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Is The Internet Bad For Your Social Life?

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on the best parts of life? That ‘connection’ isn’t what it used to be? Or that technology has created distance between you and people you were once close to?

In this week’s video we ask: Is The Internet Bad For Your Social Life? And discuss what can be done about it…

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Question Of The Day:

–Does the idea of going without internet for 48 hours make you uncomfortable?

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46 Replies to “Is The Internet Bad For Your Social Life?”

  • Gosh you make me realize how antisocial I can be! I’m an information junkie so going without that everyday fix of my usual streams of learning makes me have a tiny panic attack too, especially since I claim the awkward tribe. My satellite has no Korean subtitled channels so me giving up Internet for 2 days is probably not possible yet but I can put forth the effort to engage with people on a more personal level than a text message or a Facebook post. I find I like the people whose interactions I can visually gauge more.

    Now I’m off to watch Sister Act on my Netflix account lol. Have a great weekend!

  • Hey matt. I recently went to brazil and the same thing happend to me. I Also have an iphone… Anyway. I turn the internet conection off. And it was like a detoxe. Im using less my phone. Its si curiouse that i have the same feling, o realice that all my Apps use the internet to work properly… When ove got back home. I made my friends put the phones un the center of table so we can comect with outself, with the people that was a round us instead of the people who werent there. Tnx for all the time you dedicate to us. Dont worry. After my cellpjone detox i still visit your fttmr site and this One. Of course. Cheers. Solana

  • Hey matt. I recently went to brazil and the same thing happend to me. I Also have an iphone… Anyway. I turn the internet conection off. And it was like a detoxe. Im using less my phone. Its so curious that i have the same feeling, i realise that all my Apps use the internet to work properly… When ive got back home. I made my friends put the phones down, on a pile at the center of table so we can comect with eachoyher, with the people that was around us, instead of the people who werent there. Tnx for all the time you dedicate to us. Dont worry. After my cellpjone detox i still visit your fttmr site and this One, Of cours!! Cheers. Solana

    1. yea, feel uncomfortable without my laptop but truly books and real people are a medicine against such subordination of personality :)

  • Totally agree with you Matt. Made a decision to get a phone for calling and texting only.Came off Facebook for a while as was ‘addicted’ and wasted huge amounts of time distracting my mind from being in the present moment. Am a firm believer in face to face communication as we pick up a lot of ‘non verbal communication’ and ‘cues’ from body language.
    Looking forward to meeting you in London 15th June! xx

  • Hey Matt,
    I loved this video!!! I must say though that “over 400.00 dollars” for one day is a bit on the EXTREME side, perhaps you should have some words with your internet provider. 400.00 dollars…shaaa rightttt
    Anyways I think a lot of people have their heads to far up the proverbial internet ass, such as myself this very moment.
    I will say though that I mostly use the internet to stalk you!!! I’m only kidding!!!, but seriously I do prefer face to face communication far more then any other form of communication, be it talking on the phone or texting, speaking of texting, have you ever had that moment when you decided to call the person who was texting you and your call went to voice mail??? So annoying!!!
    I’m not sure if I could stay off the internet for 48 hours, perhaps I could do it for 24. just being honest.
    also…nice save at the end of the video!!!

  • ROTFL —-> “Then I realized it was a phone, I can call them – and that’s what I did.”

    Thanks Matt. If I was in the UK or US I would be there! Someday thought I’ll come give you a hug & kiss on the cheek!

    And we love the YouTube videos. #NeverStop

  • so true!

    walking the camino de santiago in 2009 taught me a really good lesson. I had my stone age mobile phone with me and used it approximately 7-9 times in 5 weeks to call my mom, to let her know I havn’t been ambushed or something.

    Getting up in the morning, walking, meeting people from all over the world, cooking and eating together, sitting together inside or outside talking about anything and everything, writing a diary and if possible reading. I am so blessed to have experienced this. Other things were and became important and meaningful. When I got back I gladly kept up my new owned life style (meaning: being relaxed, value time, value other things more, etc.), and then I lost it due to various experiences. But I maintained my values and stone age mobile phone till 2013 and was very satisfied with it. Then whatsapp (group) was going on and friends had to actually text me or call me to keep me informed and they weren’t always glad about that lol. What got me, was being available jobwise and interacting more with friends I couldn’t meet daily/weekly/monthly or sometimes even in years. So, I thought about it and I did get myself a smartphone in october 2013. I enjoy it now.

    So, it’s more about staying away from socialmedia stuff – that’s where we get hooked, not necessarly the Internet itself, because we still need to inform ourselves about what’s happening in the world etc.

    Not being available over the weekend is manageable, if planse for the weekend have been made before time. Or when I want and need time for myself without being destracted. But nowadays it’s almost impossible because eveything is offered online, but yes, I think I could and have before. Definitely 24 hours and maybe longer.

    Loved it!
    Wish you a relaxed weekend!

  • Matt please keep this hairstyle it is the best for you! You look amazingly good! Just wanted to let you know! Great video by the way :)

  • It depends on the 48 hours. It’s funny how for work people think you’re absolutely rude if you don’t respond to an e-mail within two hours. Wow.

    But personally, sure! I’m free on the weekends and I’m not on social media. I can do it, just like I try to connect with people every day in person. But they are all looking at their phones and really don’t want to look up. So it’s hard to be the only one.

