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Why every location has its own excuse (and how to get over it)

I’m in Seattle right now. It’s been such an incredible trip doing the GetTheGuy tour. Here’s a clip from the show King 5 where I talk about my last event…

If you’re around in Seattle tomorrow (Saturday May 18th), come see me! The registration for last-minute tickets is here. Can’t wait to see you!

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Here are some of the takeaways from the show:

–You can’t be passionate about a relationship until you’re passionate about life.

–We want people who have a balance of qualities and unique pairings to keep us interested.

–Every location has its own excuse.

–One of the most elegant ways to get a guy’s attention is to say, “I could really use your help with something…”

–As a woman don’t be easy, but in the first 10 seconds, be easy.

Question of the day: Where do you live – and what’s your excuse for not meeting people? Let me know in the comments below!

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53 Replies to “Why every location has its own excuse (and how to get over it)”

  • ☀☆☀☆♥♥:) Dear Matthew :)♥♥☆☀☆☀

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)
    YOU are here again :)
    THANK YOU for being here ♥&♥ all the best love :)
    Hope always all the best happens to YOU too :)

    Always Looooooooooooove your amazing looooooooooooove for everybody here :) ♥&♥ your new video and blog is beeeeeeeeeeeautiful :)

    Today I watched Jurassic Parc with my dear ♥♥♥♥♥ darlings mum & dad ♥♥♥♥♥ :)
    Loooooooooooooooooove the movie :)

    Hong Kong ♥&♥ Germany is home sweet sweet sweet home :)
    ♥&♥ I really really really looooooooove to meet people if possible :)

    Today it was not possible because I watched Jurassic parc with my dear darlings :) and last week I got an amazing kiss on my cheak…I went for a very nice walk with a disabled little child and afterwards we went to drink wonderful tee and since the little darling looooooooooooooooooves to play UNO we played the card game UNO :) I remember playing this card game when I was a little child and it was amazing to play UNO again after so many years :) It was a very interesting experience :)

    I hope one day you will come to Hong Kong ♥&♥ Germany :)

    All the best for YOU ♥&♥ your wonderful darlings :)


        1. ♥&♥ excuse of last week :)
          Going out with the little disabled child :)
          Her parents really wanted their child to have a great time and since I love that too I had a great time with their darling :)

  • Interesting points… I keep thinking of this “women choosing a guys part”… What sort of favours can I ask a guy I just met? This cannot be an opening line, can it?

    What are other possible ways to be easy in the first 10 seconds?

    1. You could try asking for directions. Or for his help opening something. Or whether or not he knows of a good place to eat etc.

  • It’s very easy to get to know people when you’re passionate about helping people ;)

    I need to figure out my 5 strengths. You are right Hussey. On occasion I tend to focus on one.

    In the words of Buddhism, when you’re nervous think, This is normal… This is normal … This is normal ;)

    1. Just wanted to add one more thing.. Which reminded me of when you walked past a girl n walked back to her after your mate threatened to tell everyone what you just hadn’t done.. Approached the girl.

      I walked past a guy that smiled at me, I smiled back. I looked back smiling .. He looked back smiling. I walked into a store.. He slowed down (I could see through the shop front window) and he was talking to his mate. Then he kept walking :(

      I walked back out of the shop but he was gone.. Is this a loss? If I walked after him would it have made me look desperate? :(

        1. I think you should have stopped and just smiled at him right before entering the store. i.e. do NOT enter the store unless he literally keeps walking away from you and stops looking. Then, if he does that stupid thing, just enter the store and there’s your salvation. If he stops, playfully gesture for him to approach you.

  • Hello Matthew, before I answer your question I must tell you this, I had the most AWESOME time with you when you came to Atlanta. I learned so much from you, you are an excellent teacher, motivator and dancer. You really know how to get a crowd jumping. Anyhow, I live in a small rural town in Georgia with fewer than 5 thousand people. It’s a very family friendly place where everyone knows you. So, meeting someone new is almost impossible. I attend all the festivals, picnics, and bar-b-ques you name it and I’m there and so are the other single women. I’m not going to give up my quest for love here but I am going to expand my location. One more thing, I wish you nothing but success and love for all the terrific work you and your caring staff do and I cannot wait to meet you again. I’m keeping all of my fingers, eyes and toes crossed for your retreat later this year. Now all I need from you is a High Value Woman Scholarship/Grant and I’m there:) Keep up the wonderful work. Yours truly, Catherine

  • My excuses:
    1. busy schedule
    2. location
    I’m working my way through college so my schedule is very busy. It seems like I’m always working studying or running literally to catch a bus. I work in for a small company in a free-standing office so it’s not like I’m going to meet anyone in the building’s cafeteria or elevator because there is none. At school I am either in class or in the library so I don’t really interact with many new people. I occasionally do volunteer work on campus and I do meet new people that way they are almost always female. The last volunteer meeting consisted of 10 girls 1 guy. The area live in is pretty suburban so I feel like I am surrounded by families and with nothing to do when I happen to have free time.

  • Great advice. Though I get jitters at asking a guy to help or approaching anyone nowadays. I only talk with people I know now.

  • I am just wondering…do all the techniques work on Asian guys? ‘Cos they are more reserved and conservative…

  • Matthew I and a lot of the followers of your blog would love if you could do a “draw your life” video. Come on, I´m sure it would be fun for you too.

  • My place is this planet.
    I am doing a Round-The-World trip for a year, and that means that every time I encounter an interesting guy, it is basically a situation of “I’m leaving in 5 days”, which makes it kinda hard to build a serious bond.
    I’m working on it though. I’ve even had a guy drive nearly 1000 km to meet me at a different location and travel with me for a week.
    Anyways, any good tips I could accelerate the bonding rate?

  • I actually recently met a very nice guy, who seems right for me in many ways, at least to date and find out if we would get along.

    the catch: I found out I’m pregnant again from my partner of 5 years, so now he has made it very hard to break off from him.

    And the new guy? I was very surprised to hear from him that it doesn’t bother him that I’m pregnant. He has young children. He likes kids and even said he would be with me at the birth if I want him to be.

  • I would like to watch the video Matt, but I can’t! it says that I “do not have permission to watch this private video”
    Please if you could do something about it I would be very grateful!!

  • My excuses- What if’s…and I can think of horrible what if’s. Sometimes it’s simply being scared that I’m imposing myself on him. Or that I’m going to annoy him etc. I felt that way about making friends as well but I’ve moved past that for the most part.

  • OhOh My gosh, Matt becomes very big, but he is already so big. I am soo excited. Even if is not my own success, I just feel like I am a little bit part of it, feels nervous for Matt his celebrity.
    It must be soo great for you. Good publicist. Houraaii.

  • Damian Lewis?? Achh, jealous.

    It looks like that show hadn’t sold out at this point; I’m curious whether it did after this!

  • Matthew you my friend are awesome. I truly mean this . I am 63 and have let men lead me around by the nose. For the first time in my life I am realizing that I have value that I am digging in deep and finding confidence where there was none. You are making me really THINK of who I am and that I have value. It’s a seed that was there, put never took root until now. I bought your book and I love reading it. I look forward to coming home so I can dig right into in. I am learning so much.Thank you so much. You are going to change my life, I know it, you are a blessing for helping us poor souls that had no clue how to connect to thAt dream man. But now I realize that the impossible IS possible!With my sincere thanks, Sally

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