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Sick Of Him Only Texting? Do This Next…

Want to know what to do when a guy is only texting you and nothing more?

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58 Replies to “Sick Of Him Only Texting? Do This Next…”

  • Matt – great tips as always. My question is — If a guy is really interested in a girl, would she even have to be dealing with this problem?


    1. No. Such a guy probably isn’t very interested. BUT it is possible for him to end up becoming more interested. Don’t stake all your hopes for happiness on a guy who’s not interested, but do feel free to go ahead and give him the chance to become more interested.
      Your own actions determine how likely it is that he will move on to a new level of interest.

    2. Erin many men have been trained by women in their past that it is OK to text all the time instead of calling so they think this is what all women want.

      The Women’s Movement and liberation was great for women in the work place and world but it truly ruined dating for women. Men are so confused as to what we want or how to treat us like a lady.

  • Thanks Matt- I’m calling this the “Milking the text cow” technique! as seen at 5:06 on the video. This makes me laugh so I’ll be sure to remember it. Love it!

  • Hi Matt, there’s a guy who’s with me at uni, we text alot and he says things like we have so much in common, I’ve never met someone who thinks a lot like me, I wish you were my neighbour so we could know each other more. Also he told his mother about me, and his sister hung out with us once. He came all the way just to see me on his day off. We hung out two times and it was great. We still text, but we don’t know what to talk about any more. Sometimes he gives me mixed messages like being really nice and sometimes flirty and other times, he doesn’t even respond to my text. I don’t even know if he’s interested in me, but for instance, when I don’t text him for two days, he starts texting and he apologises because he hasn’t texted me, because he was busy at work. I want to know if he’s just a player or if he’s interested?

  • Thanks for this Matt, good video for sure.

    Community, as it doesn’t seem Matt’s able to reply to our comments:

    what about if a guy only texts in response to you (as opposed to only when he may be lonely or bored)? To me it seems pretty loud and clear that as he’s not the proactive one it’s pretty much the same situation as above. Just wondering if there might be other interpretations.

      1. Actually, he sounds like he’s even less interested in you than someone who keeps you in a roster of people to text for entertainment. Harsh.

    1. It’s worse. I’ve been there and it’s bad. He was super nice when I contacted him but never iniciated anything. It was so hard to stop but i did.
      Let go of him and let someone better come to you.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Im texting with a guy that i meth 14 days ago and we been talking ever since about usally our conversation goes about work and how late he has to work or when i work.
    But than i saw on his facebook Profile that he had a relationship with a girl a year ago.

    Altough in his facebookstatus stand that he is single.
    But how can you ask in a good way if he has a relationship and when is the good time to ask.
    And how can you start a converstation that not goes about work.

    I already sended him a text with: We have enough talked about work what did you today. So as you know i worked but what did you.
    After i sended that he was offline on facebook
    but he switched all the time offline and online that doesn’t meant anyhthing right?

    Lovely Greetz From Thirza from the Netherlands.

  • Matt!!
    THANK YOU for this video!!! So relevant to my life right now! I needed this! You’re awesome, keep up the great videos!!


  • This is a great post and very relevant. My pet peeve is the “watcha doing?” text. If you’re bored call me so we can do something!

  • Hi! I was in a similar situation a few weeks ago, I ended it by saying that he had to stop contacting me, for me to get over him.
    I was wondering if that was a right way of doing it? Does it come off as a high or low value woman?

    I got some difficulties in knowing how to formulate correctly as a high value woman.

    Thanks :)

  • I completely agree. People who are all text and no talk or action are totally lame. If someone is relentlessly texting me I just tell them to call me if they want to talk or get together and I stop responding to texts. Problem solved. :)

  • Nice enough vid. One thing though:
    “If this is the first time you’ve ever watched me… Congratulations!” made you sound like a conceited jerk.

    1. As a few have already said, you could just not reply back.

      Alternatively you could say you prefer that he reach you on Fb or that he call you.

      If he doesn’t follow up, then I doubt he’s that interested or available right now..

  • These message are work and most of them brought me a lot of flirts from guy. I appreciate all of these but i have a problem with “I am not sure we can be friends anymore” because when i sent this to him…he replied me just “Make up your mind” I don’t know what did it meam? It was not in the way i thought…

  • I’ve been seeing a guy for about 1 month and we’ve seen each other twice. (2 out 4 dates have actually happened, the other two were bad timing go for me) The good thing is that his texting turns into dates but I want to talk on the phone. Is this video only applicable IF the texting IS NOT turning into dates???? Or should these texts apply even if you are getting some action from the texts???

  • Hey matt.
    I’m in a similar situation, i met this guy two weeks ago, someone i Got to know through a school mate, we really hit it of, but then suddenley there where so many people that we lost eachother he just expressed that he was single.
    I diden’t Got his nr but i add him on fb and started writing.
    But i don’t Think these tekst advice would give the right signal. We have been writing a week since.. We have so many things in common and he wantet to get to know me.. I could feel that

  • Hi Matt,

    I am in a similar situation. Known each other since 7 months, met like 5 times, used to call me a lot in the initial days, but over the past 4 months, where we have met 4/5 times, only texts, “Good Morning” and “How’s your day so far?”

    Frustrates me to another level. Makes me feel loved and cared when around, but after that there is detachment. I don’t know hat’s going on? How do I reply to these texts?

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