Sex With The Ex


The Huffington Post offers up 6 things to do to distract yourself in case you’re thinking if of wandering down the slippery slope of having sex with your ex. Here are there suggestions:

1. You’ve almost certainly heard Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Download it and play it on repeat to remember how exhausting going back to your ex — and Taylor Swift songs — can be.

2. Look at pictures of Ryan Gosling and read Cory Booker’s Twitter feed and you’ll remember that there are definitely people out there who are better than your ex.

3. Do your nails. Don’t curse us yet — this isn’t “Don’t be sad, Lady — there’s happiness in cosmetics!” This is calculated. It renders your hands incapable of texting your ex for at least an hour if you’re drying for an effective amount of time. The fact that you’ll feel a little more, well, polished as a result isn’t bad either.

4. Go out dancing with your friends. You’ll have a blast and release a ton of endorphins in the process, reminding yourself that you are perfectly capable of feeling giddy and alive without what’s-his-or-her-face.

5. Write a list of the reasons you broke up. Trust us — there’ll be something in there that not only shuts down your desire for a post-breakup romp but makes you feel lucky you got out when you did.

6. If all else fails, take your mother’s advice and sleep on it.

I think that these are some great suggestions but I know that we can do better. The worst part of  considering having sex with your ex is the energy that you are devoting to him that could be going to furthering your love life with someone new. Here are three things that help you avoid the dreaded ex that have the added benefit of widening the funnel of men coming into your life.


1. Practice Your Flirt – You might not be ready to move onto someone new or you just might not have met someone that has peaked your interest but that’s no reason not to keep your flirting skills sharp. Flirting is harmless and fun and will engage you in new conversations with men instead of treading over old ground.

2. Leave Your Couple Comfort Zone – Did you always used go to a certain restaurant or bar together? Does everywhere you go remind you of him? Then it’s definitely time to explore new places. Find a new local watering hole where everyone will know your name and not his. Becoming a regular in a new spot gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself outside of your relationship and widen your social circle.

3. Check Off The Easiest Thing On Your Bucket List – And, hopefully, have a great story to tell about doing it after. Get some bragging rights and a sense of accomplishment at the same time.

We all know its not always easy to say goodbye to an ex and that we are all susceptible to that backwards slide. Try out one of these techniques and keep in mind you broke up for a reason. Onwards and upwards to someone better.


(via Huffington Post)

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2 Replies to “Sex With The Ex”

  • thought about having sex with my ex blockes me from moving on and from trying to change things in my life. liteally at the moment it kills my mind as he’s still the only one i think to have sex with and i trully hate this feeling :(
    although i understand that probably he wasn’t a guy for me and i deserve much better, that thought doesn’t let me to consider meeting other guys or give myself a chance to open on other ones. so hard to forget !!!

  • Being intimate with him again, makes you even more vulnerable and sometimes you even wonder if breaking up with him was the wisest decision.I totally
    love suggestion no 5.Worked for me!!!

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