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My #1 Tip for Getting Your Dream Love Life (HINT: Resolutions Will Fail You)

So, it’s January… You feel pumped, focused, ready to find love, money, success, happiness, etc. You have goals. But you still wonder: Am I actually going to achieve them all? In fact, I’m willing to bet that for at least ONE of your New Year’s resolutions you still haven’t made any progress yet.

Sucks right?

Most people write down goals, throw the notepad in a drawer, and completely forget about them until a year later when they wonder why they never lost those 10 pounds, or why they never started that business, or why they never made that extra $10,000 dollars a year. The reason is because they lack an action plan for every single day.

In this week’s video, I’m giving you an inside look at one of our retreat programme’s in San Diego. You’ll see real footage of one of our women detailing her DAILY ACTION PLAN for achieving her goals.

If you’re serious about following through on your New Year’s resolutions, make sure you take notes and create your own plan from today onwards.

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54 Replies to “My #1 Tip for Getting Your Dream Love Life (HINT: Resolutions Will Fail You)”

  • Hi Matt, thanks for this, great advice!

    My first ritual for this year is to walk to and from work each day. It’s a 45min walk each way but only takes me 15 mins longer than the bus. The goal is to get to a healthy BMI and I’ve already lost 5lbs from this first week and feeling positive I can make it!

    Last year my goal was to not get sick all the time with coughs and colds so I started a ritual of eating a 5-7 variety fruit salad with yogurt and seeds each morning for breakfast. I kept it up all year and didn’t get sick once. It had the added bonus that I lost 14lbs and my hair is really shiny.

    I strongly believe rituals can change you life and I plan to improve mine one ritual at a time.
    Thanks, Jen

    1. Matthew, I want to make the routine things I do more social. Example, I work out with a trainer, but I want to find an exercise program with people and hopefully a gym class that includes men!
      Thanks for the encouragement.

      1. Wow, that’s really awesome. Congratulations on already losing 5 lbs!

        I think yogurt is so great, and with a healthy breakfast like that – no wonder you didn’t get sick! What a great idea. I will steal :)

        I’m going on a special diet for 3 weeks, but after that I’m going to model your breakfast. You make it sound so appetizing too! “5-7 variety fruit salad with yogurt and seeds”

        I’m also going to make a granola topping from just different toes of nuts.

        Thank you, keep it up :)

  • Thank you for this Matthew, it’s really helpful. My mantra this year is action. Creating daily rituals is a great foundation to fulfil that.

    I’m excited.

  • Matt, this was great. I knew, and have heard, that rituals do have an impact on the quality of life you could have but hearing an example of it and how it is planned helped me think about my rituals and what I am or am not doing to achieve the kind of quality life I desire to have. Great post and video..I will book mark this treasure for future references.

  • I know that I come off as too serious and intense sometimes, so I would like one of my daily rituals to be looking into 3 people’s eyes and smiling, whoever it may be. I’m also going to casually compliment something from a guy each day.

  • Worst things first- Technique #6 from Matthew’s “Confidence Secrets” guide.

    I’ve been doing one hour of the most annoying thing I have to do (my thesis) as first thing in the morning. This tiny ritual gives me great confidence along the rest of the day.

  • I’m focused this year on mental, physical health and strengthening friendships. So I’m starting each morning when my alarm goes off with a timer for 10 minutes of meditation to start my day off with a clear and peaceful mind. Then I drink a 16 oz glass of water to refresh my body as well. And send one text message to a friend I’ve not been in contact with lately with a compliment to hopefully make someones day a bit brighter.

  • My ritual is to definitely smile to more men. I do tend to smile at other people and am naturally friendly but when it comes to smiling at men I’m attracted to I get a little nervous. So smiling at 2-3 men a day I find attractive is my goal. Also, I want to lose another 10 pounds by end of February, beginning of March and I will try to set goals to reach it!

    1. I think a smile is the single most attractive thing I need to master to get some dates with guys on the calendar this year!

  • My goal is self practice yoga at home. This will help with my health and mindset, and won’t restrict me to a yoga class room.

    My ritual is before I shower in the morning on weekdays, I do at least one sun salutation. I am up to 5 sun salutation. I feel more competent as I read more information later in the day to expand on what I do. I feel more confident I will get to where I want. I am excite to develop what I have start, try it on vacation, become even healthier, and start my day with a calm state.

    PS: I continue a ritual I started back when I attended the October 2014 retreat, where I watch your weekly videos (LOVE life too) and read Stephen’s blog every Sunday morning. It gets me eager for my week to start.

  • 30 minute strength training on M W F followed by 10 to 30 minutes rebounding. All other days I walk one to two hours. I keep track of my calories, increasing them on weight training days and decreasing them on walking days. You can walk in the house, check out Leslie Sansone. You can also strength train at home.

  • I’m going to get comfortable with waking up at 6:30 everyday. I will proceed with my morning ritual as usual, but I think I need to tighten it up.I will write down and interpret my dreams. I will watch a video or listen to a podcast that is nourishing to my soul and inspiring to me. I will read something expanding and spiritually enriching. I will meditate. I will write. I will stick with the workout routine that helped me reach my fitness goal. I will take dance classes. I will add fun to everything I do! I will love myself and my life so much! I will re-devote myself to my dreams and continue to develop the qualities in myself that I seek in another. I will be quicker to get rid of the wrong guys. I will watch a video from Fast Track to Mr. Right: Find and Attract any Man, Get The Guy or Keep The Guy, or from your You Tube everyday to stay reminded of my goal to find a !!High Value Man!!

  • Since the beginning of 2016 I started learning two new words each day. One Greek and one English word. I joined a literature club, so I will read one book each month. While reading the book, I will make notes of everything I find interesting, knowledgeable, as well as my thoughts and feelings, so that I can share them with the other members. My goal is to widen my horizons and advance my writing and talking skills. I will continue to listen to your thought-provoking tips, ideas and advice!!

  • I will compliment 3 people a day (one has to be a guy) and start making new friends

    I will do 10minutes Pilates everyday

    I will feel sexy and happy everyday

    I will work on my business everyday because it feels good!

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