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The Real Truth: Why Men Stop Chasing You

There is a “deadly trap” women fall into when they first fall for a guy – and slowly but surely, it can drain his attraction.

So in this video, I’ll give you the brutally honest truth: Learn it now, take on the high-value behavior that keeps him hooked, and become much more than just his short-term fling…

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28 Replies to “The Real Truth: Why Men Stop Chasing You”

  • This is so true, before u find him, u do everything in your power to attract them but after that things just change, but thank you for reminding me that I have to continue being me

  • these basic reminders of how to hold our ground and remain in our center and confident in the face of the temptation to be accomodating are tools for the empowerment of our essential being. Thank you for these nuggets of wisdom Matt, they are worth their weight in gold and are a constant source of guidance in assistng us to truly know what we are worth from within and this means we can do without unless the bloke understands and dances with the possibility of knowing that the woman who holds to a high standard is an acknowledgement of the potential of the standard in him. If they can’t see their own potential to be a worthwhile man, they are not worth our time. I get it! I am learning. Thank you

  • Wow, so beautiful. Loved seeing the emotions across the girls face and feeling the love between them grow. Well done the animators.

  • So true…..don’t give up the things you love to do for your partner. That’s why he fell in love with you in the first place. Like you said Matthew…”Don’t get lazy in your relationship”… makes so much sense. ;)

  • OMG! So true! My situation was very similar but with a twist. My marriage ended because my ex didn’t want me to do the things I used to do for myself before we were married (workout or spend time with friends). He didn’t get bored of me though he was perfectly content with our relationship, I left him.

  • Hi!
    Cartoon version is creative & fun!
    He’s not going to give up his friends, nights out with the boys and sports. You shouldn’t either!! Love yourself first.


  • The thing that bothers me is that guys like to chase me and then they make the move to ask for my number … when I give them more access to me with either my number to call or text or email to use an app like kik they never make the move … what am I doing wrong …

  • I loved the video, and the cartoon was adorable. Matthew Hussey, you are a genius!!! Keep up the good work.

  • Hi!
    I really love all your videos and the advice you give, but what happens if you have already done everything wrong? I mean, what if he has already stopped chasing me and disappeared? What do I do then?? I’m really desperate for some help!

  • I am so blessed to have known and discovered Matthew Hussey’s videos. For many years, I have been struggling with depression from unrequited love. Seeing more of his videos is reall helpful. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful life coach!

  • Been with my BF for 4 years. Have had ups and downs. Lately way more downs than ups. Lost my job, he’s working hard at real estate but no income yet. Struggling massively financially. He told me last night he can’t decide if he should stay or leave. He’s unsure of me. That he can’t figure me out. Now today I was in a car accident. I wrecked my only transportation (he helped finance) and instead of being concerned about me he was raging about how irresponsible I am and how I’ve screwed us financially and will now be looking for a new place to live because I was so irresponsible . I told him I was angry that instead of showing a tiny bit of empathy or concern or standing by the side of the person you supposedly cared about you’d just rather bail and leave. That when things get really hard his solution is to run away. I’m crushed, hurt and just plain depressed. I already felt like a total dumbass for getting in an accident. But now I feel a thousand times worse as I know he is leaving me. I just feel like I’ve stepped off of a cliff and I can’t get things to stop.

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