We Hit 1,000,000…(Here’s What Happened)

This has been a loooong time coming, and it we captured it all live at the Matthew Hussey retreat.

You’ve made this all possible, so this one is for you…

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48 Replies to “We Hit 1,000,000…(Here’s What Happened)”

  • I don’t know but I think we are always making mistakes the first day we see a guys we don’t being our self the first time when we see the guy we like

  • This was fun to watch. Since I came across your content, the videos, the book the blog, I have been recommending it to a lot of friends. Not because it is great relationship advice but because to me it comes across as great life advice. I’ve always struggled with communicating my boundaries and it shows up in every aspect of my life. I am now learning to communicate without disrespecting the other person.
    Thank you, wish you luck and many such milestones.

  • I love your humility on this epic milestone!! Giving credit to all who have supported you on this journey.BRAVO Matthew xxx

  • This is a great achievement for you, but why are you pretending it is everyone’s achievement? And why on earth are you sending your followers emails about it? It’s irrelevant content – I, like a lot of your subscribers, really don’t care.

    1. Anya, you are missing out on a great deal of joy by not rejoicing with others who rejoice. Just imagine all the happiness you could bed in when you share the joy of others who are thoughtful enough to let you know of their joys! Don’t deprive yourself! People seek out those who have the capacity and the unselfishness to enjoy them. We hang around those who make us feel good about ourselves. Sharing someone’s victories is an easy way to be giving. This works with friendships with women and with men. No man would ever hang around a woman who didn’t appreciate him and enjoy his successes with him. So, why wouldn’t you rejoice with Matt?

    2. MH feels a connection to his community, enough to share his moment with them. If you don’t care, delete the email. Why put in the effort to come here and detract from his celebration.. have you learned nothing from him? Put a little love in your heart, Anya.

  • Congratulations Matthew,so happy you reached this milestone! You are changing lives, mine included. Thank you so much!!

  • Congratulations Matthew.
    I love your advice- it sits really well with me- and I hope it works.
    Also congratulations to your staff- they are a wonderful complement to your business.
    Well done

  • Congratulations, Matthew! I’m so proud of you! I’m also grateful for your tireless commitment to your gift. You’ve changed my life for the better to be sure. Enjoy your milestone, Hon.

    1. And thanks for sharing your milestone with us. I think I will look for where I have missed celebrating any of mine lately, and will fix that.

  • Oh my gosh i am crying for you!! I have been following you and a fan of yours for years now and I truly feel like I am a part of something so special! I could not be more excited and proud of you!!! Xoxo

  • Congrats on getting that many wow , oh I wish I could come to your retreat , but unfortunately I don’t have a fairy to grant wishes.. just to many expenses not enough left.. oh well. Good wishes and congratulations.

  • To Matthew and your team, Congratulations!!!! Matthew, I hold you in high regard for delivering quality advice to women everywhere! Best wishes going forward! New note to self, Celebrate the Milestones!! :-)

  • The milestones really remind us of the work, effort, smiles, and tears that we put into our dreams and ambitions. Congrats. You should all be proud of what you do, empowering others to embrace the best of themselves. Thanks to you and the whole team and especially your parents who raised someone to care about others.

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