 31, and it is scary to think that your mother was so mistreated psychologically to the point that when I was a child she took lots of anti-depressant medication, she was angry with us at times and we did not understand why?… I love my dad but I would never want someone like him for husband.. I pray that someday she finds someone that gaves her that love that she never had.. Thank you for helping us to open our eyes on time. Blessings from Costa Rica.

  • I’d love to comment. I always learn so much. But for some reason the videos are not working for the last couple weeks. Nothing has changed on my end. I also tried viewing them directly on YouTube and they don’t work either. Either there is video but no audio or just now when I hit the play arrow I lost video. The screen went light grey and a timing circle just went round and round with no other result. No video. No audio.

  • I’m 51 with same cheating man for 6 yrs. now that I’m tired of the relationship he wants to get married. Tired of the dating, getting to know you scene as well. I don’t have the funds to keep paying everyone who seems to have the right solution.

  • OH Matthew this Retreat sounds amazing! This is something I am sure every woman wants to go to. I want it to. I want that live. You must have the greatest life knowing all these things the secret to Core Confidence. What is the price please tell me?

  • Thank you Matt for your video, it was really helpful, especially because it is not possible to me to travel from Brazil to go to your retreat. Your words are powerful, congratulations!

  • Dear Matthew, this video was almost like a God-sent gift to me. Words are not enough to thank you but let me say nonetheless. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are doing a great work. Keep it up.


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