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The #1 Most Terrifying Dating Question + Your Perfect Response

You’ve been dating a new guy for a month. You bring him to a friend’s birthday, when all of a sudden you bump into a guy you used to hook up with. Cue awkward conversation.

When he leaves, your man turns to you and asks, “Who was that?”

I want to give you an exact response that will save you hours of annoying jealous conversations with any guy…

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17 Replies to “The #1 Most Terrifying Dating Question + Your Perfect Response”

  • That was awesome… Am a victim of the exact situation but now I’ve discovered where my mistake was…..thank you very much

  • Is it just me, or was anyone else disturbed by the fact that they didn’t use the seat belts in the car?
    Hmmmmmm … Now it’s disturbing me that this “irrelevant for the message” fact disturbed me.
    I guess, I’m just a disturbed person

  • Matthew, you’re a legend. The animation was brilliant, and the advice spot on. ‘Sensitivity and kindness’ always save the day and turn any situation into a win-win.

  • Well, I would defintely prefer a yes or no answer, just straight to the point. I dont need the guy to elaborate his answer and avoid telling rhe truth. If he hooked up with that person oe not then thats fine just continue with what you were doing or talking about. Its simple

  • Why does it matter, though? Like, the response at the end is good, “that was my past.” but certainly, everyone you’re dating was alive before you met them. They met and slept with people. So have you. It’s not okay to be jealous of things happening before you become serious with someone (although those feelings can arise, they are not fair and irrational) I understand jealousy if you’re committed with someone and they have slept with someone else or are becoming extremely close to someone else during that time. But also, I’m bi and very close to my girl friends. We talk all the time. Should they be off limits too? I was with someone who said YES and that was the biggest mistake of my life.
    Seriously. Draw a line for your feelings, especially at the beginning. They were alive and dated other people before you blessed them with the gift of your body. Jealousy early on is a red flag.

  • If I am with a guy that I like, then I would be brutally honest because I want him to be able to trust me. I would not tell every detail about it unless he keeps insisting that I do. I would speak in a kind way (your tone of voice does matter) just like Matthew said. That is the correct way. I would also add some of my affection (hand holding, hugging, etc.) toward him to let him know what’s past is past and am happy someone else (him) is in my life at that moment. This situation has never happened to me, but I’m sure someday it might and I am fully prepaired for it.

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