Embracing The Moment… [Love The Journey – Part 5]

Barbecue, Beer, and Bluegrass music…

Flying into Dallas I knew that it was time to really let loose.

I’ve found that lately when I travel I tend to just exist in and out of hotel rooms and barely get to know the city I’ve just visited.

Not this time…

We never have as much time as we think to get out and enjoy the world in front of us.

When I think about this it always reminds me that although having your eyes on the goal is important, only a fool doesn’t stop to have fun along the way.

This episode is all about how to REALLY live while you can and get the most out of your traveling (even when it’s supposed to be a work trip).

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21 Replies to “Embracing The Moment… [Love The Journey – Part 5]”

  • Y’all make Dallas look so much fun I’m pretty sure Houston is way better Ugh that chick get away from Matt lmao

    Hope to see yall in October :-)


  • This was really different from the other videos. Matthew drunk vs Matthew sick… hmmm. NEways, you guys really captured the different culture that is Dallas. Can’t wait to see you in Washington DC! You have to admit, this is an AMAZING country.

  • Hi Matt — Thanks for coming to Dallas and enjoying our wonderful city! Your seminar was awesome and we all had a terrific time learning new flirting techniques and how to have more confidence (High Value Woman — yay!). Can’t wait to see the San Diego video next. Love the journey so far! Hugs!!!

  • Dear Matt,

    I love your hangover recovery method. I will absolutely try that soon. I was an athlete for years. I’m good with the athlete recovery method which is never fun and always painful. Have you ever taken an ice bath? There’s nothing like the feeling of a thousand little, mean fairies stabbing you repeatedly with their evil fairy swords for the most tortuous fifteen minutes of your sad, little existence to make you ponder the meaning of life and if it’s even really worth it.

    Anyway, my other favorite part of this video was the quick shot of you on the dance floor. It’s a really good thing you’re cute. At least you weren’t wearing your tadpole shirt because that would’ve just been too much sexy right there. Loved that dancing disco ball — now there’s someone enjoying the journey.

    That’s something I haven’t been good at since I was a kid. I miss having fun like I did when I was a little girl. Everything was fun then. The park has a jungle gym? Best day ever. We’re going to the state fair?!? That was the best day of the freaking year besides Christmas and my birthday! Do you have fairs with roller coasters and cotton candy in England? I really hope you do.

    Is it wrong to want a guy who brings out the little girl in me again? I should bring out the little girl in myself, right? Still, it would make me really happy to meet a guy who made me feel safe enough that I could have fun again like I did when I was a kid and had no real worries in the world. Basically, I’m saving myself for Captain America. I just have to figure out how to get rid of that bastard, Bucky.

    Good talk, Matt.


  • HA! Matt Hussey met Matt Ramsey (lead sing of Old Dominion). His aunt married my uncle, so our cousins keep me apprised of the band’s successes. :) Fun stuff!

  • Thanks for sharing all those moments, I really enjoy every single thing you do.
    We see some of the other part of Matthew.

    Lov’U Matt

  • FYI Matthew, a brain freeze can be alleviated by pressing your thumb up on the roof of your mouth. Sounds crazy, but I promise it really works :) Keep the videos coming!

  • Your right about embracing the moments Matt. I’m kinda still getting to know the work you do with get the guy and I think it’s great.. Looks like you had a good time in Dallas, thanks for for sharing

  • Love your videos Matt! If I may make a suggestion though… that girl that’s been popping up in them lately is annoying. I get that she works for you, but it’s obvious that she’s trying so hard to be involved and jump in at every moment to be a part of the group. Jameson, please check your editing to focus more on Matt in future videos.

  • MUCH better Jameson! – none of those annoying POVs from earlier videos, great editing, great music and Matthew HUSSEY!
    Happy days,thank you for all your fun,

  • Makes me wanna visit Dallas now :-) Very entertaining video!

    In response to some person’s comment that the girl (Lisa?) pops up a lot in your videos lately: Yes, but she is certainly not annoying – on the contrary very natural and authentic. Maybe Jameson has a crush on her since he is filming her so much ;-)

  • Her name is sam, I’m happy that she’s on the videos because you can see that can hang out with the guys without being one of the guys (y)(y)

  • Matthew if you want to get rid of a brain freeze you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.. that is the secret.. enjoy and God Bless.

  • WOW!!!! That was the BEST video ever. I can’t wait till next week. Matthew, you are like no one else. Thank you for being YOU!!! Gale

  • Hey Matt,
    I loved this video! I do think it’s one of your best! I am so glad you were well and could enjoy yourself as well as teach without being sick.
    I so glad that Jameson showed pictures of Samantha. She is the resident bundle of joy! She looks like she is alot of fun to be around. I also loved the band in the video. I am really glad you got to enjoy some places in Dallas, Texas!Ya’ll come back again Lol
    P.S.Maybe someone will get you some boots and a Cowboy hat, I know you would look handsome in them!

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