Why Thanksgiving Makes People Sexier

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’ve recorded a holiday message for you.

I’m pretty sure you’ve never associated the holiday with attraction before… But I’m going to show you how the two are linked.

This is by far my favourite American holiday. I like the idea of a holiday that isn’t attached to any big ideal or thing; it’s just a time to give thanks and get together with the people you love.

This year I’ve been invited to so many homes, and it’s just struck me as a time where everyone is looking to take care of each other.

It’s certainly true that happiness can come from a lot of different things, but I think the pinnacle of happiness comes from being grateful.

Why Be Grateful

You may not be in the U.S., but I do think the premise of being grateful makes it a useful day for all of us.

You can be thankful for your family, your job, for the time of your life, for what’s coming in the future, for experiences you’ve had…

And it’s an important distinction to make that what we’re thankful for doesn’t have to be the thing that gives us pleasure.

Sometimes we’re grateful for the things that bring us pain; an experience, a learning curve, a breakup that taught us something…

There are so many reasons to be grateful that might have nothing to do with pleasure at all.

Gratitude and Attraction

The more we’re thankful for things in our life, the more zest we have for life, the happier we are – and when we’re all of those things, we bring a different energy to the room. We impact on people in a completely different way.

Being grateful is completely tied to attraction because it’s tied to our energy.

The #1 reason people become attracted is not looks, it’s not because you’ve ticked every box for character traits they would want; it’s the energy you feel for someone when you’re around them.

So my ‘assignment’ for you today is to…

–Write down 3 things you want to be grateful for – big or small – and feel yourself getting a little happier and ‘zestier’ about life in the process.

Let me know what they are in the comments below.

Have an amazing day!

Matt x

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50 Replies to “Why Thanksgiving Makes People Sexier”

  • Love it! :) you should know one of the things am grateful for are the ideas you give me everytime I watch your videos! ;)

    1. You`re so right. I`m grateful for you not letting us alone with our wants to be better. That you give us the strategy to do so. And I `m grateful for all of you here, not giving me the feeling to be alone with my fight.

  • I am thankful for all the little things we usually take for granted, for being able to feel (even if it is pain) because that means I am alive and I am thankful for having you in my life, Matt.

    Maria :)

  • Hi Matt the video is Inspirational ana Funny as Always!
    The reason i’m writing is because i saw something in the background that captured my attention and that is the writings HOPE DREAM BELIEVE!I am amazed because recently i bought two rings with almost the same beautiful magical and inspirational words,and to be honest i Always keep them with me because they give me strenght.I am THANKFUL that i have YOU as my mentor and some sort of therapist and i used to feel close to you but now i feel you more closer because of those writings,you might think i’m crazy but this is how i feel.

  • Happy thanks giving Mathew.
    every thing you say comes right from your heart n I could’nt agree more. I live in Dubai n I hope to attend your seminars hopefully some day.
    1.I am greatful for my marraige break up,it really made me the person I am today. I am strong like never before.
    2.I am thankful to God that I am in the best shape n health. He has really taken care of me.
    3.And I am thankful to you for bringing happiness in so many people’s lives and being a guide to me, building hope in my heart that I can find right person for me in times to come.

    Have a great day!


  • Hi lovely Matthew,

    Things I am grateful for:

    1. My 5 beautiful cats who give me unconditional love and beautiful companionship.

    2. Finding out about you and your work and the improvements in my life because of it.

    3. My fat arse. I slipped on some ice the other day, and had it not been for it, it would have hurt but there is plenty of “padding “.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Matt and also to all the people that post on this blog,

    Angela K xxxx

  • Hi!
    Nice video, Matthew! I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, but here are my things that I’m grateful for:
    1. I’m grateful that I have such a lovely family and friends, on who I can always count on.
    2. I’m grateful that I could meet this really amazing guy, who is also a very good friend and with whom I hope that someday we can be more than just friends.
    3. I’m grateful to you Matt, because you helped, help and will continue helping me to grow as a person.
    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  • 1. My poor health, because it made me a better person.

    2. Having to help out my mother when I was little, because it made me be polite and deal easily with people

    3. I’m grateful for the clean air in winter, although I hate the cold

  • Hi Matt

    How wonderful to have Thanksgiving explained in this way. I think we need this type of holiday in the UK. I love the basic message of being thankful, whatever our lives might be like and sharing the good feelings.

    Thanks for adding B’ham in your UK tour, have secured my ticket.


  • Zesty….yes I have been full of zest since the November retreat. But now thanks to you I will be using zesty as a self description.
    Thankful for YOU, Matt

  • 1. Grateful to God & His Love
    2. Grateful for life.
    3. Grateful for being able to meet you and the team and learning how to create my life.

