Stressed? Get Back Balance in Your Life

Are you feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Too much on? In this week’s episode of LOVELife I take a call from Marie that centres on work/life balance, what to do when you have a conflict of priorities, and how to take back control by saying “no” to people.

At different times in your life you have to prioritise in different ways.

If you’re amidst a similarly stressful time right now, GO FOR IT (whatever ‘it’ is) for a short burst of time, then give yourself the space to realign with your priorities. Expand / Contract.

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5 Replies to “Stressed? Get Back Balance in Your Life”

  • Yeey,it’s me. I was admittedly very nervous, you gave a great answer.Thank you for having me on the show!

  • Thank you Mat! Love this video! You summed it up very quickly and clearly! Funny thing isn’t it that a lot of times in events, everybody is focused on themselves and everybody is thinking “I hope i’m good enough”! In the end we really all fear similar things, we are all humans. So their is no “them” and “me”, there is no need to want to separate ourselves from others. ;)


  • this is brilliant :) contraction in my language is decoded as “compartmentalization” you put the valuable things in the front seat like people, relationships or bills to pay and the “not so urgent” like watching your favorite movie, doing your nails or partying with friends at the back seat or if the schedule is too hectic-place it at the compartment ;) the journey would be much more easier and lighter if we know the magic of doing the “first thing first” method…allowing your priorities to be set in placed.

  • I am in the EXACT same position myself!! Thank you so much Matthew Hussey – came for the dating tips, stayed for the life philosophy! :)

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