    I saw a woman the other day reading a huge hardcover book and wanted to give her the thumbs up. (I was also reading a huge hardcover book.) Glad they still make the hardcovers and some of us still read them! I sometimes find it hard to interrupt people when they are sort of in their space/smart phone in the day-to-day world. (I don’t always like to be pulled out of my book.) But maybe I should interrupt sometimes!

    I’ll throw the question out to the commenters: If you are busy on your phone, would you welcome someone making eye contact with you and talking to you, therefore taking you away from your phone?

  • This was a very important message today
    We need to interact more by speaking to our
    Friends and not be so attached to our phones
    I had the same aha moment about reading a bookb
    Prior to seeing your video this morning
    Thanks so much for your videos they are very

  • Such a needed message for a lot of people in society today. When I’m taking public transit, for example, it’s difficult trying to make eye contact and initiate some type of communication with them if they’re buried in their smart phones.

    People don’t seem to take in the world around them when they’re perpetually checking status updates or playing that addictive Candy Crush game. Take a breather, and enjoy your surroundings and the new people you can meet!

    People who rely on texting instead of a phone call during the dating stages irk me as well. So much miscommunication can happen via text, and you’re unable to hear the inflection in their voice. When a guy chooses to pick up the phone and call me and talk at that moment, instead of sending texts, it means so much more.

    Love the line of social media being the “fast food of communication”. Excellent video!

  • Although I often have a phone handy, I often go days without touching my computer. When I’m out and about, I don’t even think about it! Yet, we do need the internet, only because everyone uses it. If no one did, we would be fine. The anxiety we get from lack of web connection is probably more of a social anxiety I think. For example, when I’m traveling or on vacation, I am totally unreachable, because I’m in a new place where connecting with people on the internet won’t do anything for me. When I’m home, talking to people on the internet is part of the social rapport.

  • Hi Mat.
    Funny, I’ve just spent 1 full week in Italy (I’m Italian) visiting my parents. The very moment I got off the plane I realised I’ve forgotten my smartphone home, in Paris.
    So I’ve been basically offline for 1 full week (except for when I went online through my dad’s laptop).
    And I must tell it’s been an AMAZING experience.
    You’re totally right : not only I think I’ve been more present and a more pleasant person compared to when I had my smart smartphone with me, but I soon realised how deeply are dependent ond addicted to smartphones and online tools.
    I’ve spend a whole stress-free week ! No stress in order to reply the many whatsapp messages, no stress to get and return phone calls, no stress to know who was thinking of me and who not….I was FREEEEEE

    Great lessons learned.
    And my parents and my dog thanked me for being FULLY (and adorably ;)) present.

    ps. Matt, wWe said Hi in person while in London. No text messages, no whatsapp :) I still prefer the real Matt than the virtual one :)

  • ♥✱♥:)Dear wonderful LOVELIFE hero Matthew Hussey :)♥✱♥

    With all my heart I thank you for your Sunday kindness :)

    May I say:

    I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to write & if I meet somebody I loooooooooooooooooooove in person my words turn into beautiful hugs and kisses :)

    Looking forward to all the best hugs and kisses in life :)

    All the best hugs and kisses for everybody :)


  • I love you Mat ..!

    Can you imagine i didn’t have www for 3 months!!
    it was like being on holiday! i enjoyed but so glad
    to have it back in my life..as i really didn’t do much
    as all events, clubs, everyone sorts there socials online.
    There aren’t any magazine really any more that’ll tell
    you whats going on.. We’re all stuffed if the power goes!!
    One friend thought i had a life as wasn’t on fb!!
    I enjoyed really and like you rad a lot which was fabulous
    rather than doing rather than doing a lot of nothing!!
    keep up the good work xx ps have you heard of balanced view?
    you may find it interesting…

  • :)If we are awesome here, how awesome are we in person :)
    :)If it’s heart-touching to be here, how heart-touching will it be to meet in person :)

    :)This is just the beginning :)
    :)I believe awesomeness is coming :)

    ♥♥♥♥♥ Get the Guy is coming ♥♥♥♥♥ FINALLY :)


    :)If Get the Guy is here I believe we are gonna communicate in the best way: With lovely hugs and kisses ♥&♥ everything beautiful :)
    Oh God knows what Matthew Hussey is gonna say to us with all his heart :) Looooooooooooooooooooooooove it :)

    After all, one of the best ways to communicate is to communicate with hugs ♥&♥ kisses :)

    Because if you hug or kiss a person with all heart: True LOVE is always the message :)

    If everybody would communicate in this way I believe we’d live in a looooooooooooooooooooooooving world :)
    Thank God we can communicate like this here :)
    Always loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it :)

    If I could choose between writing words ♥&♥ hugs ♥&♥ kisses:
    I’d always choose hugs ♥&♥ kisses :)How about you :)

    With all my heart I thank you for this amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing topic Matthew Hussey :)
    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it :)

    Always hugging and kissing if possible :)


    1. With all this said, I’d loooooooooooooooooove to come to your live-event :)

      Matt, can you make a video about “How to buy a ticket to your live-event?” :)

      I’d loooooooooooooooooove to buy it :)
      If I knew how to buy it, I could have been the first one who bought it :)

      Maybe I’m lucky this time :)
      Will you come to Germany too :)
      That would be so looooooooooooooooooooooooooovely :)

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