  • Cuuuuuuteeeee doggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I want to se more of this cutie in next videos. Is that possible??????

    1. Finish my University Degree
    2. The X-mass that I will have
    3. The beauty of the world

  • I’m on exchange here in Canada and Thanksgiving was in October and NO ONE invited me to spend Thanksgiving with them. I was so lonely and missing home, which is the states. No one asked if I was doing anything and they knew I was here on exchange.

    Canadians are definitely not as “nice” as people describe them to be. I think the people confuse PASSIVE with NICE.

    sorry for the rant.
    just wish I was home, man

    1. Dear, Aye, i’m Canadian, and i can speak for anyone else here in Canada, but I don’t celebrate thanksgiving as much as the States does (which i always wish we did), so maybe thats why? Im not sure why no one inited you, but if i were doing something big and i new you were alone (or anyone else) i would def invite them because thats what this holiday is all about!! So sorry to hear you were alone on thanksgiving! and I hope you still got to enjoy your day :) I dunno where from canada you are, but if your alone for the holidays, i don’t really do much either but your more them welcome to reach out if your free :D Happy holidays and happy American thanksgiving!!!

    2. It is hard to be in a foreign country. (even moving to a different state can be quite difficult.) It gets lonely. I hope you find someone who can cheer you up!

  • hahahhahaaaah o looooove that dooog!!!! :))))))))))

    Yeah I am thankfull for my health, my family, my friends and that today I received a fake contract for a job in UK, but that’s how I learned to recognize the bad employers. Wish me luck to find a job!
    Happy thanksgiving day!

    Plamena x

  • Hello Matthew, and Hello…Jameson…

    Yes, that’s what Big Steve taught us! Thank you for your work, for the passion you pour into it, and I AM thankful for the family that brought you and raised you into the world, we got to share so much of its benefits! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!

  • Hello!
    First off, Happy Thanksgiving… I hope you enjoy your first real experience with this holiday in the US surrounded by loved ones!
    So, I had a question, many times I find myself thinking a little too much, and coming to the conclusion that I notice things a bit more than the people around me. Obviously with you its the same… My question is does your heightened sense of awareness get in the way of enjoying the time for what it is? Also, does it make it harder for you to be happy? Because I feel it does for me… not sure if my question is clear.. but anyhow, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. p.s I really appreciate your approach to making an average person realize the insight!


  • Thank you for this spot-on post! I believe that gratitude is one of the single most important things for us to cultivate in our lives. Only when we are grateful, are we truly able to feel and experience the splendor of the world on a profound and creative level. Gratitude awakens us, so that we can fall more deeply in love with the universe, life, and each other!

    This youtube video, Alan Ginsberg’s “Transcription of Organ Music”, is one of my favorite pieces, in that it evokes a sense of wonder and gratitude at life. It breaks my heart open in the most beautiful way, and I am including it here in case it touches anybody else… http://youtu.be/2XHJLC_B8qI

    Three things that I am grateful for:
    1. Life, and the privilege of getting lost
    2. My perpetual sense of awe, and deep capacity for feeling, no matter how heartbreaking
    3. My family, friends, and loved ones

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!!

  • What an interesting finale ;) Thanks for the video Matthew!!

    I love Thanksgiving! When I think about what I’m most grateful for I see my challenges that help me to grow, my family and friends, and all the blessings that God gives me.

    And what are you grateful for?! :)

  • Youre cute, but your dog is cuter.

    Im thankful for all the bad people not giving a shit about me always choosing to believe the worst about me. Im finally seeing who they are and Im learning to shut them out.

    I think being grateful is a very noble thing.

    But I think thanks giving is a horrible false tradition.
    Based on full on all american catholic guilt. Because they raped an innocent culture and drained its land on the riches. They know theyre a bad bunch. And then they put up a porcelain veneer smile and come up with a shitty holiday with a corny name with the pretext of just to be with eachother, cause christmas is now just a way to show whos the best spender and craziest decorator. No I spit on american hollidays (except halloween). It apalls me really. The endless stupidity that is america and its 200 year old “culture”.

    But have a nice time with your friends Matt! I wish you to have a fun night. Seriously.
    With the hard work that you do, you deserve it. And your little doggie too.

    1. There is no such thing as “American Catholic guilt.” It is a phrase thrown around, with no substance behind it.

      I am grateful for my Catholic Faith.

  • Hello !

    I really enjoyed this video even though I am French. I am grateful for my mum still being in relatively good health, for getting over a guy and enjoying time spent with myself, and also for the family and friends who are always there for me when in need.

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