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Starting Over After Heartbreak

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I take a call from Christina, who just got out of a long term relationship. We discuss the ways she can break away from her broken heart and start fresh!

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3 Replies to “Starting Over After Heartbreak”

  • Hi Matt,
    I just watched this video and I found it quite helpful, as I am in a similar situation as Christina. However, my situation is slightly different. I am torn between two mindsets: one is no interest in men whatsoever at the moment, and no interest in a relationship right now; the other one, however, is a need of acknoledgement, meaning that I am in the need of somebody showing me love, attraction and all those things that I don’t have at the moment. Which is a contradiction in itself given that I don’t want any emotional involvement at the moment, since I have just been hurt a few months ago.
    Do you have any advice on this? I’d appreciate it greatly.

  • Wow, I really really needed to hear this…I also got out of a five year relationship + a broken engagement. We’ve still been talking and just last night I told him we have to stop the talking all together b/c I can’t move on…this post assures me that that is the right decision and that I have to be kind to myself during this beautiful and painful time in my life.

  • I don’t have the option of cutting contact with my husband as we have a daughter. I’m mentally ready to move on but won’t actually date until I’m divorced. We were together for 8 years before I found out he was cheating on me. He killed the love I felt for him when he destroyed my daughters family (I agree that unconditional love is unrealistic). I’ve dealt with the anger and betrayal. I wonder how I start over when he’s always going to be a part of my life as my daughters father. I’ve kept things as friendly as possible because I want things to be calm around her (she’s only 1) but I don’t talk to him any more than I have to. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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