I Just Had The Craziest Moment (+Teaser Clip for NBC’s “Ready For Love”!)

I just had the craziest moment.

I was having coffee with my friend Peter and someone approached me to ask about my Wait or Create video (this by the way is taken from a seminar many years ago with a room full of guys, but the content is still just as relevant today for women).

After watching the video, it turns out that this person had passed the video around to her entire company, and from there it been passed onto more and more organisations. It was the most flattering thing to hear.

To follow, while driving down Sunset Boulevard, for the first time ever I saw the Ready For Love billboard. I had seen this in pictures, but I had no idea how big it was!

And so I wanted to stop by and share this crazy moment with you.

Every once in a while we’re reminded of how far we’ve come. In my own life I’m guilty of being so busy climbing that I never stop to take stock and enjoy the view; to appreciate the heights things have gotten to. This morning was one of these moments where I was reminded.

This teaser trailer for the show is crazy too…

(Trouble viewing? If you’re outside of the US/Canada, try using Hotspot Shield)


I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and I hope that you’re able to stop and remind yourself of everything you’ve achieved, so that you’re not climbing without appreciating things like I do sometimes.

Matt x


Leave your comments. What do you think of the trailer for the show?

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16 Replies to “I Just Had The Craziest Moment (+Teaser Clip for NBC’s “Ready For Love”!)”

  • Wow..that must be
    exciting!:D Us chicks are all lucky to “know” u before u became so famous ;p
    p.s. i think its cool that u dont take that kind of stuff for granted even tho youre already succesful(:

  • Dear Matt,

    I loved the update! I’m glad that you are thinking of us before everything explodes. You have helped give me information about the male perspective when it comes to men and while I cannot make it to any of your tour dates in the US I am anxiously waiting to buy your book!


  • Big hugs and congrats on your huge accomplishment so far! Can’t wait to meet you in Toronto! Thanks for sharing!


  • That’s so awesome, but it sort of feels like when you love a band before they get famous, and then everyone starts to love them, and then it makes you die a little inside. Alright that’s a little dramatic, but it will be sad when you can’t reply to all the comments and everyone is talking about you.

    Your show looks amazing though<3


  • Congratulations Matt! Well deserved!

    You’re show is going to be a top hit amongst all here in the U.S. and around the world I’m sure. You’re advice is so much appreciated and I hope that you still have the time to keep giving us more. Don’t forget about us when you become super famous which you surely will! Many blessing on your new show and your projects to come. You deserve it!! ;-)


  • Aww congratulations Matthew! You deserve a huge celebration! You’ve worked so hard for this moment. When I was watching this video I couldn’t help but be proud of you! :) You are amazing person and you really do deserve amazing adventure! I know great things will keep coming your way!!!

  • I just wanted to say Congrats to you on the new show, it looks like fun….I’m excited to see you in Seattle….Just pre -ordered 2 books!

  • We are happy for you, Matthew. We are REALLY happy for you.
    At the same time, we know your schedule will be booked all the time and it is a bit sentimental thinking of the good old time…
    Thank you for always be so genuine

  • This is not about the post, but in response to your Facebook question about what to put on the blog. I didn’t want to post this on FB because it might blow my cover (ha!) so I’m responding here:

    I’d love to see some tips/scenarios/actual statements that are considered ‘cheeky’ and teasing by guys, but are not considered sarcastic. I think a lot of single, older, funny independent-acting women easily cross the line from cute to cutting. I know I do. When I try to flirt, I either sound like a tool or it feels more sarcastic than playful. Help?

  • Earlier this evening, I saw the commercial for your new show and I got really excited because I had heard you talk about it with great enthusiasm beforehand. Even though I’ve only recently stumbled across your blogs, on the inside I was still thinking “I know him! I know him!”. It’s always exciting to see friends on T.V. I hope all your hard work is paying off!

  • Congratulations Matt! Your doing good work in the world and getting the success and recognition you deserve.
    All the best,

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