How Fonzie Can Make Us ALL More Sexy

Stephen Hussey

Check out this 1 minute clip.

Matt sent me this hilarious video. We laughed when we watched it, but then realised that it has a profound lesson about attraction. Take a look:

Seen it?

What do you think? Ridiculous posturing or a masterclass in attraction?

Although it’s a silly clip from a ’70s sitcom, something about Fonzie’s attitude here feels like the ultimate in confidence: It has swagger, charm, a sense of self-amusement and just plain living in your OWN sense of reality.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says: If you THINK you’re as cool as Fonzie thinks he is, you’re cool.

Whatever else you might say, for Fonzie, it’s just so much damn fun being Fonzie.

The people I know who have the most fun and charisma in life walk into places with a sense of wild opportunity. While others see just a room full of people, Fonzie-types see the chance to play and make gold out of even the most unexpected turns of events, like a ringing phone from someone you’ve never met, or that waitress/waiter who gave you a cheeky look. Everything can be a fun story because you make it one.

It’s no surprise why this clip has 800,000 views on YouTube.

It embodies an attitude and approach to life we all secretly wish we had. The certainty to be able to hang up the phone and make no apologies for just doing your thing. The sense of spontaneity and carefree joy in your own skin. When you just KNOW that hanging out with you would be 10x more fun than whatever else the other person is doing right now.

Whenever you don’t feel cool, watch this clip.

Let Fonzie show you the way back.

P.S. From this moment forward, I shall be answering every phone call I ever receive with simply the word, “Woo”. Mum, you have been warned.

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5 Replies to “How Fonzie Can Make Us ALL More Sexy”

  • Lol so great! The power to walk away whenever is so empowering too… Knowing the other person is missing out and if not, meh, whatevs. I thought it was a defect in character not to need someone but that must be the attraction. Made me lol several times. I liked the length too.

  • Dear Stephen,
    I am not sure if I would characterize Fonzie, as being cool. I certainly like the fact that he is being himself and owns it, however I would never be attracted to him.

    “The sence of spontaneity and carefree joy in your own skin” I couldn’t agree more, but I would also add the number one trait you English people have POLITENESS. I have been to London a couple of times and I will never forget when one day I was having difficulty carrying more than ten bags in the tube, how many men offered to help me. Now how sexy is that!!!!

  • I think Fonzie understands that opportunities are being offered to him every day and on numerous occasions and he doesn’t let the fear of not knowing what would happen if he turns one down stop him because the next one is just around the corner.

    In our youth, we do this naturally without thinking about it.Every meal we eat is the first time we’ve tasted it. Everything we touch is the first time we’ve felt it, every toy we play with is the first time we’ve experienced it. We were all always looking for the next opportunity. Fonzie never stopped doing that. He knows life goes on and that is why he is so cool.

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