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The Compliment He’s Dying To Hear

Today I’m going to give you a little something to GLOW with any guy you’re around.

It’s a simple tip to get on his mind, and create a lasting memory he’ll never forget…

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50 Replies to “The Compliment He’s Dying To Hear”

  • I always stop myself from giving him too much compliments though because I think he’ll get a big head and know how much I like him then use me or hurt me like my ex’s.. once they know how much you like them they can be ruthless I never compliment him unless he compliments me then I don’t feel like it’s one sided or something

  • Matt, what about ppl who give fake compliments, with fake smiles? I wish u did a video on how to politely answer to them, like the tip you gave on how to turn things around when at this radio show commented on u wearing pants after a flight? Please!!!

  • Inciteful video – ty Mr H

    Complimenting someone especially if it’s from the heart / genuine and sincere can completely change the energy around a conversation. I have known it to make for more interesting conversations with people in my own experience.

    I’m having to press the flesh ( i.e. go out and meet more people) in life these days and it’s great to mix it up and have different sorts of conversations with different people.

    I saw one of Matt’s other videos where he said you can always ask random questions of others as opposed to what they work as etc – The twenty questions approach for example. As that also opens up great conversations also and having experimented with that approach also – I would tend to agree so putting the two together may also make for interesting conversations – I am going to go experiment and see.

    Thank-you for pointing me in the right direction MH

  • Hey Matthew, how are you doing? Lovely video by the way! :D
    I was just wondering, how would you compliment a guy who you don’t really know, without sounding creepy. I believe that he’s unaware of who I am, so I would love it if we got to know eachother :)

  • Fabulous insightful info. on seeing beyond the 10% that is frequently complimented and complimenting on that unique gift; per your video. As always, THANK YOU for your insight and perception!!!!

  • This is something I totally have missed as it can feel a little vulnerable at times but is truly fundamental in letting others know that we SEE THEM!
    YES!! Love it! Thanks!

  • Hi, Matthew!

    I’m a photographer and I’m a natural at complimenting people. If I see someone, male or female, who has beautiful eyes or a nice smile, I tell them so.

    This is becoming a problem for me. I seem to be meeting a lot of men with very low self-esteem who think that because I complimented them, I want to be more than a friend. And when I reject them, they go into pursuit mode.

    Any ideas?

  • It’s wonderful to see the beauty and quirkiness in other people, and to share that with them. At the same time I agree with some other commenters and would not like to do it as a means to an end. I mean, I would do it to make someone feel good but not to make them think about me and like me. I do feel like that’s a kind of manipulation.

  • I have just experienced a relationship with a narcissist who was so full of his own self importance that he talked about nothing else, every conversation was diverted to him and he would seek admiration and acknowledgement in all sorts of ways. I gave lots of positive comments and didn’t get a lot back. I was idealised for a short while and then discarded. Not a pleasant experience and one that maybe you could help other women avoid?

  • Hey Matthew! I watched almost all of your videos because they all seemed really interesting and they provided me with a ton of information. Anyway, I am wondering if you can help me out with my current situation. I say that because there are things you say to do that I either can’t do due to religious beliefs or I’m just too shy. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that it would be nice if you could email me help after I explain how things are for me. Thank you very much!

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