Let’s Never Be “That Person” Again…

We all have people in our lives whose word we’ve learned not to believe.

You’ve given them so many chances in the past that your faith in them to deliver has eroded.

Now, as easy as it is to think about and get frustrated with others, is this something you could ever be guilty of yourself?

I know that I could be accused of breaking my word at times, and I want to ensure you and I are never “that person” again…

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82 Replies to “Let’s Never Be “That Person” Again…”

  • Hi Matthew! I was aware of the fact that keeping our word to others has a lot of power but this video opened my eyes a little more and I realized it can make a huge impact! I think you have you have really great character. That’s such an awesome and inspiring story you shared about making sure Samantha got that pic with you that you agreed to take with her. it’s incredible that you went out of your way to make it happen for her! I’m sure she greatly appreciated it. Also, love how you’re willing to share your human side about sometimes not following through with your “promises”, but that you’re trying to be better. That helps keep me motivated because I’ve fallen short so many times but I know I’m not alone and I can really try to do better.

  • Matthew,

    Totally agree with you and I always do the same, no need to say the word “promise” to actually do what I say. A lot of people don’t realize how important this is and it’s very hard to win trust the second time around.

    Great video, as always, :) ..


  • I agree about the importance of sticking to what you say. I have been doing this whole my life without questioning. The trouble is that other people do not necessarily do the same but naively I always naturally expect or assume tothers tdo what I do. I never quite understood the mentality of saying one thing, even if not phrased as a promise, but does not honour what has been said. Are people forgetful or they just say without the intention of honouring it from the beginning – whatever the reason might be at the time? Maybe both, but it hurts me. I feel stupid and naive for relying upon the words. I also feel that those who do not stick to their words do not have a respect towards me. As there are so many people who do this, I wonder if this is cultural or me just not being able to embrace the fact that others do not think and behave in the way that to me is a basic manner and common sense. This video reminds me that it is not me who should feel the pain of lack of respect but that I should carry on with what I do.

  • Matthew, thank you!
    Great video!
    I’m a teacher giving private lessons to people. when smth comes up in a conversation during the lesson, I always say “I’ll send you a link to this article” or “I’ll send you a link to this youtube video” and very often I fail to do what I said, sometimes because I was busy sometimes because I forgot. Your video resonated with me on a deep level.
    Ladies, let’s keep on improving with Matthew!

  • Great video, a good solid piece of guidance which is exactly what I need on a Sunday morning having just turned off the radio as soon as the Sunday church service started (because I don’t believe in it) and just wished there was something that’s real that I could have instead to give me a nudge towards the right road, once a week. I have always considered my word to be my bond, especially to myself, and on the one occasion when I seriously didn’t do this I have suffered hugely as a result. Thanks for sharing and being so human about it too!

  • Matt!

    This video is so crazy to me! For many reasons of course but I had to just say that before you even got through half of the video and talked about Samantha, I made a mental note in my head to leave a response letting you know that when I saw you last April in Florida, on the last night I went through with you the same thing she did. I asked for a photo, you said “Absolutely” I hesitated and ALSO had you pinkie promise me you wouldn’t forget because I knew so many ladies were approaching you, later that night when I assumed you just got distracted, you came over and grabbed for a picture and I NEVER forget that. I’m watching and listening to this video and I laugh a little because except for the next day breakfast part, I felt like this was my same story. SO – in conclusion : YOU ARE A GOOD MAN. You care and it shows. We all slip up sometimes. I totally understand your point in this video though. Since the retreat, I’ve made so many positive changes I wouldn’t even know where to begin and I’ve started an update message to send you soon, but that’s beside the point. Being good on my word not just to other people but to myself as well has had a positive and last effect on my life and my confidence and I couldn’t be more grateful for learning how to be that person. Reliable and trustworthy for ME and for others. I make it my mission as best as possible to ONLY say YES to those things I KNOW I can do and follow through on what I say. Have I slipped up? I’m sure I still have, but it’s much harder for me to remember when that’s happened than I used to and that is all I can ask :) 1% shifts!So glad that Samantha got her photo and experience with you and your family and I can’t wait to see you in San Diego in May!

  • This is so true. I’ve drifted from a good friend because I’m sick of her letting me down and spreading herself too thin across loads of friends instead of focusing on those that matter. I always feel bad because I know she’s upset we’re not close anymore, but she’s created this situation herself. ‘No’ is a great word!!

  • Words could never describe how important all your videos have being amazing to me add a person. And I PROMISE you I’ll go to your retreat someday soon to meet you in person.

  • Hi Matt,

    Great video! I stick to my word 99.9% of the time because I’d never forget if I didn’t. Unfortunately I’ve had plenty of people not do things for me, often big things to do with my career and friends who never do extend that coffee invite they seemed so keen about. All of these promises are important because we all need each other and should make good on what we say. It’s so simple yet so difficult for some people!

    Thanks for af least acknowledging the fact that even you’re not always perfect ;-)

  • Loved it Matt! Lovely story and very valuable lesson. If everyone valued their own integrity and word like that, the world would be a better place. Communication in itself has become flaky with the possibility of ignoring texts and not replying to people. I always reply to everyone even if it’s to say no as I know that not replying sends a negative message that’s even more serious as it uses the other person’s assumptions of us.
    What would you say to people who avoid replying to texts to not do something or avoid difficult conversations? It makes things so much harder in the long run!
    Thank you for all you do. I watch you every Sunday morning. It’s my little ritual! :-)
    Alida x

  • Hi Matt

    Im 63 years old and often watch your videos! Being this age, divorced and a grandmother you have given me so much needed advice over the years. Thank you


  • Ha… thats a good advice which I agree 100%. It’s definately something I need to work on.. It is hard sometimes because I used to do that with my ex.. we would argue and I would tell him that I would never talk to him ever again and then a few days after.. here I was, talking to him again lol.. So its all bad now because he doesn’t believe me anymore.. Gotta watch what you say even when you are mad…Good video, good point!! That’s a new goal for this year… to say what I mean and mean what I say… :D

  • Yes, it is something rather tough to do. And it definitely takes very much „presence” to realise what you are doing, when you are doing it and then correcting it. All this in a few seconds. And if it is in a public place, with more people listening, that can be even harder… One would have to work a lot for that kind of performance. It could be one year’s resolution for some people But hey!, it is one of those millimetre shifts that take us to success.

    p.s.: maybe I have bad eyesight, but you look sick / recovering and on pills.

  • I absolutely adore you and your videos. You tell it like it is and have such a cute personality. I’ve learned alot from you so thank you:)

  • Matthew Hussey, I had to stop when you talked about the pinky promise. It took me back to October 2013 in Florida the night before the Retreat began. I was making pinky swears with many of the ladies about our goals for the five days. I didn’t realize that anyone was noticing what was going on. Until the last day of the Retreat when one of your staff said to me, ‘Yes. You were the one approaching and engaging everyone who was nervous with the pinkie swears on the first night.’ So glad that a bit of the tradition continues! Carry on with your strong work keeping us aware of the importance of our actions and words.

  • Thanks for this video, i know a few people like this and is really frutraiting and horrible, so i make them watch this and they “promise” not to do that kind of person again, hahahaha, will see.
    Thanks again, muchas gracias!

    Att. Bibiana, from Colombia

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