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Why Thanksgiving Makes People Sexier

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’ve recorded a holiday message for you.

I’m pretty sure you’ve never associated the holiday with attraction before… But I’m going to show you how the two are linked.

This is by far my favourite American holiday. I like the idea of a holiday that isn’t attached to any big ideal or thing; it’s just a time to give thanks and get together with the people you love.

This year I’ve been invited to so many homes, and it’s just struck me as a time where everyone is looking to take care of each other.

It’s certainly true that happiness can come from a lot of different things, but I think the pinnacle of happiness comes from being grateful.

Why Be Grateful

You may not be in the U.S., but I do think the premise of being grateful makes it a useful day for all of us.

You can be thankful for your family, your job, for the time of your life, for what’s coming in the future, for experiences you’ve had…

And it’s an important distinction to make that what we’re thankful for doesn’t have to be the thing that gives us pleasure.

Sometimes we’re grateful for the things that bring us pain; an experience, a learning curve, a breakup that taught us something…

There are so many reasons to be grateful that might have nothing to do with pleasure at all.

Gratitude and Attraction

The more we’re thankful for things in our life, the more zest we have for life, the happier we are – and when we’re all of those things, we bring a different energy to the room. We impact on people in a completely different way.

Being grateful is completely tied to attraction because it’s tied to our energy.

The #1 reason people become attracted is not looks, it’s not because you’ve ticked every box for character traits they would want; it’s the energy you feel for someone when you’re around them.

So my ‘assignment’ for you today is to…

–Write down 3 things you want to be grateful for – big or small – and feel yourself getting a little happier and ‘zestier’ about life in the process.

Let me know what they are in the comments below.

Have an amazing day!

Matt x

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50 Replies to “Why Thanksgiving Makes People Sexier”

  • Btw, it has now been exactly 7 months since my asshole smartass full of himself boyfriend broke up with me. And Ive slept with two people since then. A guy with a scorpio tatoo on his chest. And an exchange student from Nigeria with sex skills ive only dreamed about.

    So Carlos Ulises, Im thankful for your desition to breakup with me, you have no idea how thankful I really am. Haha!

  • I’m thankful for:
    1. My family that always know how to laugh.
    2. Men
    3. The car accident I had this fall that showed me how good life is and how thankful I am for having men in my life.
    And thank you Matthew for teaching me important skills that I’m applying to every area of my life!!

  • Speaking of attraction. When I watch you I start breathing a little more heavily. yes, akwards horsie sticks up its dirty nose again! And red is definitely your color.

  • Happy thanksgiving Matt & the little one!
    Thanksgiving should be an every morning rituals (or maybe before sleep)
    Anyway, thanks for reminding..
    1) for everything life has given me, definitely
    2) to what the universe is leading me for a better me now
    3) beloveds around, yea you remind me of my dear dog too , she’s counted a lot :)

  • Everyday should be Thanksgiving Day (minus the turkeys)

    Thank you for:
    Health, laughter, beauty and Love
    My children
    My spiritual path

  • I love your mention of the fact that we can be grateful even for things that cause us pain. (spiritual wisdom in that)

  • Here’s 3 more things I’m grateful for :

    1. Being able to have a quick pee before one of my brothers goes in and stinks the bog out having a turd.

    2. Not having to share my bed with anyone especially when they fart.

    3. Being a UK size 14 and not a size 0

    Angela K xxxx

  • I don’t really do the whole Thanksgiving thing, but that’s my choice and the rest of the nation is down for it, so I won’t complain about extra time off for things and people I love. I try to be thankful all year round. But since this is an exercise…

    I’m grateful for the the difficult situations that I face, because it wakes me up from complacency and forces me to come out fighting tooth and nail and I come out learning that I have different strengths that I didn’t know or forgot I had.

    I’m grateful for my friends, the ones I have and the ones I’ve cut. I now know who I can be myself around and how to deal with people who don’t want me around for whatever reason.

    I’m grateful for all forms of creativity, both the things I create myself and the works of others. I always have something to excited about, whether it’s something I’m working on, or loving someone else’s work.

    There’s more things. But those are three that come off the top of my head.

  • At the last minute I received an invitation from a friend to share Thanksgiving with her and her family. It was truly a blessing – I don’t have family and it was sweet to be included in theirs. I truly believe being thankful for what we think are the “little things” provides the power and impetus for doors to open for the “greater” to come in.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone :)


  • I am grateful:
    1) that my break up opened up a new exciting life for me – and Matthew you helped by explaining how to be a high value woman.
    2) Although none of dates “worked out” still every guy I have dated has been so lovely. And the more I appreciate that, the more lovely guys come my way.
    3) The chance to find out all the amazing things in London that I was missing out on.

  • Hi Matt! I have only just discovered you, and you do seem a bit of a genius but I bet EVEN YOU can’t answer a dilemma I have…
    There is a guy who I KNOW likes me (it’s just obvious, all those youtube vids that tell you signs someone likes you etc – he has them all…) but he is doing NOTHING about it!! He is very good looking, and rather shy – but he loves it when I tease him and he does flirt back a lot – but it never goes further than that. I don’t see him very often, it is only when we work together occasionally, say about three times a week. But we have Facebook, and yet he never messages me or makes any moves on there – yet whenever I next meet him he can always remember everything I’ve ever written…so he must be taking an interest somewhere. Also he never “likes” anything I ever do…and other girls that he is just friends with he does, so I hope this means I am not in the Friend Zone…
    What’s going on do you think? Thing is a part of me thinks I should just ask him out, but there is surely only so much a girl can do – and that is too far! He must have gotten an inkling by now that I like him, so unless he has a secret girlfriend or something I don’t know what is happening.
    Good luck with that and I hope you answer it! ;)
    Kiss Kiss x

  • Oh my God!!! you in that sexy coral color…oh God!! Drooling! If you are not my respected life coach I swear to God…I will try you! oh man..what did I just said…off to the gym weight lift! Hugs and loves to you Matthew for being my wonderful motivator. You are the only guy that I allow to get into my thought. Be happy <3

  • Thank you very much Matt for such a lovely post.
    I am grateful for the great scholarship, I just received after such a hard work. I am grateful for not finding the guy and growing more lonely and getting famous due to my work. And, I am grateful for having my mom in my life.

  • I am Thankful for my family. We had a great day.
    I am also Thankful for my friends. They are always there for me.
    I am also Thankful that I met Matthew and went on the retreat,

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