The Real Truth: Why Men Stop Chasing You

There is a “deadly trap” women fall into when they first fall for a guy – and slowly but surely, it can drain his attraction.

So in this video, I’ll give you the brutally honest truth: Learn it now, take on the high-value behavior that keeps him hooked, and become much more than just his short-term fling…

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28 Replies to “The Real Truth: Why Men Stop Chasing You”

  • Hi,I’m 58 years old and a widow of 5 yrs. I’ve been too embarrassed to see a couple of men that I did date 23 years ago and they have asked me out but I just went through stage 4 rectal cancer and in remission now. I feel like I look older but feeling like I am am 38 again. I am afraid my X’s will think OMGoodness!, she looks old!
    I’m not ugly and I am a country girl. never been on a dating site but interested in “Farmers
    What do you think about that?

  • Can u pls help???
    I have been out of the dating seen since my marriage ended 3 years ago.
    I would like a new relationship but due to health issues am a larger lady age 43.
    I lack self confidence pls HELP!!

  • Thank you very much for these videos. Really glad I watched them tonight. Looking forward to putting me out there and winning ❤️

  • Super duper tips. Yesss Gals pls don’t behave as if the sky has fallen down. Have fun with your frends. Party. Keep urself busy in ur career. Let men know that u hv a life of own apart from them. Love yourself immensely. You urself are complete anywhichways. Don’t wait for a man’s voucher to validate you. Thanx Matthew for ur valuable insights

  • He left me after 3 years of dating. I though I had found the one. I even stopped listening to you! Big mistake. I am fighting to get him back. I told him I feel like I’m groveling, I am. I don’t care. I’ll never find anyone like him: so devoted and kind. He has left the door open. I just need to end my platonic friendship with male housemate. Easier said than done. Do I keep trying?

  • I had the perfect man for me for 37yrars my Hart brok he died I find myself think I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. I want to go out l don’t what some guy that wants to be looked after and sit at home all the time are some guy that just think I despite for sex. Just how the hell do you do this after all this time I don’t need to rush healing a Hart takes a long time but really the men iav meet is that it I can live on my own I just don’t whan to spend all my time that way

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