Life is about peaks and troughs…

So good to be back after all of the craziness of the GetTheGuy book and my show Ready For Love!

(Note: The rest of Ready For Love can be viewed on Hulu and Not in the US? Try downloading Hotspot Shield…)

No winning streak lasts forever. That’s part of life.

When you’re in a trough, that’s when your core confidence is really tested.

We will come back bigger and stronger than ever, because that’s what we do.

Life is just beginning again. It’s a new era.

I want to thank you for all of your love and support along the way! You have been incredible to me. We’re going to keep rocking this together. I can’t wait to get started!

Good to be back!


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188 Replies to “Life is about peaks and troughs…”

    1. I am too dealing with life and death. Yes it is possible to be positive because before death comes life, it just becomes more crucially important what you do in life. How you deal with things.
      I hope this is understandable and you do not mind me chipping in! xxx

    2. Death is just another life – there is no “escaping” life but to live it and enjoy it as best you can in every moment every single day. Suicide is NEVER the answer – been there and seen the devastation it causes in its wake. Choose life, let death come when you are called Home. Don’t force anything in life Everything in its perfect time as God intended and loves you.

  • Matthew,

    I saw the link to this via Twitter just now. So sorry to hear about the show. I was at your Philly event because I missed the NY event and had no idea. You hid the news well and I enjoyed seeing you live, as I knew I would. Wish I had gotten my copy of the book sooner so I could’ve gotten it autographed. Oh well. C’est la vie. The point you made about confidence is spot on. Looking forward to sharing my own theories on confidence via YouTube…soon. I’m still interested in being mentored. If you’re ever in NY and have 30 minutes, coffee’s on me. No worries either way though. AND…that part about the lemon tree was a little cheesy. Did you videotape in front of it, on purpose? HAHAHA. Either way you’re adorable so you pulled it off and I’m still with you ;D All the best, Sana

  • Sorry to say but to be honest the show was lame and the best part of the show was you and really the only interesting part of the show worth watching. The other match makers I thought gave poor advice and were so superficial. The guys looking for women were not very interesting and the dates were boring. You need a separate show all your own.
    Blessing in disguise for sure!

  • Hi Matthew
    im in a through with you :),lost my job
    thanks for sharing your experience, we are going to be stronger and come back with tripled power ;)
    your book is amazing ,I went for weekend last year but I wasn’t well during the workshop and you were in USA
    I would love to do it when you in London
    Regards and Don’t change

  • I loved your bits in the show. I liked the basic premise.I think it brought a wisdom to the world of reality matchmaking from the episodes I saw. But it was a weird hybrid of “game show” with bright lights and elevators moving women up and down, MC’s (I did love Giuliana and Bill, though) and trying to find real, sustainable, authentic love.

    An honest show with you and the 2 other matchmakers helping those men find women who would be long term, genuine, healthy, happy, and worthy mates for them would have been awesome. Not sure it would have gotten better ratings or been picked up by a network, but needed and valuable, yes.

    You are intelligent and incredibly loquacious. You have experience with your material and passion for your audience. You are sexy and funny.

    I know you will have no trouble conquering the world in the way that you want.

    You have so much to give. Please make sure you take care of yourself too. Success isn’t so great when you are burned out and have to force out the passion bc you are “cooked”.

    Best to you and your amazing team, Matt.

  • Matt, I was so disappointed in the showing being pulled. FINALLY, a quality show that offers so much value to its viewers and placed an emphasis on self-value and not settling. I know so many amazing things are in your future. Thank you for being so inspirational and transparent. That is what makes you such a great leader! :) In the trough with you!

  • Well done for the book!
    I am really happy for you!
    Sorry about the show but I think for you it’s not gonna be a drawback.
    You will still gain from it even if it didn’t go as planned.

  • Sad news about the show. You really do need your OWN show.

    On another note, I am still desperately waiting for the book we were promised at the FEB 16th event in Santa Monica :( Very sad….waiting is the hardest part….

  • I am very impressed and inspired by your attitude.

    Everything I have tried from the booked has worked. I am meeting tons of guys per week. I now don’t spend my days wishing guys would come talk to me, now they do! THANK YOU!!!

    Sorry about the show, HUGS … but I can’t wait to taste your lemonade!! ;)

  • Thank you for that Matt. I really needed to hear all those things…have been experiencing many troughs of late and you comments on core confidence during such times really brought some perspective on my life at the moment. Thank you. I hope you can indeed make this a blessing in disguise! All the best :)

  • Hi I bought the book after seeing you on the show.
    Just thought you should know there was a reason
    you were there .
    X Francesca

  • Matt – You ROCK – onwards and upwards. Thank you for this very powerful video – I can imagine how flat you may feel about the TV show…but just remember there IS something BETTER waiting for you around the corner!! From your dear friend and fan! Love Simi xx :)

  • Sorry to hear about your show, but great news about the book (I’d always pick a book over TV anyway!). I’m in a trough with you – waiting to come back bigger and better than before. It was just what I needed to hear. Thanks!

  • Sorry to here about the show :( , but like you said you guys will definately be coming back bigger & stronger. I have faith in that! :D . and thank you so much for the inspiring words! My week didn’t started as I hoped it would be but your message came as a blessing!

    Good luck @ the next events. Keep it up!


  • I agree you need your own show like Plain Jane here in the US! Men and woman of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and personalities not only bueaty queens. You were the best and absolutely the most AMAZING part of the show. You even had the other matchmakers in awe of you when you were showing examples of what to do. They even learned from you. I can’t wait to see you on the television again!

  • I have always enjoyed your positive attitude, Matthew! I am coming to see you in Dallas, so you being in the US has already been a blessing for me.

    Take care,


  • Hey!
    I’m so glad you posted this video. I’m going through a trough right now. Something at work didn’t work out for me and I worked really hard for it. When I found out, I was angry and disappointed. Afterwards I even cried like a baby. I cried so much my eyes were red and puffy. But it made me feel better. I haven’t cried in a long time and after I got it out of my system, I felt good. I now have more confidence in myself and think I can still make things work out for me.
    So thank you again and good luck to you too.

      1. That’s so sweet of you to say. You’re one too. I’m sure there’s something bigger and better than that show waiting for you. ;)Maybe your own show? :P
        As I like to say great words from a great man.
        I look forward to your next blog entry, which will surely be amazing as always. :D

  • wooooow your confidence is amazaing . and you dont sugar coat anything and your so genuine mat….your courage will get where you are aiming to go!!

  • Hi Matthew,
    So sorry about the show. You’re still a shining star!

    Looking forward to seeing how you get compensated (and you will) with something even more fantastic.


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