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How to STOP Attracting The Wrong Guys

Why do so many guys turn out to be jerks?? Maybe you’re unlucky. Or maybe men just suck as a gender. But then you realise those are just dumb beliefs.

Then  you consider ANOTHER terrifying possibility: what if YOU are the problem?? What if you’re doing something to attract the bad guys without even knowing why? In this week’s blog video, I want to put this issue to rest once and for all. So many women ask me how to avoid crappy men, and so many times I always want to give the same answer. So here it is…hope you’re ready for me to lay down some serious TRUTH today!

Remember, the sooner you get rid of the wrong ones, the more you’ll have room for the right one.

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31 Replies to “How to STOP Attracting The Wrong Guys”

  • Great advice, Matthew. Always hitting at the core of truth! Thank you for constantly reminding us that we should treat ourselves like we are our own best friend and that we should know our worth and never settle.

  • Thanks for the advice Matthew, I’m not very experienced at dating even tho I’m 45 I spent my teens up to 31 as a Jehovahs Witness and my confidence was shot to hell. I then dated a millionaire (for real) but he destroyed the little confidence i had and i shut myself away from the world.
    At 44 i started dating again unfortunately the world had changed a lot since i was a teen and I’m learning that most men are after one thing and not interested in a relationship…but thanks to you I’m learning, slowly but surely lol
    My mother keeps telling me I’m beautiful and that i still look like a model when i wear makeup….which is rare! But i am shy and very nervous about meeting new people but i force myself and i try to remember everything you say.
    I hope one day to find the right guy and hopefully my confidence will come back as i used to think of myself as high value but now i just see myself as nothing, that i don’t deserve better but I’m trying hard.
    So thank you Matthew for all your help and advice x

  • That was such a great video Matthew. I do feel my confidence building towards a more positive state especially after I broke off with a guy that I was dating for 3 months and it just didn’t feel right. I listened to my heart and let him go. After I did that my confidence actually improved. I was stoked about going out on other dates and seeking the right partner. I saw red flags with this guy early on but I thought I’d ride it out for awhile and see what would happen. What a great lesson I learned from him because he had actually made me realize all of the things I did not want in a man. Amazing how that works.

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