The Only 2 Answers You Need for Every Dating Problem

There are simple techniques that bring you great guys wherever you happen to be.

If you’re one of those people always complaining about your city, and you feel like you’re losing hope, this video is for you…

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16 Replies to “The Only 2 Answers You Need for Every Dating Problem”

  • I think high competition environment is bad for women, competition makes us tired rather than stronger, if they were cool in their little town and not good enough in LA maybe it will be more effective for them (for love life ) to find someone from the little town. they d win the competionion with those local women who ve never left the town, instead of competing with each other in lA and new coming women who are younger, and maybe more talented ))). big cities are good to try to make a career but not for settling down. its how I see it in Ukraine.

  • My problem is the same I don’t have any friends of either sex and am on a very low strict budget with too many things I have to replace in my home eg hotwater fridge stove even my teeth but I will never give up because I have a dream and I have you Matthew and other coaches in different areas of my life so You can see I am enthusiastic still even though I will be 61 next month and have been praying for multiple up is not an option thanks Matthew Wendy

  • He told me how he loves his mother and takes care of her .as a manager, he eats wt his junior workers n usually leaves d meat for them coz they may find dat hard to get.He sincerely told me how his family has been poor and how hard he huzzled while still young to meet his needs and how he reached his current state now…oh how i luv that sincerity n courage!

  • Awesome video! Nice to see other women talking about their experiences…it really sheds light on the fact that everyone experiences similar situations…;)

  • I can see how encouragement to stop competing on looks and start competing on something else will liberate a number of women, and not just LA women. I, however, prefer not to frame my journey as a competition with other women. If it is indeed possible to define these things, there will always prettier, funnier, cleverer people. Celebrating another’s success I find liberates me from competing and reinforces my value. Sorry to buck the trend of delivering adoring feedback. I admire your work greatly and would like more non-lovelife ones, as your wide reading and research shines through on every topic.

  • I usually really love your videos Matt, thank you. However, this video put LA on a bit of a pedestal. Maybe I misinterpreted the video but what I gathered is that there are a lot of really great women in LA because those fantastic women left mediocre cities.

    That’s not all that was received and I do appreciate your encouragement, as always. Just wanted to show a perspective that could possibly be perceived.

    Thanks again for all you do! I appreciate what I’ve learned from you.

  • Matthew!
    You are great!
    Following you almost 2 years now and you always have something good to say. Love you ❤️

    PS: what song is that? I loooove it!

  • Thanks for bringing up this important and rarely talked about topic: a lot of us don’t really have real friends. Also thank you for being willing to be vulnerable and share your experience.

  • I’m so thankful that you put subtitles on what these real women have to say, I had hard times triying to understand them because my native language is not english. And I have hard times triying to listen people from USA. (Not much problem with british and canadian :P ♥)
    By the way, great video! Is great to have friends! And great having the same hobbies (because not all is bar, bar, bar, drinks, drinks, I’m more for nerd and geekiness)Yesterday my client didn’t shou up, but just walked a half block and I saw a friend and made some others (a comic store)And had some volunteers to company me if that happens again. (Who said the geeks are eternal virgins? ;P)

  • I recently moved to a new city in CO last year! I had already graduated from university and it was so hard making new friends as a young adult without school or classes. I am still navigating through the world of dating but have found that I definitely prefer more traditional dating versus the hook up culture. I would be super interested to know if people are meeting more through online dating or traditional scenarios these days because it is such a diverse and crazy dating world in the 21st century. Your advice definitely has helped me so much!

  • Years ago I was frustrated because a guy I was seeing did not appear to feel as strongly about me as I did about him. He would tease me, hold my hand, but never kiss me and just did not seem interested. I think he knew I was attracted to him and was probably flattered by my attentions. He was often depressed and moody, but I’d fallen hard for him.

    Around this time I also had a male friend 30 years older than me. He was a happy man, divorced but had a woman back back in his home state he planned to be with as soon as he finished his work commitment. We got together occasionally for dinner. One evening, after hearing me lament for the 10th time that he didn’t return my feelings, the older man, who was a real cheerleader for high spirits, said to me: “Don’t you worry about him, sweets, he’s blind. Who wouldn’t love you?” That made me feel so good!

    I was comforted not so much by the older man’s affirmation that I was attractive, but that I had qualities that were wasted on the man I liked so much who was blind to them. The comment made my day, week and month, and I never forgot it!

  • Well damn another reason I gotta move to LA “It’s an amazing time to date in LA”..but..but I’m in Tennessee. It’s okay though I’ve always wanted to move to Cali anyway and not just cause the guys here suck.
    (Yes I understand I’m suppose to apply that info to my location as well-I just want a reason to go to LA)

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